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  1. Too soon to join a gym?

    Thanks to everyone for your replies... you've made me feel a lot better. For what it's worth, the gym I'm looking at is Sky Fitness in Dunedin - very handy to work. Will join next week when I get back to Dunedin (on holiday at the moment). Cheers
  2. Too soon to join a gym?

    Hi, I'm currently 5' 11” 125kg, and I'm keen to join a gym to continue my weight loss. The closest gym to work happens to be known as a body-building gym – apparently successful in national competitions etc – and given some of the comments I've read here I'm wondering whether I'd should put off joining until I'm down to 100kg or so. I've seen comments which seem to have a tone of amused disgust when it comes to fat people. While I kind of understand where they're coming from – after all, it is my fault that I let myself get this way – I'd definitely prefer to avoid being treated as a joke when I first join a gym. Does anyone have any thoughts? Am I being needlessly paranoid here or should I lose weight before signing up? PS: Currently losing weight through cutting calories and an hour of cardio five times a week – interested in body-building but guess I need to get rid of a fair bit of fat first.