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  1. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Hey fitness guys, New year, new career path for me... still got the same old dream of being huge one day but now also need to keep fit. There are a few fitness tests that I gotta pass through like timed run, push ups and situps.. pretty much it's all really easy except for the run. Basic Requirement is to do 2.4ks in less than 12mins (currently I'm at 16mins on treadmill lol) but I want to challenge myself a bit more and get it down 8~9mins point - I'll be giving it a proper shot now (so no more treadmill). My current program is a typical BB 4 day split with fairly high volume, I'm guessing I'll have to change things around massively or will end up burning out. Do I stop training legs for a bit? Or just switch over to lighter weights with explosive, high reps? Any suggestions on a workout program I can do which will help me maintain or even keep building muscle mass while as well as improve on my 2.4km run? I have about 3 months to prepare EDIT : just 6 weeks not 3 months :oops: * The reason I put emphasis on maintaining mass/keeping on bulking during this period of training is that I'm only floating in the low 60s at 5'8" and can't afford to lose much as will slide down to 'underweight' on BMI Any help appreciated, Cheers! EDIT : In case you are applying to join NZDF, I've added a bit of information on this post here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=17363&p=359244#p359244 and will continue updating with more info as I progress through the interview/open day/boot camp (AARC) EDIT 2 Everything all good now, I'm off to basic next month. See this link for more info on Medical/Security Clearances/Induction Day/Final Fitness Testing (pre-AARC) : viewtopic.php?p=367608#p367608 Thanks for all the help guys, heaps looking forward to going on Basic 8)
  2. Guess who’s back? Back again?

    welcome back bro, i'm also on and off gym haha.. no good excuse, i just got in to other hobbies (mainly enduranec related) but i miss the iron.
  3. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    good shit dude, id love to be that strong when im your age.. oh wait i'm almost 20 years too late for setting myself that goal
  4. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    holy crap, you're 16? or is that a typo lol, anyways how'd ya go bro?
  5. Lynx's Workout Journal

    mean, welcome back!
  6. Get fit in 20 minutes... per week!

    $39 for 20 minutes lol , everything mentioned there almost sounds like its a late april fools joke.. the part about bringing temps down to 17 celcius so people can train in their normal clothes without sweating lmao!
  7. back to the grind

    cheers mate. so my creatine hcl arrived couple weeks ago and have since stabilised at around 64.5kg, so i know the product is doing something i guess. with diet at present being so simple and consistent, it's really easy to now trial different supplements to find out what affects me / how and whether it's worth throwing hard earned money at it. reintroduced benching in to my routine, though admittedly still haven't settled on a consistent program yet. currently haven't tested 1 RM yet but easy 3 sets of 3 reps for 70kg last session.. it feels a whole lot easier than i remember it so i guess there is a decent transfer in strength from the calisthenics stuff i'm doing couple of guys were mentioning an interesting strength scale on FB, not sure if skeletor/quadzilla still visit these forums but i thought that was a fairly interesting topic... if anyones interested then the link is https://www.strongerbyscience.com/objective-strength-standards/ haven't got any hard deadlines for these goals in mind but wouldn't mind having something quantitative to progress towards with the big 3 so may end up using that..., i always ultimately wanted to end up with a 100kg bench which is both very close but very far away ;) been ignoring lower body training a fair bit lately..
  8. back to the grind

    not on pc/forums as much as used to be but i remember last time i was lacking motivation i kept it together with log so lets try see if it works again. last thread was full of too much non lifting crap, aiming to keep this one clean. peaked around july/august last year with the comp training and all then got bored as preoccupied chasing other hobbies for a while. stopped lifting seriously around november, had on and off relationship with gym in the new year and then became more consistent around june but mainly just machines. had first proper power lifting session for the year yesterday, it feels good to be back. was a bit surprised i could just go in and deadlift (in my opinion) a decent amount as if it were nothing. wanna give myself a few training blocks this year build up strong foundation and try my hand again at some power lifting comps next year. no dates / comps in mind as yet. body weight currently 62kg. still lean. not too concerned with gaining weight like i used to be, just wanna be the strongest that my frame allows me to be and still maintain some fitness for my other regular hobby (hiking). 05 August 2017 Deadlifts 2x5x60, 2x3x100, 1x120, 1x140, 1x160, 3x100 Shrugs Pullups : 12, 8, 8 Arms
  9. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    same question here really. maybe its not such a big risk in nz/aus as it is shown to be on US forums, who knows.. probably just paranoid lol, getting an outright fake product doesn't concern me nearly as much as something that has other crap with side effects i'm not equipped to manage and didn't sign up for. wish we could go straight to docs for prescription on research drugs like this, sadly it seems like they pulled the pin on ostarin all together because certain aspects of continuing the study were unable to be funded. no ones saying you're misleading anyone mate and thanks for sharing your experienece so far. same goes for @Sheepdog. plenty of aas logs on this site, would be keen to see more sarms logs too. keep posting / contributing, all the questions being asked are with a healthy layer of speculation that every normal human being should have, too dangerous to believe everything you read online without questioning lol. or maybe i've just become too cynical, idk :)
  10. back to the grind

    kinda glad i take regular progress pics and keep them aside regardless of if i feel im making much progress or not lol. i eat total less calories than when i was at my craziest bulk but funny enough due to the braces situation there is no more snacks, no more junk food at all (apart from ice cream desserts when i feel like im gonna crash). seem to be making the most progress and generally feeling better than ever, i finally get the hype about clean eating lol. introduced tuna in to diet lately also and just further mash it down with fork before i swallow it. looking for further meat ideas but haven't yet researched enough about what is and isn't highly bioavailable when there is lack of chewing/enzymes from saliva etc. here is 1 yr comparison from last year and now. that vascularity / abs popping out a bit seems to have really come in strong from after a week of arginine. i highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried that supp to give it a go, pretty crazy but i guess you may have to be already slightly lean before it shows like that? 30 may 2017 62.5kg 25 april 2018 60.5kg back 28 april 62kg. lot any traces of the ol thickness but width coming back in quick got deadlifts / abs session coming up later today. my 'porta bars' arrived couple days ago not sure how i'll incorporate those in to my training routine now that i think about it.
  11. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Would be interesting to see more people log use of these, though not sure if would see much of that on this site as the prices seem more expensive than AAS I thought both the alternate places you mentioned are suppliers busted for selling prohormones for sarms haha , peope are pretty rightful to approach with caution
  12. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    i don't want to come out as accusatory , just questioning the legitimacy of those claims. all but one of the accounts that have posted here are new, which is not necessarily anything against someones credibility but given it's a new company, expensive products with potential to not be as legit as claimed i kinda feel it necessary to not take anything mentioned here at face value. would be interested to compare IPs of some of the posters here but don't have access to that side of things ofcourse. @Pseudonym is this potential shill thread? in terms of legitimacy of actual sarms, the research seems to all be quite limited and claims of 'no sides' are made based on the research, but for example research says ostarin (mk-2866) at 3mg/day did cause some shutdown yet recommended dosage for recreational purposes is stated to be 25mg/day (which has no clinical trials or other supporting evidence backing up side effects) and claimed that this apparently has no shutdown? it's a higher dose so i'm not sure how that works, unless my maths / logic is off. also even though it's not strictly illegal (unregulated research drugs), this does not mean it's professionally produced and that you're getting some pharma quality product. there is much info out there showing other companies overseas have spiked their sarms with prohormones and users experienced all kinds of unexpected side effects (few of the big names in US are getting sued for this right now). i'm not saying that is the case here nor am i trying to slander the company in question but if you're looking at taking sarms because you think they might be safer than anabolic steroids, you should go in to it knowing that you're still taking on significant risk especially because the long term side effects are as yet completely unknown. not saying this to put you off , as with anything you gotta go in to it knowing what you're getting yourself in to. @gazza is someone whose word is more trustworthy among the posters so far on this thread and sounds like he has either personal knowledge of this or knows people who have really used sarms, care to share?
  13. back to the grind

    went and trained yesterday with a mate. ended up being in gym lot longer than im generally comfortable with but i guess it was what was needed to snap out of recent 'going through the motions' type training. feeling sore af on back / chest, basically super high volume on bench / rows / pullups/dips. remembered my weight drop is not fair comparison in training this time around due to always taking creatine in past which no doubt adds extra 2-3kg atleast. ordered creactor as was on sale 120 servings @ $29. my previous go to was creacore but can't seem to find that anymore, i know most ppl say creatine mono but from my own experience i seem to not notice anything from mono where as i do with hcl, or atleast it is so with the default servings. rest of current 'supplementation' stack is : mornings ; supermarket random branded 1 a day mens multi, vitamin c, iron tabs, l-arginine (just started on this stuff last week, absolutely love it lol, looking and feeling full/pumped through the day with this). nights ; zma, vit d3, fish oil pre workout ; some unbranded pre workout supp from wheydeals.co.nz (i beleive this is sister site of nz muscle? ) @ 1 scoop + 1-2 tabs of larginine. i use ans n-mass lately for the extra cals , was hoping to be on real foods by now but yeh teeth haven't moved enough to remove bite stoppers. this product has some prioritary nootropic that works proper well to make me hungry, its called 'appellin' . got me started on the idea of researching further in to said nootropics to see if i can just purchase that active ingredient that has this effect as can imagine it would be super useful for bulk when i can eat again.
  14. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    hmmm how can you say so soon. didn't you just say you received your goods on sunday. what are these results that confirm the product is legit already? what exactly is your history with sarms in general and how did you come to know about the links between above mentioned supplement companies?
  15. back to the grind

    [edit] deleted comment cos not meant to be a thread with rants or crap like in old thread. just lifting / progress.
  16. back to the grind

    woops fell off the wagon with my log again. not that my training history is in high demand but here it is anyway :P still training but i find myself just going in and doing whatever i feel like, way less discipline since i haven't committed to any program. been taking an interest in more of calisthenics since was experiencing far too many long term pains on lower body with power lifting. i should eventually settle on a structured program since haven't made any real progressions outside of the basics. been contemplating building a proper pullup bar in backyard, one thats fixed with concrete not shaky station like i made last time. kinda keen to get in to smashing more bodyweight strength work. diet weight has dropped down a bit but my latest excuse out of my bucket of many excuses is that i got bite stoppers with my braces (which will remain for atleast another 2 months before i can eat whole foods) so my teeth don't close hence can only have food that can be swallowed and digested easily without chewing etc. currently floating between 60.75-62.5 kg on gym scales. even though i don't eat as much as i should for how active i am, what i eat is 95% quality meals (mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs + greek yoghurt several times a day with no crap snacks making up empty cals) so i feel super energetic most of the time and probably can credit this back to being able to maintain strength in some areas. deadlifts i still seem to be able to deadlift quite easily compared to how it used to be when i was regularly training them.180kg is not heaps but right now is still 3x my bodyweight so in that regard i can sleep at night. i dunno what people in gym are doing but those new barbells are already without knurling and collars barely spin so finding less desirable to deadlift lately due to equipment /rant. bench barely been doing this, dunno why but always was my least favourite exercise. strangely enough though since i stopped benching regularly, doing dips doesn't feel painful any more so i am smashing more of those than ever before. i wanna be able to do atleast holding planche, if not planche pushups so i will probably have to include bench in my routine again soon. back i seem to get stronger in this area without even training back that much.. can row as much now as i did when i was in bulk mode couple yrs ago and i can pretty easily do my first set of strict pullups with 20-25 reps, with drop set type workout like this: wide grip 20-25, 15-20, 12-15, switch to narrow grip: 10, 10, 10. probably something to do with mind muscle connection improving significantly in this area hence it's so much easier to do. also seem to be able to buffer lactic acid way better than before, haven't been taking any supplment for that and not sure if related to clean diet or something? squats inexistant. i kept triggering strong hip pains so i shy away from these now hence prob never get back in to proper powerlifting. pretty sure it's nothing major and all within my ability to fix as physios pointed out in past, i just need to be more proactive with hip strengthening / mobility work but since i find it boring i could never be consistent enough long term to reap the benefits.
  17. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    curious about ostarine mk2866 aye, any of you guys using this? i dont train near as heavy as i used to but them joint issues still bother me as weather gets colder
  18. Acupuncture question

    have had one accupuncture session (couldnt handle it, am a bitch with needles.. asked her to end it 10 mins in when poking needles on my eyebrows and shit). from my limited experience im pretty certain that is not part of standard practice, sounds like she was having some mad gastro issues.
  19. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    guilty of being a lil bitch in the past lol. its all mind games. i remember this one time when 100kg felt real hard i happened to be on snapchat with @maccaz at the time he just said go yolo and do 120 cos you can and i ended up doing that for 6 then busting through plataeus on that.. if your bench / deadlift is getting up there it only makes sense your squat is a lot stronger than you think as long as you doing it right.
  20. Join this Novice Compitetor Support Group

    @salma101 if ya ever out at cityfitness westgate hit me up
  21. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    if you like books and stuff then an ncea level 2 math book would be the one to go for to quickly brush up on above. or ya, pay a high school student :P
  22. The plan...

    hmm fonts looking very modern there
  23. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    i'm 99.99% sure Daz was being sarcastic on that post bro, tho my meter has been known to be off from time to time in which case i'll play my 'english is my 2nd sanwitch' card and be merrily on my way. as for the article... " A bigger issue was the taking of supplements by high school athletes. " - what the f*ck?? " In September, Drugfree Sport NZ randomly tested high school rugby players involved in a first XV tournament in Palmerston North. " - why did the mention this but not follow up with any statistics. the stats given for what is seized at the border is pretty crap. they did mention the dogs aren't trained to sniff it out, ok if it's such a problem why not start by training them to sniff it out then? education is important , needle exchanges could be a good place to start i suppose? there are some high school age kids using that i know of personally. they take advice from some big guy at the gym who also selling it to them. in all honesty they all train their asses off, eat really well and their results prove the rest. i aint their dad and aint no nark but would think at their age its a pretty good idea to get advice from medical experts , then again that person at gym might be expert so who knows.
  24. True Half-life Tables

    ScienceNation ™ ® ©
  25. Advice for first show prep - novice entry

    but if u dont win the comp u can then blame the coach in stead of holding yourself accountable or admitting that the others were better, so having that coach is like an insurance policy or w/e