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  1. What is the nicest tasting protein shake????

    On 100% Cookies & Cream, and i personally like the White Choc as well...
  2. Protein shake and diet advice :)

    You can do it, but will be tough since your parents are not the "supportive" type of parents by the look of it. I would put a pack of brown Rice instead of the white one when your mum is shopping,look into pre cook your own meals, and stick to your diet.that way you eat the proper stuff and your parents see that you are "serious" about this, maybe also do some research on whey protein and show that to your parents. Alot of parents don't approve that kinda of stuff simply because they are naive and don't know the benefits about it. All the best.
  3. Testing your gear

    And if its legit bring the rest of the gear so you test them all... ahahahha
  4. Gear and Recreational drugs.

    Nice stash mate! Been from Brazil i know that white powder :pfft: And the testex is good stuff, i didnt know it was portuguese, i though it was spanish :shock: Oh well, it worked well for me :wink:
  5. Gear and Recreational drugs.

    is that Testex in the midle there ? the brown amp ?