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  1. Experiment 101

    thanks bro, not really cutting per se, i just wanted to recomp a bit and be comfortable walking around in clothes think ive been running this phase about 9-10 weeks now, will rotate masteron with winny or anavar and see how that goes.
  2. Experiment 101

    Morning troops, thought i would update log since im sitting here with trensomnia i have seriously lost track of time and length of cycle rofl, all i know is dosages and that i must train 4-5 days a weeks. Diet is just eat when hungry, i dont prep any meals just shakes and usually takeaways, favorite is japanese (yum) weight us holding steady at 125kgs, so down about 15kgs since leaning out phase. Drugs... 1g tren ace 1g mast prop 350g test prop 80mcg clen 75mcg t3 nolva 20mg ED aromasin 6.25mg ED pramipexole 1.25mg ED cialis or sildenafil when i wanna f*ck like racehorse pornstar Just been taking selfies not really progress pics, be happy to lean up to high singles then just sit there. Current condition photos attached.
  3. Experiment 101

    thanks bro yeah il only ever do cardio if i prep again ir running from cops
  4. 2017 log

    Impressive lifts bro, your a strong mofo!! Oh bummer was hoping to hear some more gear talk nice diet plan simple as, too many over thinkers these days.
  5. Experiment 101

    Thanks lady and gents yep your right leeroid, legs have grown the most, well quads anyway, hammies are a work in progress. Considering my training has been all over the place the last few months im happy overall. Still doing zero cardio simply coz cant be fxcked lol, just up intensity of workouts.
  6. Experiment 101

    Thanks pseu 1) lol, maori bro, well my mate gave it to me for free as it was making him feel sick, so i thought why not? And i cant be botherd tanning 2) i feel my estrogen is under control, taking both an AI and nolva. However my libido and ability to finish after sex..... Well i can keep going & going lol, dont know if thats good or bad, but a lot of the time the desire is not there unlike a few weeks ago. On a gram of tren, nips are puffy as well. At this time my trial with prami will either help or wont, without bloodwork i wont know 100%. 3) yes same weight around 130kgs, amazing what a bit of recomposition can do to a physique.
  7. Experiment 101

    Just an update.. had a death in the family last week so was away up north for a week, didnt diet at all and been finding it tough to get back on track since, mind is just other places. Ate a shit load of everything came back 5kgs heavier lol started some mt2 last week for dat dere tan, stuff made me feel sick as fxck first couple days. got a hold of some prami as well to lower prolactin a bit. Just started lastnight at .5mg before bed. No bad sides yet. cut back my test to 250mg/week and upped masteron. Lookin through my phone got some old pics i first posted on nzbb, and compared them to today. Same weight pretty much just refined a bit more now, happy with progress.
  8. Post some pics bro, of course you will lose some gains when u come off, do things right post cycle and your likely to keep some as well.
  9. Experiment 101

    Lol neither, just where quad sweeps the most
  10. Experiment 101

    Went camping in weekend, took my morning dose, threw bag in shorts pocket, completely forgot, jumped in river... And yeah fml lol lol classic rapz... Smuggling gear round in pockets hiding it from friends and family lmao Hahaha bag of green moosh afterwards, thought about grabbing a spoon and eating it After saying above i rarely get doms anymore, i woke up with worst in my legs ive ever had. I think out of all my body, legs grow the fastest, well quads dp anyway, hamstrings are not upto par with them yet so im doing legs twice a week atm, one day quads and hams then one day ham and glute focus- all mountain dog style training. Threw some tape around my legs, about 31" at the moment, all i wear are track pants hahaha
  11. Experiment 101

    Went camping in weekend, took my morning dose, threw bag in shorts pocket, completely forgot, jumped in river... And yeah fml lol
  12. Experiment 101

    I actually felt refreshed bro, just resting amd eating i was ready to hit it hard again, although felt like a bit of a slob eating a shit load lmao, i rarely get sore any more, my "system" just feels fxcked.
  13. Experiment 101

    Mmmk went away last friday, had 4 days off training and diet was relaxed, ate a bunch of shit u name it. Did my weekly weigh in today and still down just under 1.5kgs, not too fussed about that. Been sleeping like shit though look like a bag of smashed arseholes. Slowly getting leaner and leaner and seeing daily changes, i lost all my anavar so stopped that since saturday. weight is just over 130kgs atm.
  14. Cheers Mate! Bush Inn might be too far for me. Who do you recommend from Snap Fitness Papanui? Goal is losing fat and getting a muscular trim look. Thanks Jay mac donald, mens physique competitor, sounds like the look u after, although hes fairly big & muscular.
  15. Give me stats!

    Total protein farts per day total tren coughs per hour total gyno nips on this forum