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  1. In what way is she hitting on you ? If she is it usually means she is waiting for you to ask her out. But if you have read it wrong then be prepared to be shot down infront of the people you train with everyday
  2. overseas gear

    Some borderline posts there. I will lock it due to it going off the original topic and before gets tempted to step over the line.
  3. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    Agreed, I really don't think we would see cheaper prices either for the end user
  4. I have heard of this happening a lot overseas but first time here. I guess anything to get off paying out !
  5. Looking good, and like the others have said I don't think you have anything to worry about at your age. just keep eating right and training hard
  6. Getting to the finals is fantastic. Every finals has a few surprises and some very minor teams have beaten some of the big names when finals pressure is on. I will be definitely watching next year
  7. Private eyes on sports cheats

    Interesting, I wonder what they will do with the information they find on people that have nothing to do with sport nz other than bodybuilding for personal reasons
  8. NZBB Challenge 2009, Most Improved

    Well done everyone. Good to see so many making it all the way through to the final set.
  9. what do you all do with left over egg yokes?

    Pseudo used to have a picture of all his egg yokes in plastic bags in his freezer! I wonder what he did with them ?
  10. My progress pics

    Good progress especially with the back. Looks like getting some definition in the abs too.
  11. Ephedra extract

    Exactly what i thought. whats left after the alkoloids are removed ?
  12. Your favourite video game

    Mainly play fps style games half life series and the like, waiting for something new to come out
  13. I love watching these comps, looking forward to finding this years somwhere on the net for download
  14. back to basics

    Is the shoulder an old injury or something new ? After being away from the weights in the past I found I had a few of these little niggles after getting back into things but they went away quickly.
  15. back to basics

    Great to see you back into it after your time off, probably won't be long before you are back to where you were before in terms of weight