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  1. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    Thoughts on Jagjit? :flames:
  2. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    yo, So... I was only able to find my way to the gym once this past weekend, I think I need to grow a socalled "set" or "pair" as soon as possible..... I was able to smash back/shoulders/bi all in a day tho which was (sort of) pleasing.. I guess... apart from the fatigue I suffered from during w/o... that was not so pleaseant. ANYWAY In the rest periods during shoulders I did an exercise for back. Chest/Shoulders/Biceps -DB Millitary Press: (kg) 30 x 20 reps 37.5 x 15 37.5 x 15 37.5 x 15 40 x 12 Superset w/ -Widegrip Pulldowns: (kg) 90 x 10 95 x 12 100 x 12 100 x 10 100 x 12 Felt lifeless at this point.. But continued for win.. -DB lateral Raises: (kg) 15 x 12 17.5 x 12 17.5 x 12 17.5 x 12 Superset w/ -Closegrip Pulldowns: 80 x 12 90 x 10 90 x 10 90 x 10 Superset w/ -Closegrip Seated Rows 80 x 12 90 x 10 90 x 10 90 x 10 SMASH. -Machine Rows 80 x 12 85 x 12 90 x 12 90 x 12 -Military Press Machine 2 Plates off stack x 12 Maxweight x 10 Maxweight x 10 Maxweight x 10 Superset w/ -Cable Front Raises (kg) 20 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 12 Dat forearm Feel =P~ -BB Rows (kg) 80 x 12 90 x 12 100 x 10 Superset w/ -Arnold press (kg) 20 x 12 22.5 x 10 22.5 x 10 no time for deads as gym was closing in 15min :doh: :banging: DAT PAIN IN MY REAR DELTS. -BB Curls (kg) 45 x 12 50 x 10 50 x 10 40 x 15 - Ezibar 21s (kg) 40 x 21 40 x 21 40 x 21 Superset w/ -Closegrip Chinups 3 sets to fail STARTING NEW WEEK TONIGHT. KEEN.
  3. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    Nah bro up in Botany, Auckland haha. Must be the same everywhere! Yeah bro.. looks like the parasite has successfully spread itself to all the main city centres of NZ :banging:
  4. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    is that a rhetorical question? Super rhetorical. Welcome to NZBB. hahahaha thanks brah! gonna go try the first back workout in your journal tonight, Looks frickn intense =P~ plus deads of course ! @rapz I will post more pics as I progress ! & I'll try find some earlier pics too so you can see how far I've come in my 3 years . Lifts not strong as I'd like them to be .. :oops: for now .. BRB
  5. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    is that a rhetorical question?
  6. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    Haha you in Hamilton? Nah bro up in Botany, Auckland haha.
  7. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    Been really slack this week as I'm getting intense muscle pains in my leg & can barely walk . I managed to get into gym last night (50mins before closing time -___-) and smash chest out of the way, ( felt kinda drowsey ) Warmup: Pecdeck - Maxweight on machine( idk) x 15 Maxweight x 15 Maxweight x 15 Maxweight x15 (need moar weight !) Flat bench: (kg) 60 x 20 105 x 12 110 x 12 110 x 12 115 x 10 Incline Bench: (kg) 80 x 12 85 x 12 90 x 12 95 x 10 100 x 8 Decline Bench : (kg) 90 x 12 95 x 12 95 x 12 95 x 12 (too pussy to add more weight) The fact that me & a mate managed to do this all within 50mins amazes me Decline flys - Did 3 sets but felt like crap & had to leave gym as close time ! :evil: :evil: :evil: Gonna go smash back/bi, or shoulders/traps tonight. KEEN AS FUARK any advice guys & gals?
  8. Saiyan Bulk :madman:

    Greetings NZBB, :madman: :madman: :madman: :madman: :madman: So I've been training for about 3-4 years now & have thought about logging in the past but never actually gotten around to it. So I'm going to do my best to keep logs on here & hopefully see some solid gains & good criticism. Me: I've been hooked since my dad showed me how to lift weights many years ago but only really started gymming in the last 3 years. When I started getting serious around 3 years ago i was about 65kg with sh*tall BF%. I am currently: 105kg (unsure on bf% atm) 6ft2 I train 5-6 days p/w Current Routine: Monday - Rest (too many indians & their tribes @ gym) Tuesday - Shoulders & traps Wed - Legs Thur - Chest & (tris or bis depending on what Im keen for) Fri - Back & (bi or tri) Sat/Sun - Rest/Catchup whatever I miss during wk. I've been following this routine for about a year or so now usually switching the muscle groups around depending on how I feel that day, I also make sure to change it up each week so my bodies always in for a treat. Really keen to hear what everyone has to offer here at NZBB!
  9. Methasterone

    Hey NZBB, Thinking of getting some of the above. Need some info, opinions & experiences
  10. PWO w/ DMMA

    Hi NZBB I know its a pretty stupid question since this stuff was banned back in April. But does anyone have any PWO's with this ingrediant left? Missn' the old pumps, tingles and feeling of unlimited energy I used to get from PWOs with this contents! All the stuff currently on sale these days just doesn't cut it for me.. If my efforts fail my only other option to get this feeling would be to hit the chuff.. Not keen bro !