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  1. Fasted cardio for me is the only way. Been doing it for years and high intensity for me is so much better on an empty stomach. Any high intensity work or intervals having eaten would make me so sick. Where not talking ultra marathon here but everyone gets so scared about muscle breakdown and lack of performance. So many articles and anecdotal reports talking about muscle breakdown being a myth, make sure calories are high through the day. No one knows exact digestion rate of food and how that even matters. Do whats best for you and if your nutrition is solid than you will get results.
  2. Endo said no to TRT, solutions?

    Why not just go to men's health clinic and get test? They will give you 1ml a week if that's what you're after. Thinks it's about $300 for 10mls though
  3. Operation getting massive

    Sardines on pancakes? Haven't heard of that one, there may be a market to open up a cafe Gym Cat
  4. HGH Experienes

    Thanks Nate, yeah great info. Looks like he was getting good recover results from low dose which is what is hard to find. Most IU doses are BB related and much higher which makes it far more expensive.
  5. HGH Experienes

    Just seeing if anyone here has personally used HGH? IM really keen, all for injury recover really. Weight training and fighting for over a decade and the old body is badly broken down. Keen to here people's experinces on tendon, ligament and overall soft tissue benefits
  6. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Try high dose magnesium with nerve support I think it is. It's 800mg Mag with some sleep aid in it. Works well for me
  7. almost famous

    I was a young kid who just joined the gym and remember seeing Phily Nuku and thought he was big and ripped. Then saw Dave, made Phily look like mini me. Dude was and probably still is massive
  8. almost famous

    Mr Horleys Poster, awesome physique and crew the old school along with Harry.
  9. Safe Gear

    Good points Leeroid, have good knowledge and common sense for a young guy. My basic point is trust and know your source. If you think a fancy bottle with labels guaranteed sterility than you're wrong. How are you failing to see that a PLASTIC OPEN bottle after a years use will be extremely dangerous? Its been said before no one is question the initial packaging from the supplier, its the fact that 1 its plastic, 2 its been exposed and 3 its been like this for a year. At least a glass vial thats been sitting for a year still isn't exposed. You don't have to be a gear expert to understand the dangers of this, is basic science, actually no, its just common sense. If you would be happy pinning yourself with this, I would hate to see how you live at home. Yep ill bite and cop a ban. youre a fucking retard who doesn't know shit which is why this board is crap now. 15 years of growing and no infections or sides yet you would hate to see how I live haha. Clean as that's why no problems and if you wanna pay top dollar good for you I just laugh when I'm getting it for a 20th of the price. what seriously do you think happens for 10seconds opening a plastic bottle??? wow a whole bunch of disease could jump in it or maybe it's when I keep it in my rubbish bin with the lid open
  10. Safe Gear

    Good points Leeroid, have good knowledge and common sense for a young guy. My basic point is trust and know your source. If you think a fancy bottle with labels guaranteed sterility than you're wrong.
  11. Safe Gear

    Attack attack hahaha agreed IF your source is making the stuff and sterilizing his glass vials before putting gear in yes it would be better. but I can tell you most don't and just rely on the BA to keep it sterile. Not make it sterile but keep it. also if they are filtering it using smallest filter than no problem. aslo pharmacy bottles are not only used for tabs what do you think antibiotics and kids paracetamol come in? as for infection me personally and all my friends honestly never had 1 infection and that's over a 15 year period. so all comes down to trust of your source
  12. Rapz - Getting it in!

    Your progress is incredible well done and keep it up. just a q that I've noticed in your pics your middle back lacks compared to the lats and thickness. Not being a dick just thought I'd ask, when doing cable rows middle back work do you focus more on the weight and pull with arms or worry more about the scapula contraction and less arm. may be a lean or genetic thing. overall looking great especially at that weight be good to see you tear it up on stage
  13. Safe Gear

    Does it lose potency after x amount of time. I used to always use gear like this "pharmacy bottle" and 100% no problems at all. It all comes down to trust of your source. If you know the guy direct then no worries BUT if its a friends friends cousin then never do that. Cracks me up people think because they buy gear in a labeled bottle somehow it's pharma grade. newsflash guys it's made the same way same conditions just the dude with a fancy label is running a business.
  14. Ok just gonna put it out there Man his posing sucks And I'm not talking about his angles on specific strikes, more routine etc. Very stiff and robotic and a hard watch. Shame as his physique is awesome, needs to watch little mass monsters like Lee Priest etc as he was smooth and slow. My guess from seeing that is he hates the routine anyway as he is in and out real fast but I could be way off.
  15. Wow suspended for what? This board is dying a slow death As for GF, looked like crap for what he has to say about everyone else's physiques. There's constructive criticism and then there's just being a tool. Those dudes in physique class would own him