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  1. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Was in there for 8 years mate, All fitness tests are fairly acheviable, Thier set in place to be "The minimum standard" lol, What corp are you joining?? If your a grunt then its a bit tougher as after you do Basic youll then go on to do Infantry Corp trg, A big ask for alot of people. Basicly good enduro and upper body strenth witll see you right. The hardest I found was the swim test lol. Most people find that the eaisiest! I havent read all the other posts but if your moderatley active you shouldnt have too much trouble passing. Cdo or SAS selection is a different ball game best left for once you in there. Good luck. And thanks for signing the dotted line, that in its self can be too much for some. Cheers. 8.
  2. HCG dosing for PCT

    Nice post, Thanks Rich Piana did and interesting interview with Ric Drasin on the latest Rics corner. And he saying he never uses HCG on cycle at all. He only uses it as a PCT. The reasoning is due to the mix signal for both shut down and kick start of the nads etc. I found it very interesting to see his explainition. Check it out on YT. Cheers. 8.
  3. General protocol for HCG dosing after a basic Test C Cycle , HGC is real \:D/ and I would like to know frequency and I.U dosages that people have used. Dont tell me to "Do your research" or "Google" etc, :evil: this is a part of it. Please inform on your experiences / knowledge on the compound and its usage as part of a PCT cycle. 8.
  4. Sponsorship

    Hey guys / gals Would like to know how sponsorship works in NZ, and hear about your sponsorship stories. ie, How it came about what products you endorse or any horrow stories you have encountered. Im a producer for a small production comapany thats alway on the look out for interesting stories. Obviously BB is also a passion of mine so Im trying to organize new future concepts. Cheers. 8.
  5. Hey guys / gals Looking for decent priced Whey protein that hasn’t been flavoured with Suclarose, Aspartame or any of that other mock up shit. Trying to avoid sugar for reasons obvious. Sweetened with Stevia is fine and natural flavours are all good ie Cocoa for chocolate. I knock back the big Fonterra bags that we all pitch in for and the flavourless stuff is fine. But Im getting soft in my old age and would be nice sit back a a great tasting Whey shake without pool chemicals or Bacteria faecal matter added. (research suclarose and aspartame to see what I’m getting at) I know they’re out there because Dr Mercola swears by Miracle Whey but I can’t find it for the life of me. Any ideas would much appreciated, if not Ill stick to plain WPC, and keep a flavoured container of chocolate in the pantry for any visiting gym girls! Cheers. 8.
  6. Great Vid mate, Cheers
  7. Movie making software

    For Mac - Final Cut Pro or X, (I find FCP excellent) For PC - Adobe premiere If you wanna get fancy AVID is good for both, Depends what you wanna do really, Movie Maker and iMovie are fine but the above can save your ass if your looking to colour correct or the ISO / Iris was to low and your footage ended up being shot on low light. They can save your ass as you can bring the pic up to match other cuts etc. Also you can modify sound by adjusting wave forms etc. AVID - Pro tools if you wanna get real flash for sound, sounds like a wank but its a big help. You can identify and cancell out freqs etc. An example would be if your interviewing a lifter and your getting a ton of BOOM rumble or a car alarm is going off in the back round you can minimise the effect of "unwanted sound"
  8. What we do to piss you off???

    embrace the kip bro! and maybe you to can have a 939pound beltless deadlift.....skip to 1:50 Ive been hunting around youtube trying for the life of me to understand it. I was like "This cant be right" all the jerking and momentum lifting etc and it took a power lifter in beast mode to to show some decent controled decent. Great vid thanks heaps,
  9. What we do to piss you off???

    Yes am semi familier, in fact when I see a 75kg man do a perfect iron cross Im the first to clap. Have only ever seen impecable form from gymnasts in training. Anyway So I typed in "Kip Pull up" into youtube and its loaded with X Fit, and yep its all the same horrible jerky movement. One group of guys even boast how they tear the skin of the palm of thier hands! Im like for what!!!! See no benitfit from it at all. Please feel free to direct me to a video showing what this "Kip Pull Up" is ment to be, because I must be missing something.
  10. What we do to piss you off???

    I know this is an issue within myself. But What irritates me are those swinging chin up things! OMG Its like the chins we were always taught not to do. 1. Swing like buggery to produce momentum 2. Drop on the negative movement (Wrist, Elbows and Shoulder cringe) 3. Repeat. 4. High five each other telling the world how you got 35 - 40 chins. It grinds my gears man. How about: 1. wide over hand grip. 2. Bar to chest. 3. Pause. 4. 4 second decent. Then tell me how many you got in a row. Not bagging on X Fit, In fact two very good mates own and operate a X Fit gym in BOP. Its just those chin up things really grid the f@#K out of me. 8.
  11. G6PD deficiency - Gear

    Not just for myself, Looking into it for other "sufferers" also as Im a member of site dedicated to the condition. Ive posted in there but none have experience in AAS.
  12. G6PD deficiency - Gear

    Great replies so far,
  13. Hi Guys, Ive been hunting around the net for info and have found all sorts of conflicting shit etc. Heres the deal, in 2001 I was diagnosed with G6PD deficiency, My understanding is that its a point mutation in the liver that came about in order to ward of Malaria. Thus making me allergic to anti malaria drug and mothballs (yes mothballs). I was in the army at the time and the anti malaria thing makes sense as allot of my mates came home from overseas with the mozzie fever and I always came back fine. Anyway....I found out that people with the "disorder" have issues with breakdown of red blood cells thus making them lethargic and not respond well to physical training etc. (Mostly cardio due to oxygenated blood to the muscles etc) I found this odd as I never had any dramas in the army keeping up with the front runners and my Bodybuilding seems to be unaffected?? Why am I posting here you ask? Well my real question is would selected AAS be beneficial to a person with G6PDD? Due to the inherent increase in RBC from certain products? Considering G6PDD is a Liver associated "complication" would one be wise to avoid Orals or is the 17c not going to be an issue? I know its a weird one, but.....Thoughts, Any Endocrinologists or Haematologists out there? Cheers. 8.
  14. Nolvadex XT

    Had a feeling it was spelt different, great post, very interesting thanks for the read.
  15. Nolvadex XT

    Remeber this supplement from Gaspari? I had it like three years ago then and I remeber it getting pulled. Anyone know why? The name is close to our PCT friend as alot of OTC supps seem to be lol. But Im wondering did Gasp just discontinue the product or has it ingredients that are now banned from NZ OTC products? And if so what ingredients, must be something much worse than Alc and Tobacco of course :shifty: Anyway anyone know? Cheers. 8.