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  1. Ab Poll

    signing in with 8....
  2. sore after workout?

    If you can't get the Bi's to hurt, try some weighted chin ups. Underhand fairly close grip. It's a good compound move. Lets face it, who can curl their body weight? I definately can't but my Bi's are always sore after chinning for the same reps and weight I bench. Start off with no weight and once you get 8 reps out, add 5kg to your waist and so on. They will hurt and will be pre- fatigued. Then when you do a row, superset with DB curls and really concentrate on the negatives. Trust me, they will hurt but make sure you eat heaps to help with recovery.
  3. NZBB Challenge 2009, the 'After' set

    so do we get to see where our votes came from?
  4. Watties Bake Beans and spaghetti

    well I am a true ecto so adding weight doesn't come easy to me. If I dont consistantly stuff my face I can lose 4kg over a weekend which really disheartens ya if your really trying. That 4 kg normally takes a good 2 weeks to get back. What I was getting at is it's not so much the protein I need it is flat out calories. If Im not seeing a gain in fat then what ever I get in there has to be good right? I'm drinking 4l of milk a day and slowly gaining weight 8kg in 10 weeks with minimal fat gain. SOmeitmes I hate this metabolism, while it keeps me lean it's an arse to put weight on..
  5. Why not to buy "bulking" powders

    Great first post. Interesting read. I have been taking Myogenics Ultimate Anabolic. $140 for 28 serves. Not sure if it is doing anything but it tastes good lol.. 4L of skim milk a day and eating like a hungry man possesed has given my ecto frame 8kg in 10 weeks. I definately think it is the milk though that has made the changes. Till now I have never been able to put on weight. The extra easy to drink calories really help. When I finish tis tub of Anabolic I will simply get a good Whey Isolate and use it for post workout 1000cal shake. Can't rememeber all the ingredients cos I have made one in six months due to no blender here in the lovely world of Dili. 500ml skim milk, 1 banana, 1 apple, tablespoon peanut butter, cup of oats, 2 x yoghurt, 2 scoops whey.. or something close to that... Before I came over here I was having one of these within half an hour of bed aswell. Never wake hungry so it seems to do the job during sleep. But seriously, I have milk to put the weight on easily with a balance of real food. My wieght gain seems fairly clean too as I am more defined than I was 6 months ago 8kg lighter..
  6. How to calculate calories.

    fitday.com Input all your foods for a week and it will give you an average of your daily caloric intake. Adjust to suit your needs and goals. ie eating too much, cut back, not enough, eat more. fitday.com also gives protein/carbs/fat for each food you input. It is free to join and really easy to use. also use it to plan you rmeals to reach the calories for that day that you need and prepare your meals the night or day before.. It does all the work for you except for the shopping and cooking lol
  7. Watties Bake Beans and spaghetti

    what if your not too concerned about the protien content but more flat out calories. For adding weight/mass its all about calories to a certain extent is it not? I myself love BB on toast for a morning or afternoon snake as opposed to a banana or apple etc. Fat isn't something I need to worry about cos it doesn't saty on my body somehow. I know lucky some will say but when trying to bulk up it makes it damn hard to put that weight on. So, for stuffing your face with calories are they ok??
  8. NZBB Challenge 2009, the 'After' set

    Do we get to see who voted for us so I can thank that kind person for my pitty vote? hah lol
  9. NZBB Challenge 2009, the 'After' set

    Are we allowed to vote for ourselves in the fear that no one else will? lol
  10. NZBB Challenge 2009, the 'After' set

    IM in early too. Sorry for not having a page with name and date on it, I don't have the resources here. If it is a problem then I will try to rectify it some how. Look at the tat, it is proof that it is me and I have honestly never been in this shape before. But please leave the legs comments out. I had to use the flash and attach a seperate pic as I don't have enough room in here to get way from the cam properly. But yes you can see, my legs don't like to grow lol. Please feel free to comment on my lack of posing skills and areas I need to work on. Cheers
  11. 2L skim milk a day

    Serious?? ffaaarrrkkkk I'm getting bloat on 3L a day as it is, there is now way I could down that much milk..
  12. 2L skim milk a day

    Alot of fat gain with Blue though correct? I wanna build up but not marshmallow up lol... Would still like to stay as lean as possible. I'm still getting over 1000cal's a day from the milk alone and probably another 2.5-3k cal's from whole food...
  13. 20 rep or breathing squats

    Hey mate. I am really enjoying this routine at the moment... Mon/wed/fri squat 1x20 ( increase weight every workout ) Dumbell pull overs 1x20 ( light weight, used to stretch out ribcage) Bench ( alternating, mon flat, wed incline, fri flat ) Chin ups ( weighted when strong enough, underhand close grip ) Dips ( weighted) Military press Barbell Bi curls Abs I do this on the above nights with all lifts increasing in weight every workout. I leave the gym with an all over pump, makes you feel massive. The key though is drinking lots of milk ( I'm dropping 3L of skim a day at the moment ) and lots of food. You will need to energy if you take this on. I'm still fairly light in the sqauts at the moment but by the end my toothpick legs should be repping 20 at 105kg. I'm hoping to get my flat bench close to 100 for 3 sets of 10 aswell. I started this at 73kg last monday, on the scales last night I was 75.7 so hoping tonight might be showing me at 76. It has been said that the squats and milk will pack weight on quick and I am pretty uch the heaviest I have ever been now. Fat gain isn't as bad as I thought either but I guess that is cos I am on skim milk not whole milk. When I finish this 6 weeks I am going to have a week or 2 off then back into it but reset my weight from my 10RPM and go from there. Just using this routine to condition myself for the ball busters lol.. Any questions let me know
  14. 2L skim milk a day

    Spent a while at 4l blue top a day, was quite bad bloat though, felt as though I was getting real fat although the scale was hardly moving. Yeah I am getting a little bloated but have been able to push past it so far.. Scales have moved 2kg in a week so far. Will see how the other 5 weeks go
  15. 2L skim milk a day

    lol yeah bro, I am a true ecto....