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  1. Join this Novice Compitetor Support Group

    @salma101 if ya ever out at cityfitness westgate hit me up
  2. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    if you like books and stuff then an ncea level 2 math book would be the one to go for to quickly brush up on above. or ya, pay a high school student :P
  3. The plan...

    hmm fonts looking very modern there
  4. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    i'm 99.99% sure Daz was being sarcastic on that post bro, tho my meter has been known to be off from time to time in which case i'll play my 'english is my 2nd sanwitch' card and be merrily on my way. as for the article... " A bigger issue was the taking of supplements by high school athletes. " - what the f*ck?? " In September, Drugfree Sport NZ randomly tested high school rugby players involved in a first XV tournament in Palmerston North. " - why did the mention this but not follow up with any statistics. the stats given for what is seized at the border is pretty crap. they did mention the dogs aren't trained to sniff it out, ok if it's such a problem why not start by training them to sniff it out then? education is important , needle exchanges could be a good place to start i suppose? there are some high school age kids using that i know of personally. they take advice from some big guy at the gym who also selling it to them. in all honesty they all train their asses off, eat really well and their results prove the rest. i aint their dad and aint no nark but would think at their age its a pretty good idea to get advice from medical experts , then again that person at gym might be expert so who knows.
  5. True Half-life Tables

    ScienceNation ™ ® ©
  6. Advice for first show prep - novice entry

    but if u dont win the comp u can then blame the coach in stead of holding yourself accountable or admitting that the others were better, so having that coach is like an insurance policy or w/e
  7. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    bloody hell, doesn't take that long to say yes/no to a basic level security analysis.
  8. back to the grind

    couple sets of 1x180kg deads today. easy, slow and controlled on the way down too. feeling pretty positive that my lower back feels almost nothing from this, so the glutes /hips are really coming in to play now. hips getting better, so glad i finally understand the root cause of that dam hip pain thats been bugging me for so long. still not comfortable to squat yet as heaps more mobility to gain and glute medius has probably another month or two of strengthening before i'm happy with my external rotation goals.
  9. 20,000+ topics!

    that's pretty awesome! as one of those aforementioned young newby lifters (well, not so young anymore... eep!) GymNation has been an absolutely invaluable resource for me in so many aspects over the years. Thanks for the generosity NZMuscle and also for all your own passion/time/effort that you put in to keep this place running @Pseudonym. I'm sure there will have been patches where mere mortals would have given up but you keep on delivering updates, posting interesting/controversial topics and in general just being a good mate to the regulars here and encouraging any shy newbies to contribute towards making this place the wealth of knowledge it has become. hope to one day be one of those oldies that comes back to chip in and help the next gen!
  10. 6 month progress

    when you log on ti gymnation to find out 14yr old training for 6 months be more jacked than you thats awesome gains dude. if you can keep up consistent progress like that then you'll be absolutely solid by the time you're 20.
  11. back to the grind

    working sets of 5x5x140kg deads easy as heck. need to improve grip tho figure that'll come back with more time on the bar as usual. all that hip mobility i been doing recently along with the glute isolation has been having my glutes burn like a mofo on the daily, but seem it's worth it so far. using standing desks at work while keeping a regular check on my posture too. bodyweight 66kg and not fat... it almost was too easy to regain my weight, just a matter of keeping consistent with eating and training to build the strength back.
  12. Ghetto workouts

    i recall a series of forearm exercises, possibly what has lead to my disproportionately greater deadlift strength in contrast to the other lifts
  13. Handstand pushups

    i would like to try these some time just afraid i'll snap my neck up or something lol. what level of base strength do you need before jumping in to it? eg. if you weigh 60kg should you be able to strict military press 60 kg certain number of reps before attempting handstand pushups?
  14. back to the grind

    looots of work been getting done to try balance out my posture and all that. too much sitting down noticing super tight hips and lazy glutes which lead to a pretty poor and painful squat in comparison to my deadlifts. last time my error was only stretching the hip flexors but not strengthening the glutes, so i'm focusing on that in isolation work for a bit on what would otherwise be squat days. hope to see a more balanced squat : deadlift ratio come in soon!
  15. My wife is out there sumwhere?please help girls.

    sweet, i've been waiting for the day this forum becomes a dating site. @Pseudonym when were you planning on announcing this?