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  1. Crossfit prices':,?@$$

    Zealous CrossFit is my Box in Avondale 641 Rosebank Rd, cost is $37.50pw, well worth the $$$ I pay. Check out the website www.zealouscrossfit.com, Cheers
  2. Fran times

    Definitely need to give FRAN another try RX, haven't done it in ages. Barbell & Kipping pull ups unassisted - for sure.
  3. 1 rep max day

    I'm a girl & here are some of my stats of late for my 1RMs at CrossFit. I'm working on getting my numbers up & really want to Dead lift at least 150kgs as well as get at least 60kgs in my Squat Snatch. Ive been doing CrossFit for coming up to one year, was pretty weak when I first started, so my numbers are definitely not that bad considering. Clean 70kgs Snatch Squat 45kgs Bench Press 60kgs Front Squat 105kgs Back Squat 115kgs Dead Lift 140kgs Overhead Squat 60kgs
  4. Awesome idea Pseudonym, Once I get a trainer/join a regular gym, as I only attend a CrossFit gym & I am a dedicated CrossFitter who by the way trains 6 days a week I might do just that & Thanks for the ideas for possible trainers
  5. Hi Loochi, Thanks for getting back to me, I was thinking the same thing, I'm gonna grab some online workouts etc & see how I go. I'm currently doing CrossFit & have been doing this for a yr now & I have worked out in regular gyms with personal trainers, so know enough to throw something together, its just a matter of me having someone to be accountable to.....
  6. Hey Guys, I'm keen as to start training for a body building/sculpting comp, live in West Auckland & need an affordable trainer, any ideas?
  7. Meet Newish to CROSSFIT Me!!!!

    Thanks a million for all of the positive feed back, will def take everything on board, love the "Repitition is the mother of all skill" comment. I'm off to CF this PM, awesome way to finish the week, I must say, in saying that..... Have a fantastic weekend everyone.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm 30, a mother of one & started doing CrossFit in April of this year. I'm 168cm short, 78kgs down from 104kgs at the beginning of this year, still working on getting down at least another 10-15kgs+ hopefully by the end of the year. I'm eating 6 small meals a day & see a nutritionist, in saying that I could do with a bit more will power to stop myself from over indulging lol. Well anyways: I'm going to be competing in my 2nd CrossFit Comp in the scaled division in Dec of this year. I'm not bad at the heavy lifting & double unders, but struggle a wee bit when it comes to burpees & pull ups, in saying that my fitness is not too bad. I do at least 5 Xfit sessions per week to ensure I'm putting in enough work & not missing out on too much & was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how best I can prepare for the comp (in 1 month), in terms of homework etc away from the gym? Lifting Stats: Front Squat 105kg 1 RM Back Squat 110kg 1 RM Deadlift: 140kg 1 RM Hang Clean: 60kg Power Snatch: 55kg