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  1. 2017 coach / trainer recommendations for Figure Comp

    Hi Heartlifter, Not Auckland based but I work with a variety of people like yourself from all over the world, with many goals and backgrounds of both genders online. You can check me out at http://redefrisby.com/ Kind Regards Rede
  2. Hi nevebee, Shameless plug but depending on your goals in bodybuilding, I may be able to help - you can check out my website at www.redefrisby.com and contact me there if you wish to know anything further :)
  3. Depends a little on your goals but over the years I've had pretty good results using Horleys Awesome Mass. Just recently I have switched to this https://www.nzprotein.co.nz/ because I can get a larger amount relative to it being a reasonable price.
  4. Jack of two trades, master of none!

    Is this where I "sub" to your channel dude?! LOLzzzz ...IN!
  5. Gore - does it have a gym ?

    Try this I believe at least its on the (old?) gym site in Gore ..... http://www.totalbodygym.co.nz/
  6. Gore - does it have a gym ?

    Yes there is a gym there with weights and machines from my understanding...
  7. What to expect your first Powerlifting comp

  8. creating accountability

    Time management and routine is a huge cornerstone of success - consistency pays at the end of the day However I also learnt along time ago that people need to REALLY want to implement long term change and as such have true internal motivation to do so vs anything you might try to impart on them "You can lead a horse to water...." and all of that old cliche' As a trainer after a bit (a few successes over the years and treating everyone the same ie fairly and consistently) you can tell when people are not playing ball or at least hopefully you can make the call ahead of that point (whom likely wont / you want to work with for these reasons at least). Time is precious and for every person out there slacking around or 'un-motivated' I can bet you'd find 2-3 others more appreciative, genuine and deserving of your help... Help those that help themselves, just my view.
  9. Hey Torino, If you are looking to compete in the next 6-12 months then that's easy enough to do via distance with me as I actually specialise in that for folks the world over and you can check it out www.redefrisby.com - provided you have accumulated a reasonable amount of enough background training time - however if there is a lot of ground to cover than I'd suggest that working with someone in person is probably in your better interests, yes. Thanks also to Matrix and Pseu for suggesting me :)
  10. Size or Condition?

    All things being equal (same class) - IMO a guy onstage that is symmetrical/proportionally developed and lean as f@$k will almost always look much better than someone who is just merely big for being big sake...
  11. Reverse dieting

    ^agreed I thought that advice was a little out of place with the rest of the video (which is great) but none-the-less :)
  12. Knee problem. Help

    It sounds to me like you have inflamed something within the joint capsule of the knee and experienced some fluid on the knee as a result. A physio might not be able to directly help you until this has gone down some per se but his report/notes are going to be important if you eventually have to go through ACC for future treatment claims etc...
  13. Reverse dieting

    Both of those aspects Pseudonym. I have a far greater degree of self control following on from shows and little to no inclination to binge; likewise as I get further away from a comp I am eventually able to build up to eating more compared to my pre competitive (offseason) amounts and able to stay relatively leaner/tighter. This article is getting a little older now but consider.... http://www.humongous.co.nz/making-all-kinds-of-gainzzz/
  14. Reasons for changing coaches

    Personal development. You can only learn so much from (and teach so much to) one person IMO. Provided you continue to choose the right people to help coach you and its a logical progression / step up in your development each time you elect to move on, then I think it makes good sense and I have done so myself frequently. Much in the same way and using another example...would only ever having one 'drum' tutor...likely make you the most well rounded 'drummer' you could possibly be longer term?! :)
  15. Reverse dieting

    I have personally experienced the disasterous effects of a significant post comp diet binge and also followed a well structured reverse diet - which IMO was 100x the more preferable option for me personally. Here's a great 'middle of the road option from my good friend and coach Eric Helms