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  1. Antagonistic Superset Training

    Yea Shane, all good now. It's mainly the laziness I am having to deal with now. Gotta get myself back into it monday.
  2. Antagonistic Superset Training

    HA. lol shane. I ripped a trap muscle late december I think it was and have just been struggling my ass off to get back into it. I am firing myself up for a monday return as I seem to be turning into a fat-ass. I will be doing this again yes.
  3. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    The detective seems to be getting many things wrong...
  4. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    lol Android, Liters. hehe. I'm reading mostly South African newspapers so yup. Apparently they found something with the active ingredient or something: testo-composutim co-enzyme
  5. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    From what I see Android, they did not find any needles, no needles was mentioned in the court. Only two BOXES of testosterone that turned out to be a supplement it seems. Not sure if you use gear, but do you guys buy them in boxes? But hey, everything could still be nonsense. In the end of the day, if this guy is using boxes full of test, I'd give it back, cause it's obviously shit gear.
  6. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    Seems they found a supplement named "Testo..." something. Apparently two boxes full and the stupid cop just assumed it is testosterone. By the sounds of it it is just a testosterone booster or something. If it was real test, the guys on here should get into contact with Oscar, he has boxes full, he does not keep the ampuls like the other gear guys on here, Boxes I tell ya!
  7. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    The media reporting is such a farce that I can guarantee you that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Yesterday he wacked her over the head with a cricket bat that was apparently found in the house, all bloodied. Today he didn't wack her with a cricket bat and there was no bloodied cricket bat found and the head wounds were allegedly caused by ONE bullet (Not 4 as in previously stated) When it all started he had 6 weapons, now he has one Taurus pistol, not 6. In the beginning it was said that he slept with an AK 47 shoved up his rectum. Now he doesn't really have an AK 47. It's all bullshit at this stage people. I'm not saying he was NOT using steriods, but tomorrow they will probably be reporting that it was indeed Vitamin B12 tablets. It's just so much bullshit at this stage.
  8. Lance Armstrong

    Or cured his cancer... Who can say... :pfft:
  9. Lance Armstrong

    Read this interesting response to the whole thing, bit long, but interesting: http://anthonycolpo.com/my-message-to-the-world-regarding-lance-armstrong-get-a-bloody-grip/
  10. Gym accidents you've seen

    I dropped a 10kg dumbell on my foot once, was not nice. One thing I am worried about at gym lately is the caribiners on the cables. I regulary change the ones around (referring to pull down bar on head and getting knocked the f*ck out). The little I know about the days when I rock-climbed, is that a caribiner is pretty useless when the pin is not locked in place. Dunno if I am explaining right, but have you noticed some caribiners at the gym that attaches the bars to the cables are "Stretched" and cannot "pin-in" anymore? I'm waiting for one of those to go "snap" and also seeing someone get knocked the fark out. I should actually bring it up with the peeps at the gym. As said, I swop them around and was actually thinking the other day of taking my own caribiner.
  11. Hello ..Please Help!

    And loose the "hardgainer" title. That helps me.
  12. Natural Test

    hehe http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=10803854
  13. Biltong

    Can sure as hell come drop it of there at my place as well if you dunno what to do with it!
  14. Biltong

  15. Biltong

    Works great with venison, just to damn expensive.