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  1. Ok guys, while gyzzbrah might seem like an annoying racist faggot he has reached out to me via PM and while he will probably be embarrased by this at first its whats good for him and he can just fucking deal with it. I know he needs the help of a strong male role model and i am happy to help him out, which i will if he accepts it, lets be honest here - theres a fuckload of work to do and i just dont have the time to do it all myself. He's a young guy, 15 years old i think, and seems keen on lifting and improving his lifts which im sure almost everyone who posts here is too. Hes finally posted pics which is a good start. But without guidance hes definately gonna f*ck it all up. I googled who 'Jason Blaha' is (gyzzbrah is currently following him and using his training style-see gyzzbrah's journal) and FFS its some weak bald old man who has no life and wastes his time stirring shit on the internet. Anyway this young guy is in his formative years and from his posts and PMs to me its obvious he needs not only lifting and nutrition guidance (which to his credit he has asked for), but also just general advice and guidance through what is obviously a challenging time in his life exacerbated by his body undergong changes as it tries to prepare itself for sexual reproduction capability. I am proposing an ongoing loosly structured mentoring program where people on the forum take him to the gym and shit and just do normal guy stuff with him like take him fishing or to the zoo or whatever. I know theres not many girls on here but I think it would be benificial for his development to have at least one female mentor who he can ask questions about what girls like and stuff and just hang out with on say a monthly basis to get used to talking to girls more, because that shit can be quite daunting for someone without heaps of confinednce at his age. To kick this off im offering to take him to the gym with me whatever night suits him this week/weekend. ill pay for him obviously, and yes Gyzzbrah i will pick you up from your house or wherever the f*ck you live (and drop you off) just dont leave fucking rubbish in my car or damage the interior. I know some people will think this is a joke but im srs. If he turns out to be a fucking homo (figuratively not literally, if he likes the d idgaf) obviously i will cease my involvement in the program, but i have high (74%) hopes that he will actually be an ok guy and at with our help we can build him a good physique and give him all the confidence he needs to live a happy existance doing normal non-weird shit like smashing box at least weekly and going to parties and getting fucked up on random pills and just generally having a sick time and not doing weird shit like staying up late at night on 4chan /b/ or whtever th f*ck he does currently. So will any of you cunts join me. like i said i need all the help i can get on this one. pseudonym..you in?
  2. Go Also please ban my account. This ship is sinking and instead of trying to fix hole skipper is poncing around teaspooning water out and bringing other faggots on here that do same thing but extra weight only make ship sink faster. Few gcs on here but mostly faggits.
  3. yeah bro when i get banned. still waiting. idc what you think mate youre just like pseudonyms parrot sitting on his shoulder, same shit about IF or whatever that comes out of his mouth comes out of yours. i still find it funny. if you dont like it then ignore it..hypocrite GyzzBrah wrote:Absolutley disgusting that you would say something like that to GymRat. He obviously has a few mental issues, but on that premise shame on you for taking advantage of him like that, when the least you could do is leave him alone if not actually help him out. GymRat is a valuable member and adds humour and life to these forums, and will only take the piss if you provoke him, not like he knows any better. When complimented or encouraged however, he makes frequent content on his journal (I try to as well but all you do is comment shit), and from that we can see that GymRat is infact very dedicated and honest to his sport despite his shortcommings and challenges. Bet your the type of c*nt that would trip over a Downs Syndrome on the street if you saw one. I might be the only one on here sticking up for Ratty, save Rebel and Pseudo, but so be it.
  4. s like bringing wild animal into your house and feeding it. Pretty soon it gonna start shitting everywhere. If you lucky maybe you can train it to shit mostly in specific areas of your house or you confine it by use of a cage, but reality is it gonna get out of the cage sometimes and shit all through your house. Pretty soon your house starts stinking like sht and people dont wana visit. After a while your wild animal becomes accustomed to ppl And maybe thinks it is one of them..immitates them. Then it gets more bold and starts attacking people. Is dangerous and needs to be put down. But you dont. Then one day it escapes from the cage and gets into your pantry and eats all your nutmeg and goes on rampage at your house breaking atuff and spraying liquid shit every where. Thats analogy of this situation. Gymrat sht in this forum like 8000 times. Hes wild animal out of control shitting everywhere and making the forum stink. Similar smell to seal colony. Thats why you dont keep wild animal as pet. Unless you like cleaning up shit and having no one wana come to your house and stinking of shit yourself
  5. When you cutting for national level bb comp herbs and spices = serious business. This only went so far because it went on so long without him realising everyone taking the piss. Thats the risk you run when you allow mentally retarded persons access to the Internet. Probably lucky that this happened rather than him being scammed for his $5000 life savings. Anyway im curious how he found out people were mocking him...obviously he didnt realise on his own, someone tipped him off, either on here or IRL. Was that you sluzza101?
  6. General's top secret recipe. Blend of 4 different kinds of nutmeg
  7. He just snapped. Realized people are taking the piss again. Same thing happened before. I just want my account banned now. Dont have a hit list. Dont want to be part of this forum anymore either. Used to be good hopefully it gets thst way again but I doubt it. Good luck with your comps sluz.
  8. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    #fuckstafergetswole #gardensnewworld #mumstealswages #savingforspices #bulkbinsnutmeg #divodunedin
  9. Getting Stronger // Wookie Method

    He stays high on preworkouts to keep me off his mind
  10. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    you might as well take over where he left off since you pretty much the equivalent except with extra x chromosome. hows your training/diet etc going? not long til you compete right? know you have your own journal, just easier for everyone if this type of thing organised into a single journal rather than 2.kinda exact opposite of mods splitting a thread into 2 because discussion goes off topic
  11. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Ok eat 3kg cinnamon then see how long you live
  12. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Why you mad bro? Most people giving you goid advice, just some trolls trying to day nutmeg isnt good. If it was a drug wouldnt be sold in supermarket etc including gardens new world and centre city new world. Dont put creatine tubs up your arse either mate, dont wantanal fissures like you had last year for pans
  13. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Cinnamon Side Effects 1. Premature Labor Some women are tempted to consume cinnamon while pregnant as it can get rid of indigestion and help with stomach pains but it should never be taken during pregnancy. That is because it can induce uterine contractions and in some cases even cause premature labor. It is okay for pregnant women to occasionally have some by they should avoid doing so daily, taking tablets or smelling the oil. 2. Liver Failure Most types of cinnamon have around 5% Coumarin which may lead to liver failure in large doses. Instead, you should use Ceylon cinnamon as this only contains 0.04% of this substance. 3. Blood Thinner Cassia cinnamon can thin your blood and while this may be good in some cases that is not always true. Ceylon cinnamon doesn’t have the same blood thinning effects so if you take blood thinning medication, you should avoid cassia cinnamon and stick to Ceylon. 4. Skin Irritation Undiluted cinnamon oil may irritate the skin, even causing a burning sensation. The sensation is especially strong if you touch your genitalia after handling the pure oil. Because of this, you should always be careful when handling the oil. 5. Elevated Heart Rate People who have a heart condition should also be careful when consuming cinnamon. That is because it has been associated with an increase in heart rate. When undiluted, it can also cause children to develop rapid heart rates. Instead, cinnamon oil should always be diluted to under two percent before use. 6. Choking Hazard A common game with teens has been to see who is able to swallow the most cinnamon powder; however, this can be extremely dangerous. That is because there is a serious choking hazard associated with swallowing cinnamon powder alone, without drinking water. If it does not cause death by choking, the powder may enter the lungs and cause a major chest infection which can result in severe breathing complications. This can lead to the collapse of your lungs (and death if there is not a ventilator nearby). If you survive, it may cause your lungs to scar which can cause later medical issues. 7. Stomach Irritation When you consume excessive amounts of cinnamon, you may experience an irritation of your stomach lining. People who already have gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers may notice this cinnamon side effect to a great extent. 8. Mouth Irritation In addition to a burning sensation on the skin, those who have mouth ulcers may feel a burning sensation in their mouth that is accompanied by pain. This would occur immediately after consuming the cinnamon. The oil can also cause irritation of the mucous membrane so it is important to always use a diluted version. 9. Lowering Blood Sugar Cinnamon has been associated with lowering blood sugar levels. This can be a problem for diabetics or others who need to keep a close eye on their levels so if you are currently taking any medications to regulate your levels (or have a disease associated with them), it is important to talk to your doctor before you consume cinnamon. Keep in mind that consuming too much cinnamon while on a medication designed to lower blood pressure levels may cause too large of a drop in blood sugar. 10.Plasma Cell Gingivitis Some studies have shown that using oral products such as chewing gum, mouthwash and toothpaste with cinnamon extract may be linked to plasma cell gingivitis. 11.Dizziness or Shortness of Breath When you take too much cinnamon oil, especially in concentrated quantities it may lead to dizziness or shortness of breath. Be sure to always use diluted cinnamon oil to help avoid this side effect. 12.Kidney Diseases Some believe that when consumed in high concentrations, cinnamon may cause kidney disease. Despite this belief, there have not been any specific studies conducted which support this theory and show a direct causal link between consumption of cinnamon and kidney diseases.
  14. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Apparently eating too much cinnamon can cause adverse health effects or even kill you.
  15. StarN3+ Phone

    looks like the s5 i got for free from work? is it s5 copy?
  16. you made good progress. started gear yet or natty?
  17. Herbs and spices for cutting

    he would have been sweet. probably come in more shredded they cost like a couple of dollars. is your salary like $200 a week or does your mum take most of it for 'board' or some sht?
  18. Powerlifting - Starting Out

    what are your lifts?