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  1. Cialis

    Hey Is there another way of buying Cialis rather than the ludicrously over-priced prescriptions for Cialis? I've tried calling adult shops but it's hit and miss, sometimes I reckon they think I'm a cop trying to bust them lol.
  2. UG sustanon 350

    Yea, HcG is basically the same as GnRh so stimulates the pituitary and LH production, it's been awhile since I took an Endocrinology course lol. I doubt anyone doing this stuff without consistent blood tests from an Endocrinologist is going to get the dose of AI/HCG/Nolva or Clomid perfectly correct as to avoid some temporary suffering (low libido, lose of muscle, mental effects etc), the main aim should just be to limit the time it takes to restore normal HPTA functionality as best they can. My experience is dropping estrodial levels at the end of PCT helps shorten the time for recovery even if it comes at the cost of low libido for a few weeks. This is also why short cycles > longer periods of use because it takes quite a long time for the testes to completely shut off even at higher doses. Probably the main reason you don't see as many athletes have an issue with "PCT" as bodybuilders, athletes use for an event or a short window of performance, where as bodybuilders use for long periods.
  3. This explains a lot.... Lol You could always just use hcg when you want kids.... It'll up your sperm count then you drop it sfter she's pregnant.
  4. UG sustanon 350

    They perform the same function in different ways. Hcg mimics GnRH to stimulate the testicles, this leads to more testosterone l, which is converted into estrodial which then givens a negative feedback to stop producing testosterone naturally (hence why you want an AI while using HcG. Nolva and Clomid stimulate hormone production in a similar way. Nolva binds to the receptors in the pituitary preventing estrodial from ending the feedback, however doesn't clear out the estrogen build up in the blood so you'll get the moody, bitchy, water retention side effects if you're on it for too long. Either way you need an AI because estrodial will f*ck with you during pct. This is the number one reason people assume pct is bullshit, because they don't control estrodial so when they eventually finish they have estrogen blocking the receptors in the brain preventing testicular function and its basically cold turkey. The bottom line is that if you want recovery you're probably gonna lose your libido as you need to ensure you tank your estrogen toward the end of pct to prevent shutdown. 4 weeks of low estrodial is better then cold turkey recovery.
  5. UG sustanon 350

    No need to ever use Clomid/Nolva and HcG, they are performing a similar function via different means. Take Nolva + an AI (Aromasin or Arimidex) or HcG + an AI. Doubt you'll get legit HcG, so Nolva is a safer bet. You don't need anywhere near 60mg per week. I'd say 20mg of Nolva ed or eod is fine. Either that or you just go cold turkey with a little AI every now and then to reduce the negative feedback of estrogen on the pituitary.
  6. Cialis

    Anyone know if it's legal to import Cialis is small quantities? Stuff is a bitch to find atm for some reason and until the patent ends the price ain't gonna drop.
  7. Doctors Supervision

    Endocrinologists in New Zealand are extremely unlikely to ever understand why any of us use Testosterone. Best bet is to find an older male doctor and just explain it with something like: I use to compete in sport, used anabolics as I felt pressured to compete, came off and never felt the same so am now trying to stay on a moderate trt dose for life ( DON'T LIE! doctor's aren't stupid they know what you're doing, I've worked with medical professionals in a professional setting, they know). NEVER ask them to prescribe anything, just get the blood's and tell them you just want to keep all the markers in the normal range (cholesterol, liver, kidney, steroid precursors, etc). When I do this, I've actually found a lot of them are actually quite reasonable, a few even offered to prescribe it for me so I didn't need to buy it from UGL. Keep in mind, I use to compete in sport and have a well paid professional job so don't come across like a meathead (not saying you are, just suggesting you try to come across as genuine ).
  8. You don't need 300mg bro... I was only 175mg per week and after 3 months my Testosterone level was 49 nmol/dl (granted this was 1 day after an injection, but still...) TRT levels at the upper end of the range will put you in an amazing position for performance and muscle growth. Keep in mind the normal range (10 to 28 nmol/dl or w/e) is a bell curve... the vast majority of people have never had and will never have Test levels at the upper end (25 to 26 nmol/dl). I actually dropped my dose because I was gaining to much muscle lol.
  9. Tertiary Education Outdated?

    Wow well lets start with the environment argument. If you would like to debate the facts when it comes to humans impact on the climate please make
  10. Tertiary Education Outdated?

    Sorry about the rushed nature of my post, the librarian was screaming at me that the library was about to close. Firstly, My degree was not in liberal arts the paper was an elective as I have an interest in political science from having reading the work of Karl Marx, Milton Friedman, and many others. I have been a huge fan of Ron Paul and his son for a long time so I wanted to see what was being taught in those classes, and as you can probably tell I was quite shocked at the amount of bullshit being spread. If you want to learn more go to http://fee.org/ you'll undoubtedly learn more then you will in most public/social policy courses. Secondly, It's not just the liberal arts that have this problem. Science has a growing number of fields that are entirely research based (with very feel job opportunities) which are at least partly funded by student enrollments. Science also has this insane obsession with climate change which is a complete joke (for more info watch some of the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAR0Oi4L0Om4F26uwpANgCg). Business degrees are becoming increasingly political correct with this idea of "ethnic diversity improves businesses" (utter bullshit) or "gender pay gap" myths. The average graduate now spends less time studying/learning then they did 20-30years ago and universities are selling their degrees as requirements. Most economics majors work as analysts (soul destroying job to be honest) or for the government as economist (EXTREMELY competitive and ultimately a waste as they fail to predict jack shit most of the time). Sure Accounting is still useful, however most accounting skills can be learnt a HELL OF A LOT faster then by taking a 3-4year course. Next we have physical education and sports, this is a complete joke. Sure they learn some useful information about physiological processes, kinesiology and some basic principles of training, but how useful are these in society? How many new graduates do you see using principles like linear periodization , focusing on the primary lifts for the general population (squat, deadlift, and pullups or shoulder press. Yes I am not including bench press as for the general population it is a lot less useful please don't start debating this here). Engineering is struggling to prepare their graduates for the work force (go and ask any experienced engineer who hires graduates), I have spoken to lab tech's and professors at the Canterbury, Waikato, and Massey engineering departments and they all agree that far fewer graduates can even pick up basic tools, let alone know how to use them. There is a surge of students enrolling in engineering, forcing universities to lower standards (as government wants more graduates, not realizing that allowing less intelligent individuals into such a course will result in unprepared graduates). Law is the same as engineering, so many students, very few should actually be applying/studying law. To be successful (career wise) requires a serious commitment, above average intelligence and a nature interest in the subject. Thirdly, Grades no longer reflect intelligence, hard work, or even suitability for a course. they are increasingly becoming a mark of a students ability to copy what has been told to them and repeat it back (either word for word in an exam/test or reconstructed with the exact same meaning during a lab report, essay etc). Basically you are testing for rope learning and their grasp of the English language (sometimes, not always). So many students with considerable ability/intelligence under achieve because they are bored, un/under stimulated, and don't enjoy the pointless university systems (to many to cover here without writing an essay but for example the moronic "elective system" is a complete waste of time and money). " Is there a degree in taking steroids? " Haha! Yes, its called the Youtube fitness community and if you can con enough morons you can earn some serious $$$. Anyway I will reply to the rest of the comments later as I have to send a few emails and make a few phone calls about training in something worth while. I am considering getting into rigging, lighting tech and staging for tour companies as when I worked on a few sets as a student It was the most fun I have had in a long time. That or learn to fix dryers/washing machines and get my folks or a friends folks to start up a laundromat ($)_($). Also, I am not saying i regret University entirely, It taught me to think critically for myself and to evaluate information (which grew into a passion for reading economic/political/strategic management/marketing books). Unfortunately a lot of students leaving University lack these skills and instead leave with a belief that the world is sexiest/racist/environmental unsafe, etc lol. Employers should take advantage of this with the use of automated progress reports, achievements, etc (read Loyalty 3.0 or the Gamification revolution for more info. Very interesting)
  11. Thought you guys mite be interested in this, may you have a kids, your thinking of going to University or already there. http://www.forbes.com/sites/thecollegebubble/2014/05/21/do-the-math-how-opportunity-costs-multiply-tuition/#3950c5eb7970 Stefan does a great analysis on the subject to (I don't agree with everything he makes videos about, however he is correct most of the time) Also Engineered Truth has made some fantastic videos on the subject. One of which is: I say this as someone who recently finished their undergraduate (after being told by the Navy Psychologist that it was a black mark not having it completed). Last week I un-enrolled from my Postgraduate course when I saw that what was being taught is far from justified by the cost. I then attended one of my lectures in a political science/labour studies course (elective paper) and the lecturer was quoting the "Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx. I challenged the lecturer on his views of capitalism (using examples like Hong Kong, South Korea, Chile, etc) compared to socialist or communist countries, provided statistics, research on the minimum wage etc and the lecturers response was that because I don't know what he does that I am incorrect.... (basically because I disagree I am incorrect). He then went on to talk about economic determinism and the idea that everyone is society is fundamentally equal therefore any income disparity between people is the result of exploitation of others (advocating for communism/socialism). At this point I knew that this course and all of University had become a safe house for leftist/morons and those who aren't willing to question reality. It is not just political science, this type of bullshit is pushed all over University in numerous courses from Science to Management and almost everything in the middle. I am not saying University is pointless but I would think very carefully about enrolling. I wish I had taken the opportunities offered to me after my first year to become a manager for a company I worked for part time. Now to find a job, look forward to reading your responses.
  12. Trt advice

    Well, seems like my best option is what I thought. Would be nice if I could get it from a pharmacy like Thailand :D rather then an unverified source.
  13. Trt advice

    Well unfortunately I already told that very same "sympathetic endocrinologist" about using "illegal" testosterone. He was cool with it, however unfortunately the endocrinologists I have had since have been a lot less understanding (to say the least). Unfortunately, he already documented this usage in my notes.... Which has already resulted in me being labelled a "drug user" even though I only used because my GP was a moron. So thanks for the warning, but it is unlikely that I will be ever be able to claim hormonal treatment for the rest of my life (Just because I told the truth). In relation to why can't I just go see him again: Because the DHB system used in New Zealand... I no longer live in Palmerston North so I can't be referred to that endocrinologist. I have asked my new endocrinologist to request the notes/blood tests etc from this endocrinologist, however he didn't deem it necessary. So even with blood tests proving my levels, pituitary scans proving it is not an abnormal growth/structural problem with the brain, and testicle examination results (no joke, was not very enjoyable to say the least) the endocrinologist is trying to justify rationing of treatment. Hench why I want to just use nandrolone (or Stanozolol, which has a similar effect on circulating testosterone levels) so my levels are so low that any argument against treatment is basically pointless (Which I can enforce through the healthcare complaints committee). Just wanted to know if there is another option as this is not what I wanted to have to do. Someone who at the University is happy to measure my bloods, I don't want to incriminate them so will just say they know what they are doing.
  14. Trt advice

    It has been a long time since I lasted used this forum and have learnt a lot/grown as a person considerably since when I first became a member. However 1 thing that hasn't changed is my frustrating battle with the public endocrinologists over my blood tests for the past 4 years showing testosterone levels far below the minimum for any male (I can't remember the exact unit NZ specialists use anymore, however the scale goes from 9-22, while my blood levels sit around 3-5 depending on the exact time of the morning etc). So to provide some context my testosterone levels dropped naturally around 4.5years ago when I got convinced by the trend to drop body fat levels to or below 10%. I dropped my weight down far to quickly before becoming slightly obsessed with running,cycling, rowing etc. After months of pissing around with a GP, they finally tested T levels which were extremely low (I'll admit this was entirely my own fault), however they refused to refer me to an endocrinologist. I then returned home from University, saw the Christchurch endocrinology department (NZ has some strange regional system that limits DHB communication). The endocrinologist ordered blood tests, noticed my blood levels, however was unable to do anything before I returned to University (so I had to reapply to the Massey system). The gp again refused to send me to an endocrinologist, so I sourced my own treatment which worked extremely well before the psychologist i was forced to see told my gp what I was doing. I was then referred to an endo, put on a prescribed TRT (This Endocrinologist was actually extremely understanding). For the remaining months of that academic year everything worked very well, I then returned to Christchurch, where a new endocrinologist took me off TRT (assuring me someone of my age, early 20's, couldn't possibly have a T level issue). I decided to take a gap year and work, mean while my T levels didn't improve from around 3-4 that entire time! I then returned to University (Waikato) and continued on with the bureaucratic bullshit for the year (last year). My T levels have no improved and are still below the minimum average for all males, with my current endocrinologist stating he will put me on TRT if my blood levels are still low, however because the level went from 3.1 (8:30am ish) to 4.6 (7am ish) (estimates, can't remember exact numbers) he claims this is evidence I should wait for more blood tests in a few months, yet the different can be easily explained by the time of blood sampling and natural variation in blood results. So..... At this stage I am sick of this bullshit and would like to know what you all think I should do. As I am a student going private just isn't possible and given I have a decent understanding of endocrinology (from my time studying physiology) I am considering just self medicating, more for the libido, mental, and health benefits then any muscle benefit given I no longer focus on strength (mainly rowing, cycling, minimal strength work including pull ups/deadlifts/core work etc). I will also add that I am considering using nandrolone for a few weeks to drop my T levels simply to shut down my Endocrinologists argument, this is just an idea as I am yet to find or even think about finding nandrolone (As it is not legally available). I believe that Testosterone derived synthetic alternatives elevate T levels during a blood test, which I would assume is because these synthetics are similar enough to Testosterone, rather then any actually increase in HPTA produced testosterone. So Nandrolone is the best option, given the studies done on it and its clearly documented effect on T levels. So your opinions on this idea would be appreciated. Lastly: It's rather amazing how gym go'ers talk openly about their use when they know that you have used previously used, currently use, or when they determine you are open to the use of any performance enhancing drugs. Don't really understand why these are illegal substances given the state of sport, the relatively minor downsides, the prevalence of far more dangerous substances, etc. I wish we lived in a free market society where my choices were my responsibility, therefore preventing anyone who chooses to use any substance from draining the public health system. Anyway, random tangent a side, thanks for your input.
  15. Thera Cane

    What? Never heard of a Thera Cane.....