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  1. Recommend a pre-workout sup for cardio

    Gaspari Nutrition have a re-formulated version of SP Max for the NZ market, it should be available here in the next few weeks.
  2. New Plymouth City Fitness gym buddy?

    Our retail store is the Supplement King shop at the top of the hill in town. I train whenever i have the time to get down there
  3. New Plymouth City Fitness gym buddy?

    Hey Revive, yep we own the store, i've been training at city fitness off and on for a couple of months now, although more off than on. I'm not sure who you are so come up and introduce yourself next time you see me there
  4. New Plymouth City Fitness gym buddy?

    LOL, no disrepect intended Deepmen, but that JimJim that post was gold mate
  5. 10kg unflavoured Nutra Whey

    I wasn't trying to dis-credit Hennie or his brand, in fact i communicate with Hennie from time to time, our communication over the last couple of years has been pretty friendly, and i think he has done a really good job with his own brand. Hennie got in touch before to give me the info on his whey, and it's what he had stated earlier in the thread. Just because people are competitors in a certain industry does not mean that we are all out there trying to bag the shit out of each other. A lot of forum users probably don't realise that even though there are a lot of different supplement retailers in nz competing for the same dollar it does not mean we all have the knives out for each other, in fact quite a few of us (obviously not all of us) actually get along well, even though we are in direct competition with one another. We are all just trying to make a living out of what we are doing and i'm always happy to see someone doing well, even our competitors, because it takes hard work to get something going and always a certain amount of risk, so if someone like Hennie puts in the hard work, takes a risk and it pays off, then no one should begrudge him any success he has with his brand or his site.
  6. 10kg unflavoured Nutra Whey

    I would guess that Hennie is probably quite correct with the stats he is quoting, so if he posts the COA then that will be the end of the story. We are about to launch a protein onto the market in NZ and Australia, and i will be quite happy to provide the COA to anyone who requests it.
  7. 10kg unflavoured Nutra Whey

    Hi Hennie, Based on the numbers you are quoting on your finished product i'm also interested in seeing the COA from Fonterra. Can you post it up ?
  8. What songs get you amped??

  9. RE: Hi from Wellington

    No problem
  10. RE: Hi from Wellington

    i think a wheels routine is when you use one of those disc wheels with the handles either side, is that right ? Some guys can go from a standing start to a flat out position and then back to a standing start. i have seen a guy try and do this once and around half way down one of the handles broke off and he collapsed on the wheel and cracked him self a beauty on the chin on the edge of the wheel. here's a clip of a 71 year old dude smashing them out no worries and here's an even better one of some hot chicks wrestling in jelly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ksvD3VqTI&feature=fvsr
  11. Gyms in New Plymouth

    There are rumours that there may be a big new gym opening in the valley mega centre
  12. WaiWeight NZFBB North Island Champs

    I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of you and Bev onstage Good luck to both of you
  13. Supplement recommendations

    LOL, those cookie time cookies are hard to resist
  14. JACK3D

    If 2 scoops gives me enough motivation to get my ass off the couch and head down to the gym on cold winter nights when i might have otherwise stayed put, then it's a muscle builder as far as i'm concerned :wink:

    We used Fastways when we first started out, but switched to NZ Couriers 8 months ago and now use them for all deliveries. We never had too many problems with Fastway, the main reason for the switch was that NZ Couriers were able to offer us faster delivery times to South Island addresses.