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  1. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    Probably have nothing good to say cause they know about the bullshit that goes on, yet they're on the winning side
  2. Chiro... Is it a scam?

    At regionals last year I seriously screwed my lower back from my 3rd deadlift attempt; could barely walk the next day without stinging pain and my legs had about 10 degrees ROM. Went to a chiro and after some spinal adjustments I could walk again pain free and had legs had 90% ROM. Psuedo science or not I can't argue with the fact that he fixed my ass in 1 session.
  3. New Zealand's strongest strict presser

    I vote that chris latham guy
  4. Merry Christmas, everyone

    Squats and bench in the morning followed by endless amounts of meat and alcohol. Rinse and repeat for the 26th
  5. Where did you start from?

    Heres my first ever attempt at a deadlift 1RM which I hit 150kg after about 9 months of lifting: My current PR is 240kg which was attempted in around august this year: Other lifts were: Squat 130kg -> 197.5kg Bench 95kg(touch and go) -> 110kg paused
  6. DIY Preworkout ideas

    Doesn't the $36USD shipping bump up the cost per serve a reasonable amount?
  7. concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzed?

    Sounds like the salesman is doing a good job being a salesman
  8. what is the best way...

    what is up with the comp pics i see of guys in board shorts It's the natty only class, duh
  9. Higher protein weet-bix

    Yup, tried some of these when they were doing promo at Parachute. Tastes pretty decent too
  10. GPC Auckland 3 Lift

    You wanna see a desta moon lift?
  11. NZIFBB Pro/Am

    Agreed with everyone else. I was so keen to go and support until I saw the price
  12. GPC NZ Bench Wars

    Some big numbers put up! Heard great things about GPC NZ's first event Hamish, good work
  13. Green Tea.

    r u 4 realitea m8? realigreentea
  14. Green Tea.

    Green tea is like brown tea but the tea is green instead of brown