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  1. His lower back looks like he has a second arse ffs
  2. Sun beds - have you, would you, do you?

    I use them infrequently and never in summer as there are beaches for that (unless you want dat der porn star look) If you're not using MT2 you're doing it wrong /
  3. BOW DOWN!!!

    Why would you take months off lifting and lose 15kg, etc? Just curious. You been hitting the pipe lol?
  4. Thoughts on Turinabol

    Cheap, nice dry gains, no aromatisation, huge increase in libido and low sides. I really like tbol but I've never used var so can't compare directly. You;re not gonna get the strenght that you do from dbol (or possibly even var) but it's really good while cutting. It's pretty uncommon in NZ so I wouldn;t be surprised if locally sourced shit is crap or even something else. I've only ever got mine from overseas and I've always loved it. Def worth a crack. You do need to take more than 40mg tho. I'd recommend 60-100 for best results. No prob taking it for a while either but it does seem to plateau after about a month
  5. Bulk Whey Protein Isolate WPI

    Evolv WPI ftw. Only whey I eat now
  6. Jamie Oliver's roast beef

    Usually just use the Jamie Oliver method lol. It's pretty easy. 1.5kg topside or other roast Roughly chopped carrots, celery, onions and garlic Olive oil, salt & pepper, rosemary Potatoes/pumpkin/kumara cut in half 1) Take meat out of fridge 30 mins before cooking 2) Roughly chop carrots/celery/onions, dont peel (except onions), dont peel garlic just crush, and dump in roasting tray 3) Put roast on top of carrots/celery/onions, drizzle with oil and season. Surround with potatoes/kumara too if you want to do them 4) Heat oven to as hot as it goes (usually about 240) 5) Put roasting tray in and immediately turn oven down to 200. 6) Cook for an hour then take meat out and rest for 20-30 min 7) Drain most of the oil out of the pan and mash up the chopped carrots/celery/onions. Add beef stock/wine and heat tray over element while stirring to reduce to gravy. Stir in a bit of flour of you like it thicker
  7. what are cheapest places to get cooked meat from?

    Why so lazy? Just cook it lol Brown a couple kilos of chicken pieces in a big pot then chuck in a couple cans of flavoured tomatoes, some garlic, herbs, etc and simmer for 20 mins. Or just BBQ it lol. Sometimes you can get big packets of cooked prawns from the supermarket cheap if you go there soon before they close I guess. Cheapest meat is probably big roasts like beef bolar roasts or similar. Learn to cook those (easy) and you'll be in meat for days for like $20
  8. Which deodorant?

    I use Mitchum roll on as it's one of the stronger ones and I'm a sweaty kent I use the fragrance-free one as I think almost all deodorant fragrances smell like shit. Best trick is to use a good bodywash with your favourite fragrance (a nice fruit scneted one or even a clogone scented one like CK) and then use fragrance-free deodorant. Get a more subtle and full body scent, and a nicer one to boot. Same goes if you plan to wear cologne. Shouldn't mix it with a scented deodorant The unscented Mitchum is sold amongst the women's deodorants as they've been onto this shit for ages
  9. MT2

    Is that meant to be some kind of question? the antibiotic doxy does what I stayed to your eyes and melanotan also does to your eyes what I stated. messing round with your eyes tends to affect eyesight. You don't use your eyes for anything other than to see. Please post links to studies showing that MT2 affects your eyesight. Thanks
  10. Is this summer worse than others?

    I train late morning and it's pretty quiet. By the looks of the gym car park around 5:30 though I'm pretty fukcen glad I don't go then
  11. Legs

    I train legs once a week at the moment but it's a pretty brutal workout. I train calves twice a week at the moment as I am trying to make the most of my current cycle to bring them up
  12. What are you taking & goal

    god-of-bodybuilding wrote:f*ck i feel like blitzing more gear after this blast im thinking 2g tren weekly 100mg test weekly
  13. I for one will be on test of some sort in my 50s And GH

    It's not something you can stay on for an extended period IMO, and it's hard to keep a decent proportion of the gains you get from an oral only cycle. Stuff is not easy on the liver too but depends on dose/duration as to how tough. You should get on half a gram of test enanthate per week for a few months instead IMO. Better chance of keeping the strength/size gains you'll get out of it. You could use the anadrol alongside the test, but shouldn't really use it by itself Those are some pretty solid lifts too bro, what are your stats? weight, height, age, bf%, etc? I wouldn't ask for contacts either, you'll get banned and/or scammed most likely