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  1. University student needing help

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions! They were very helpful and were discussed in class today
  2. Hi, I am studying nutrition at Otago Uni. I need to find out some general information about supplement use so was hoping you guys could help me out. There are just a few quick questions: 1. What type of supplements and/or sports foods have you used or are you currently using? 2. Why do you take supplements and/or sports foods? 3. What information do you consider before taking a supplement and/or sports food? 4. Where do you purchase supplements and/or sports foods from? 5. Do you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label? 6. Where do you obtain information about the benefits or risks of supplements and/or and sports foods? If one or two of you would be able to answer these that would be great. Thank you!