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  1. Mean Protein Cookies

    Hey guys, Tried these last week and were a success. A little higher in the fat content than i'd like but low carbs. Not bad for a snack either. Fat = 7.4g, Total Carbs = 1.6g, which Dietary Fibre = 0.7g, Protein = 5.1g, Cholestrol = 25.8mg, Sodium 89.0mg per serving Makes 24 cookies. 1 cookie = 1 serving. 88.8 cals 2/3 cup Protein Powder (I used Myofusion Elite Peanut Butter Cookie Dough) 1/3 cup Ground Linseed (also known as ground flaxseed and is found in the baking aisle at your supermarket) 1 cup Splenda granules 2 eggs (beaten) 1/2 cup butter (softened) 3 Tbsp Peanut Butter (I used the salt reduced to lower the sodium) 1 tsp vanilla 2 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil 1/4 tsp salt Cream butter, coconut oil, splenda and salt. Add peanut butter and mix well. Mix in the beaten eggs and vanilla. Slowly add the dry ingredients. Mix well. Should be a fluffy consistency. Drop spoonfuls onto a greased tray or silicone baking sheet. Press down sligthly. Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 8 minutes for a chewy cookie or 10 minutes for a more crisp cookie. Hope you enjoy them. You can substitute most protein powders but this recipe calls for any under 7 carbs per serving to be used to keep the carbs down
  2. 2013 NZPF National Champs Results

    Good luck to all the lifters competing this weekend in Wellywood. Add to that shakin'*yahoo* going on down there with some of your own groundshaking lifts!!!!! White lights all around. Oh and GO HARD to the Auckland Powerlifting Team *yahoo*
  3. CDPA Regional Champs 2013 Results

    Good luck to all lifters!!!! Hoping to watch some good lifting on the livestream. White lights all round
  4. Powerlifting specific gyms

    Hey, Miada Otahuhu is definately a go. I train there and find Audra (lady to call for memberships) is super helpful. Dale the owner is a champion SM himself and has just been renovating the whole place. Not sure if there is a current SM team operating out of Miada Otahuhu but chat to Dale when you can get hold of him. Used to train at Genetics and had to argue with weedy knobs about what a squat rack was actually for. Miada is a great gym with great equipment and heaps of friendly members willing to spot.
  5. would crossfit shoes be ok for weightlifting?

    Own some Do-win and also some UGE from Undergroundelite in Aussie. Find both good but prefer the Do-win for comp. I guess it depends on what you can afford and I agree with Tom and TFB. IMO,You may also want to consider what are deemed legal with the local lifting asscociations, if you are thinking of competing.
  6. Darn it. At work tonight otherwise i'd be watching. No laptop to take with me either. Anyway, go hard Sonia, Stephen, Danny and all other competitors. Do NZ proud guys. White lights, all round :clap:
  7. CAPO 2013 Events

    Looking forward to Hamilton for first comp of the year. Road trip with CBC crew is on!!!!! \:D/
  8. Lovely lady lumps

    What an awesome inspiration for me Icecream. Even though I've been lifting for 1 year now, I have also gained 15kgs in the process (not muscle either) Have just started an intense Wendler 5 3 1 program with 3 days of cardio on top. Clean eating for last week and half (3.5kgs down so far) All under the guidance of Tiny Traps. You given me the guts to post some before /during and after pics. Be warned though. I aam starting out at 94 kgs. Lol Thanks for the great motivation.
  9. CAPO New Zealand CA$H for K-OS

    Totally agree Android. Was a great day. Was great to meet you and watch some awesome lifting.
  10. Gym wierdos

    Resting between heavy squat sets and young guy proceeds to remove clamps from bar i'm using. Say to him "hey, i'm using those" Young guy replys "very funny lady, you can't be squatting that much (100kgs on the bar). Guy spotting me says " Bro, she warms up with your max" Nearly wet myself laughing. Haven't seen young guy at same time of day since. Lmao. A little intimidated maybe!!??
  11. CAPO New Zealand CA$H for K-OS

    <---- is putting hand up for a cake lady cake! (sponsor prize) Will have to make sure that carb nite is after the comp coach... :pfft: Looking forward to being one of the few and setting a few records.... and then holding on to them ... eh coach!
  12. Jessica Scofield Pre Comp Training

    Had a psychic vibe that you guys were missing me bar-belle lmao! Feeling a little dissappointed in myself for not being stricter with my eating. Have to get over that and get my ass in to gear. No excuses as TFB says. This girl is getting her game face on (including the war paint) :twisted:
  13. Jessica Scofield Pre Comp Training

    First week of training done! Hoping to head up to CBC this week for some hardout Squat work. Sensei Steak and Barbelle must be missing me lmao With my change in attitude to training and getting/staying serious about my eating, means I will be on track for K-OS. No excuses for eating crap anymore. The real commitment has started. Any saboteurs will be subject to ECT.
  14. Jessica Scofield Pre Comp Training

    Hehe, you're more than welcome. Yeah, was wrapped when Jess emailed it to me this morning. The oowerpants are a damn scary subject after seeing what it does to your legs lmao.
  15. Hey all. After chatting online to my Women's Powerlifting idol, Jessica Scofield, I have been lucky enough to score a competition prep training program. Looking forward to starting on Monday and I'll post updates on progress. It's formulated to have me ready for my next competition. With the guidance of Steak and his beautiful wife Bar-belle, I should be in fine form in time. Thanks heaps to Jessica "Power Princess" Scofield. Check Jess out on youtube under "Power Princess Jess"