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  1. Hey Just wondering your thoughts on doing a pct after a sarms cycle... The supplier has said its not necessary but after some research it appears it is. But maybe im wrong?? I will be taking the following for 8 weeks 1). Pro-Follistatin - Muscle Builder 2). Growth Switch - Growth Hormone Release (SARM MK 677) 3). Muscle Switch - Lean Muscle Mass Modulator (SARM LGD 4033) What pct would you suggest? If you think its necessary Cheers
  2. iherb

    Anyone know how long it takes for product to arrive when ordering from iherb?
  3. mass stacks.

    I am after advice, but I'm sure with a good diet and a good workout program supplements can be beneficial.. So with the right diet and training program what supplements would you suggest?
  4. mass stacks.

    Hey, thanks heaps for that. I'm lucky that I can get supplements for half the price they sell for even some times cost plus gst. So cheap as. Interesting about adding the fat burner in while bulking. cheers bro
  5. mass stacks.

    I'm wondering what everyones ultimate mass building stack would be? Obviously you need the right diet in place before you even think of supplements otherwise it's a waste of $$. I can purchase supplements for half the price they sell on the net for.
  6. Mass /weight gainers

    So I need to up my calories as I want to put on some more weight/mass. So I'm thinking about buying a weight gainer supplement. I know a lot of people don't like them and say that they are a waste of time. But due to my new job and being on the road I'm thinking having a mass gainer shake will be perfect to have with me to get those calories in. so any suggestions on what one to buy?
  7. Whats a good site to buy gym clothing? And cheapest? But good quality? Thanks
  8. Hey team, Anyone know what the dosage rate is for ketoifin? My stuff is 1MG/mll Anyone know how much you should take each day while on Clen? Thanks Happy lifting!!!
  9. Hi all, Hi have got some liquid ketotifen which is 1MG/ML any ideas on recommend dosage on this stuff? Also liquid clen is 100MCG/ML with a 1ML dropper. Dropper is marked from .25 - 0.5 - .75 - 1.0 any idea on recommend dosage? I realize start of low and work way up etc. Just your thoughts please.
  10. clen vs albuterol

    Does albuterol do just the same thing with no sides? Because if that's the case why don't people go for albuterol or why is it so hard to get hold of because it's so good and cost more or customs?
  11. clen vs albuterol

    Year think im still keen on clen, will just see what one I can get hold of first and do some good research on each one. Must have a good diet already in place. I'm already about 10% bf but need clen or albuterol for that extra cut. Diet is good. Clen or albuterol come at me lol!!
  12. Hi guys just wondering what you prefer clen or albuterol? Positives and negatives on each one. Just doing a bit of research before deciding what one to get. I have done a lot of research online, but would also like to see what you all have to say!
  13. Hey so I have been told to do weighted ab exercises and also been told not to do them and just normal ab workouts. Thoughts please? maybe a mix of both? Thanks!!
  14. Wanting to talk to anyone from the bay about gear etc. I have done heaps of research etc on gear and I am really considering doing my first cycle of test e. If there is anyone in hawkesbay thats prepared to chat to me about it and answer some questions that would be great. Pm me if interested. Cheers Davo