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  1. Max bench at bodyweight

    Hi Everyone I'm entering a competition at my local gym. Max reps at bodyweight for bench press. Anyone ever done one? What sort of training should I be doing? Currently getting volume at various loads about 150-200 reps per workout 3-4 times a week. Bodyweight currently at about 77.5 but I'll try to scrape in under 75. Also I've fully loaded on creatine and beta alanine. Anyone have any advice for me? Aiming for between 40-50 reps.
  2. Apps for powerlifters?

    I was thinking about getting the sheiko one. Would you recommend the free/cheap one over the official MT?
  3. Apps for powerlifters?

    I found it here https://www.reddit.com/r/powerlifting/comments/4106y7/tracking_app_for_powerlifters/ I didn't know he was from NZ.
  4. Apps for powerlifters?

    I just stumbled upon this app. It looks simple and specific for power lifters. http://www.intensityapp.com/
  5. Apps for powerlifters?

    I've used the smolov one with some success and I hear the sheiko one is quite good. I haven't heard of one which tracks everything Pseudonym. Maybe there is a gap in the market for something like that....?
  6. 10 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS (celebrating 10 years online)

    Lol aware. Also iirc 'real talk' = 2guns in the early days. Where do I want to be next year? I'm going to do a few bench only competitions and hopefully get my hands on a New Zealand record in the u74kg class.
  7. smolov jr bench+squat simultaneously

    I've done it. In fact if I recall I did two cycles back to back so 6 weeks. It was good. I gained in all three lifts but I was smashing back calories as well. Take care of your shoulders, especially if you are doing low bar squats and paused bench. They were the first thing to start fatiguing. Other than that, with conservative numbers you'll be sweet. Also keep some sort of row/pull in there as a little assistance. It will help with overall shoulder health and grip strength. Good luck
  8. First XV drug use investigation signalled

    Mate you dont get it, im a student and you have no idea how shit these media articles are. To put things into perspective, they make the majority of (demasculine) society believe that just because people my age drink protein, use supps, train in the gym etc, that we all have body image issues and are using harmful substances and are at risk of recklessly abusing drugs, because we feel "pressured" by negative body image culture (lifting weights?)Coincidentally this is the feminist narrative of males and the media is more than happy to add fuel to the fire. I fully support education and knowledge, even if it breaks through the pussification standards set by society. So obviously teens should have access to knowledge of drugs, training, supps etc. But to say they are in "danger" of such things is pure stupidity. Your wild tangent suggests that you are still a student lol this hasn't come from the gym culture or feminist views... This has come from other sports such as the big rugby league peptide scandal. rugby wants to know what's going on at grass roots and is doing a survey to find out what the norm is. Are you referring to the investigation or the way the article is written?
  9. First XV drug use investigation signalled

    Wat? I think this is a legitimate study. I think it's more about the culture in rugby. I know that they are all looking for an 'edge' but wouldn't go as far as to think they are on roids. Most likely hood more like pre workout things before games etc.
  10. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    Cameron_R wrote
  11. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    lower end what the heck? thats like upper class stuff right there lol 70k and 13 weeks off. get to keep fit as part of the job only down side have to deal with potentially snobby kids but you get to participate at some level in sports with your job.. i remmeber in highschool though it was our PE teachers who gave us some of those 'talks' that would be pretty awkward. Yeah I deal with 'those' talks but they are actually a laugh when you are an adult because you get all the wierd questions. I have a box where students put their random questions in and I read them, we usually as a department read out the really wierd ones together for a laugh. The other bonus of the job is the fact that the wife is also a teacher so we get the same holidays.
  12. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    A Physed teacher at a well resourced secondary school.
  13. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    I guess I'm towards the lower end in this thread. 70k but only work three quarters of the year. 13 weeks holiday. 7 weeks over Christmas break. Great work no stress at all. Little incentive to move onto middle management as it's a lot more work for little financial reward.
  14. Training Whangarei

    Northland powerlifting is more centered around Kerikeri-Kaikohe. Maybe give Brian a call. He is the man in the know.
  15. Build up to oceania's

    Hi Guys thought I would start a journal/log to keep my motivation up In the past I have lifted as an under 75kg lifter (74kg last year) but feel its time to move up and get my lifts going again. Basically I eat up get strong then cut down to my weight only to find little overall strength gain. This year Im focusing raw strength where hopefully next year I will be competing in either a raw nationals or putting some gear on later down the track and compete in the Nats. Since Nationals last year sheiko has been my training style of choice as It's template based so I pick up my program and follow it and go home. I will plan on doing this again maybe the reduced volume 13 weeker from the BMF forums. Before then I have 4 weeks till the Northland champs. I'm thinking of running the first mesocycle of Smolov for the next three weeks as well as on Mondays working up to about 95% on the bench and later on in the week doing some lighter work, something like 5x5. Im open to suggestions on this. Starting strength in this Journal is Squat 160kg Bench 125kg Deadlift 185kg These were all done in competitions under 74kg raw. Onwards and upwards!
  16. Build up to oceania's

    This was Friday, I didn't lift Thursday or today squat 120 x 3 140x3 160 x 1 170 x 1 175 x 1 180 x 1 +5 pb 140 x 3 145 x 3 150 x 3 155 x 3 bench 5 x 5 @ 100 1 x 10 @ 80 comments pretty happy with the progress on squats and bench this week. I'm planning on getting a squat deadlift sesh tomorrow hopefully. I have to do three 1 day bike rides next week so I might push bench and squats will be a little on the low side.
  17. Build up to oceania's

    Bench x 5 90 92.5 92.5 92.5 92.5 90 90 90 squat high bar a2g no belt 120 x 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 3. Sore shoulder after bench so I did some high bar. My erectors are killing me!
  18. Build up to oceania's

    Squat Nemesis generally. I do this for bench as well. Deadlifts are speed pulls and not many at this stage.
  19. Build up to oceania's

    Squats x3 120 125 130 140 145 150 155 160 162.5 x1 165 comments I had to split as my ride home was leaving and I didn't want to walk 30mins in torrentials. I would have liked a few more squats and some bench. I'll have to catch up tomorrow.
  20. Big dick playa

    Paten it bro.
  21. Big dick playa

    Solid training session! Mad gains conning on your bulk.
  22. Build up to oceania's

    It's a way of getting my technique sorted before going onto a more stable program. I'm aiming to get my lifts approximately back to where I left off quick. Only about 20kg total and I'm there.
  23. Build up to oceania's

    Squat x1 120 140 160 160 x3 140 145 150 140pause x5 140 Bench 5x5@90kg Comments Still pretty tired from the last couple of training sessions. So today was pretty average. I'm aiming for about 100 reps for both bench and squat above 70% for the week. So, at this rate I'll have to do 5 squat sessions and 4 bench at this rate. Last week I got 96 reps on squat and 90 reps for bench. deadlifts will be done probably once a week. Or when I feel good.
  24. Big dick playa

    Life just seems so much better with a full stomach
  25. Build up to oceania's

    Lol should have just got another fuckn cat. But na it's really cool knowing that it's half of my DNA walking around wrecking all my shit.