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  1. 19-nors

    Daz69 wrote:
  2. 19-nors

    Selegiline is a new one to me, will check it out thanks. Prolactin secretion in nursing mothers is associated with lactation, the major regulator of prolactin secretion is dopamine which interacts with D2 receptor on lactotropes to inhibit prolactin secretion. Cabergoline is a D2 receptor agonist, approved for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia, Pramipexole has selective activity at D2 and D3 receptors is used mainly for treatment of parkinsons desease.. Puffy nips may be the onset of gyno, or just puffy nips due to too much estrogen conversion. It is believed gyno is not possible without sufficient excess estrogen, manage estrogen and you take care of gyno... When taking 19-nors like Tren & Nandrolone there are some unique interaction going on which I mention below.. Plus much broscience, which I don't.. Anadrol is not thought to aromatize.. Some info on nandrolone (deca): Aromatase doesn't directly catalyse C19 cleavage, it is the result of what aromatase does and a necessary step in generating the needed energy to make the aromatic A-ring. This is why nandrolone practically does not aromatize. Naturally occurring nandrolone in the body is actually believed to be a by-product of incomplete aromatization. Nandrolone can be quite estrogenic however, more so than testosterone, and in some assays as much as 60% as estradiol itself, even though it barely aromatizes and doesn't bind the ER itself, but it appears that it can stimulate estrogen response elements in the DNA by binding the androgen receptor. That also means the estrogenic effects of nandrolone cannot be stopped short of inhibiting the AR, and thus also blocking its anabolic effects, that makes it a tricky compound to people prone to estrogenic effects from nandrolone. If you are prone to nandrolone side effects you might be best off not using it.. A slightly contravertial post on Tren from another forum: As for Tren, aside from the fact that there is no such thing as tren gyno and the fact that progesterone would not cause gyno in the absence of estrogen, and is actually known to down regulate estrogen receptors, it should also be noted that trenbolone is not an actual progestin, but seems to behave more like an SPRM (selective progesterone receptor modulator), where it mildly stimulates PR-beta, but the net result is a down regulation of progesterone, similar to the use of medroxyprogesterone. This is also fairly evident comparing trenbolone and progesterone as doping agents, where doping with progesterone tends to lead to increased endurance and fat gain, trenbolone is known to do the opposite. Meaning its effects are more antagonistic than agonistic at the progesterone receptor. Caber and prami are dopamine D2 agonists, this doesn't have f*ck all to do with progesterone, but does seem to reduce central release of prolactin, another hormone called in to explain something that doesn't actually exist (tren gyno) to sell more shit you don't need (caber and prami). The worst thing is, Tren gyno is not actually based on anything. While people who believe this stuff will actively try to counter your arguments as to why it is not so, they simply forget there never was a reason for the assumption in the first place. The frequency with which it is reported however does suggest that there are enough incidents of things that can be seen as tren gyno. First and foremost culprit is bad gear.. It's underground gear, fact of the matter is unless you were there when the product was made in china until the vial was sealed you DON'T KNOW). Product could be laced with nandrolone or testosterone etc. I know what tren feels like, it usually makes you feel like shit for a bit before it makes you feel great. Some of the best trens I've used haven't had this, so while I consider them the best, they were probably laced. Reason number two, you are getting gyno from something else. People say it started when they started tren, but neglected to mention it was part of a blast and they upped their test and kicked it off with some dbol. What did you think was gonna happen ? In all cases, gyno is treated with anti-e's, yes even cases of bodybuilders getting gyno being treated by an endocrinologist. One side not I always mention however is lactation. There is a possibility, in a rare scenario, that tren can cause lactation. It's not even likely to be paired with any (significant) gyno. The way this happens is similar to what happens in pregnant females. In pregnant females estrogen and progesterone peak and they make prolactin levels rise, but at the same time they block the effect. You can liken this to using high dose testosterone and nandrolone. Now when the woman gives birth, estrogen and progesterone drop and stimulation of the nipple activates the prolactin, resulting in lactation. Say you now switch your high test/nandro cycle to a cutting cycle, drop your testosterone and nandrolone, start using an anti-e, and get the SPRM effect of tren in there, you'll get a similar drop that can activate already elevated prolactin and lead to lactation, especially if you are the type that likes playing with your nipples. This should, by the way, resolve itself in a short while. Again, however, that last one is sort of a perfect storm thing, and a very rare occurence, but unlike actual tren gyno, it is a possibility. Thanks for that info, I have been using a low dose of letro to keep estro in check. I know how anadrol is not meant to aromatise but I have used all three drugs at seperate times and have gotten puffy nipples with each one. My friends use the exact same product in higher doses and get nothing.
  3. 19-nors

    It appears I am one of the individuals who are sensitive to prolactin side effects caused by tren, deca, and anadrol. Most noticeable effects are the puffy nips. I have tried the high B6 dosing which didn't help. I have used pramipexole but I'm not sure how well that helped, possibly didn't ramp up high enough or left it too late. I'm thinking caber is the best drug for it? Any solutions other than staying away from 19-Nors? Cheers
  4. Gluten free porridge?

    Are you saying that steel cut oats are gluten free? My flat mate is coeliac and says steel cut oats don't give her problems, and she's pretty hardcore with what she will and won't eat.
  5. Gluten free porridge?

    Try "steel cut oats"
  6. Mt2 dosages

    Hah cheers, just seen this. Yea tried them..seized twice.
  7. what cuts of steak do you usually buy?

    Baking soda is good for tenderising shitty tough steak.
  8. Pain in my ass.

    Yea this usually works for me, but pinned quad the other day then trained legs and was still sore as f*ck.
  9. Pain in my ass.

    Ok cheers android. Tried running it through a .20 filter and still pain. Another guy I know is using the same gear and has had no problems. Could it just be me? The site does get a bit warm and slightly pink. My pinning technique is flawless On a side note, I got some blood tests done before starting this cycle and my doctor wants to see me about my testosterone levels(doesn't know I use gear btw) because apparently they're high 33.4 nmol/L RR: 8.0-29.0 nmol/L I'm guessing this is total test? I didn't ask to get LH FSH etc. What would be the point in seeing him about high test levels? Prostate? I can understand seeing him if I had low levels.
  10. Pain in my ass.

    Anyone ever tried baking out the excess BA? Bad idea?
  11. Pain in my ass.

    You want a pic mate? The "flu" symptoms only lasted the day. The site is a bit warmer, no lumps though. Na definitely Enanthate. They're both 200mg/ml.
  12. Did my first shot of 250mg test e, 150mg deca durabolin on Monday night fucken worst site pain ever experienced. Reading up could be a number of things: high BA content, body not used to new compound, bacteria infection, bunk gear? I used 23g pin, warmed oil under water. Briefly massaged after shot, Wednesday now and still limping. Also got my first case of "test flu" fever like symptoms the day after.
  13. Opinion/advice on 2nd cycle.

    Thanks! Haha yea tats are a bit of a give away. Yea end of second cycle in november, was just trying to see how lean I could stay. Before was a bit fatter and smoother. Happy with results though. Ended up doing 500mg test E per week/300mg boldenone per week for 15 weeks. Got good pumps from boldenone, no sides from anything. Could have gained more obviously by eating more. Was only about 69kgs in those photos :oops: . Diet was pretty clean, e.g brown rice, chicken, bit of lean red meat, lotsa beans and asparagus, 5-6 meals a day. PCT was 20mg nolva a day and 12.5mg a day of aromasin for 4 weeks. Was a really smooth pct compared to my first cycle coming off just using nolva. Finished the boldenone two weeks short of the test as well. Just trying to build some mass and strength now..got a long way to go! P.s I only wrestle chicks dannyjay!
  14. My order got seized last week, fucken balls. Used it before, now I'm hooked.