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  1. yeah bro when i get banned. still waiting. idc what you think mate youre just like pseudonyms parrot sitting on his shoulder, same shit about IF or whatever that comes out of his mouth comes out of yours. i still find it funny. if you dont like it then ignore it..hypocrite GyzzBrah wrote:Absolutley disgusting that you would say something like that to GymRat. He obviously has a few mental issues, but on that premise shame on you for taking advantage of him like that, when the least you could do is leave him alone if not actually help him out. GymRat is a valuable member and adds humour and life to these forums, and will only take the piss if you provoke him, not like he knows any better. When complimented or encouraged however, he makes frequent content on his journal (I try to as well but all you do is comment shit), and from that we can see that GymRat is infact very dedicated and honest to his sport despite his shortcommings and challenges. Bet your the type of c*nt that would trip over a Downs Syndrome on the street if you saw one. I might be the only one on here sticking up for Ratty, save Rebel and Pseudo, but so be it.
  2. s like bringing wild animal into your house and feeding it. Pretty soon it gonna start shitting everywhere. If you lucky maybe you can train it to shit mostly in specific areas of your house or you confine it by use of a cage, but reality is it gonna get out of the cage sometimes and shit all through your house. Pretty soon your house starts stinking like sht and people dont wana visit. After a while your wild animal becomes accustomed to ppl And maybe thinks it is one of them..immitates them. Then it gets more bold and starts attacking people. Is dangerous and needs to be put down. But you dont. Then one day it escapes from the cage and gets into your pantry and eats all your nutmeg and goes on rampage at your house breaking atuff and spraying liquid shit every where. Thats analogy of this situation. Gymrat sht in this forum like 8000 times. Hes wild animal out of control shitting everywhere and making the forum stink. Similar smell to seal colony. Thats why you dont keep wild animal as pet. Unless you like cleaning up shit and having no one wana come to your house and stinking of shit yourself
  3. When you cutting for national level bb comp herbs and spices = serious business. This only went so far because it went on so long without him realising everyone taking the piss. Thats the risk you run when you allow mentally retarded persons access to the Internet. Probably lucky that this happened rather than him being scammed for his $5000 life savings. Anyway im curious how he found out people were mocking him...obviously he didnt realise on his own, someone tipped him off, either on here or IRL. Was that you sluzza101?
  4. General's top secret recipe. Blend of 4 different kinds of nutmeg
  5. He just snapped. Realized people are taking the piss again. Same thing happened before. I just want my account banned now. Dont have a hit list. Dont want to be part of this forum anymore either. Used to be good hopefully it gets thst way again but I doubt it. Good luck with your comps sluz.
  6. Go Also please ban my account. This ship is sinking and instead of trying to fix hole skipper is poncing around teaspooning water out and bringing other faggots on here that do same thing but extra weight only make ship sink faster. Few gcs on here but mostly faggits.
  7. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    #fuckstafergetswole #gardensnewworld #mumstealswages #savingforspices #bulkbinsnutmeg #divodunedin
  8. Getting Stronger // Wookie Method

    He stays high on preworkouts to keep me off his mind
  9. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    you might as well take over where he left off since you pretty much the equivalent except with extra x chromosome. hows your training/diet etc going? not long til you compete right? know you have your own journal, just easier for everyone if this type of thing organised into a single journal rather than 2.kinda exact opposite of mods splitting a thread into 2 because discussion goes off topic
  10. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Ok eat 3kg cinnamon then see how long you live