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  1. Protein on a budget

    Lentills from Countdown. Mckenzies Lentils Red $3 a packet, and has 7.5 serves. Each serve is 12g protein. So $1.50 a lunch, you're getting 45g protein + good carbs. Add some veges or bread and you've got yourself a solid lunch!
  2. I know right, down to 1.6k cals already :( Yep as mentioned I will tweak as I go, eg only drop more cals if average weigh in for the week has stalled. Thanks for the help :)
  3. Yes essentially like a competition prep I guess. No plan on really sustaining it, by week 21 i'd want to reverse diet and eventually get my cals back above 2k+ and not gain too much fat while doing so. Yea it is just a guideline I guess, see how the body goes, eg if I continue to have a new average low weigh in this week, i'd keep the same cals and not reduce. Only when the average weigh in has stalled then i'd lower cals. That is definitely true, and yes you have a raised a good point. I actually might do this start of week 10, decrease the fats by say 10g and get in 20carbs instead. Atm I've been having a refeed meal every 2 weeks, keeping it relatively clean but just like 2-2.5x the normal days carbs. That was just a rough guess, I don't know if I should be doing it more frequent eg every 7-10days? Thanks for the advice so far!
  4. Hi all, At the start of this year I was eating clean some days and other days I was eating a ton of junk. Most of the time I did go to go the gym for a workout, but the diet was completely off. So for the last 8 weeks I have been cutting (monitoring calories and regularly going to the gym). I’m looking to get very lean, eg 10% or lower if possible. I’m just wanting to get advice on how low someone should go in terms of calories/cardio when dieting. I need help mapping out the next 8-12 weeks of this cut. I’ll provide some stats/pics of me, as well as a quick breakdown of my calories/weight over the last 8 weeks. 5’9 in height, late 20’s, and currently weighing in around 74.5kg Workout routine: I go to the gym everyday (1 muscle group a day, 1 cardio day, and repeat), just under an hours workout. Weight breakdown: Week Average Weigh in Week 1 Started at 78.7kg, average weigh in was 77.8kg Week 2 77.7kg Week 3 77.1kg Week 4 76.9kg Week 5 76.4kg Week 6 75.4kg Week 7 75.4kg Week 8 74.9kg Macro breakdown: Week Carbs Fat Protein Week 1 260 60 170 Week 2 240 60 150 Week 3 210 60 140 Week 4 210 60 140 Week 5 170 60 140 Week 6 170 60 140 Week 7 170 60 140 Week 8 130 60 130 Week 9 (currently) 130 60 130 So at the moment I’m thinking of doing the following over the next weeks; Week 10 - Drop 20 carbs and keep everything else the same. Week 11 - I’ll drop another 20. Week 12 - same Week 13 - I’ll drop 20g fat (40 fat total only, I hear being above 55g is advised for hormones etc..) Week 13 – same Week 14 – Add 15mins cardio 6x a week Week 15 – same Week 16 – Bump up to 25mins cardio 6x a week Week 17 – same Week 18 – Bump up to 35mins cardio 6x a week Week 19 – same Week 20 – Bump up to 45mins cardio 6x a week (finish). So looking at the same calories/macros (1.2k calories - 90carbs, 40fat, 120protein) for the last 2 months and just relying on cardio I don’t even know if it will be possible for me to get down /function on those sort of macros/cardio… It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some opinions/feedback! Thanks :)
  5. Oh so this is what happened to clenbuterol.co.nz - https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/103960801/smart-but-dumb-inside-new-zealands-biggest-sports-steroids-ring
  6. Actually going gym etc.

    Any progress pics mate :) ? Keep up the training!
  7. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    If I was you personally, I'd just continue the cut, but actually get on a proper diet and slowly lower cals. Probably would cut another 8-10kg (would be lookin skinny asf but allgood) and then reverse diet from there on a lean bulk and you'd be looking great after a few months.
  8. Hey all, Anyone here using/used finasteride/propecia? I'm currently experiencing hairloss (do not use AAS), and am considering hopping on to save that hair. Its a prescription only medicine, so i'd need to go the GP and hopefully get it prescribed and then can order from an NZ online pharmacy etc such as pharmacydirect. I'd like to hear your thoughts :) Cheers.
  9. Stick to Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. Protein is Protein, all that extra 'ripped' stuff is all crap marketing tbh. Like 70 odd serves and costs $80-90 (sale price, and this happens a lot on those daily deal websites eg nowhey, and even big supp stores like nzmuscle, xtremenutrition etc have them on sale from time to time. Stock up a few tubs then on sale.
  10. PPL v BroSplit

    Hey all, What do you rekon between the Push/Pull/Leg/Rest/Repeat vs The Bro Split ( Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders/Arms) ? I've forever been doing the brosplit (5days), and maybe getting in a day or 2 of cardio also in the off days if I'm up to it. I'm looking to maybe get into the whole PPL, but instead of the rest day do cardio/abs etc. I've heard the PPL is best for nattys etc. I'm currently cutting btw. Would be interesting to hear all your thoughts! Cheers
  11. Hey all, I've recently come across cauliflower rice packets - https://www.caulirice.com/uk/product/mediterranean/ These look to be a great addition to a meal especially when cutting. The whole packet (200g) is 12carbs/2fats/8protein - Really good macros! Anyone seen these around here in NZ? Or know a site to purchase from? Cheers
  12. Yes I've tried the pill form, it was ok. I think I may try liquid out next (not too sure if my source has any of this) Yeah I didn't really get much sides from clen, mild shakes that was all I noticed even with a high dosage... Yes. Lol first i've heard of this? I swear it will hardly be effective t all if you don't come off? Anyways so how can I get some benadryl from OTC?? Or is there something else I can take to get another cycle in? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm currently nearing the end of my Clenbuterol Cycle, but I'm wanting to extend it, instead of taking the 2 week break. I understand that clen decreases the beta receptors and that is why the 2 week break is needed, however things like ketotifen and benadryl inhibit the decrease of these receptors or resets them etc. It would be quite difficult for me to get my hands on ketotifen, so I guess benadryl is the only option? I'm just not sure where to buy it etc and what dose to take etc. At the moment I am also taking the following daily - 4g taurine/400g pottasium + a large banaana/250mcg caffiene All information would be much appreciated fellas. Thanks :)
  14. Enzedgear

    Apparently ceasing to exist after November. I signed up to there mailing list a long time ago and received some email today. Anyone tried there clen?