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  1. Scorpion WPI issue?

    Picked up 2kg of scorpions WPI in vanilla flavor for about $90 delivered which was good value in my opinion. I did have an issue that I thought that I would ask about on here before going back to them as I'm not a routine WPi consumer and perhaps my issue is totally normal. The issue: When I put a single 30g scoop in 300ml of water and give it a decent mix, there are a handful of clumps that don't mix. I know that WPI is known for its mixability and have had a tub of Horleys Ice a few years back which was perfect. The clumps are sticky and have a texture of gum, identical to the clumps I used to get from waxy-maize and dextrose. They get stuck in my teeth and taste very sweet. Whats going on here? This is my first time using Scorpion and from what I've heard they have good quality products. I don't want to bag on the company but it doesn't seems right. Could this WPI be perfectly fine and pure, or these clumps added filler / carbs? Thoughts?
  2. Methylphenidate?

    Dexamphetmine: yeah but it's not as common perscribed as ritalin. Dex is pretty smiler to ritalin maybe slightly more euphoric
  3. Mast - bulking?

    I'm not sure why masteron is used in bodybuilding. It's very underwhelming and doesn't produce anywhere near the results that other compounds or drugs do. Poor return on investment
  4. Methylphenidate?

    New Zealand has a very similar drug, dexa-amphetamine. I've used Adderall and dex. Very similar effects to each other but dex is perhaps stronger.
  5. Methylphenidate?

    Only using instant release brah
  6. Methylphenidate?

    ExperienceD opinion: I'm on 60mg a day (legitimatly) and run cycles. Key things I've noticed: -ritalin+tren= no sleep + twice as grumpy + amplified body temp and amazing workouts -ritalin+clen= nervous mess and no sleep -ritalin plus "mild" compounds+doseage= managible side effects (shortterm) and focused workouts. Be safe brah! These are dangerous chemicals even more so when mixed together.
  7. Article is up www.thewireless.co.nz http://thewireless.co.nz/articles/let-the-gains-begin-steroid-users-tell-us-why-they-juice Surprising neutral
  8. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    Yeah self perscribed trt of 250mg a week which I might drop back to 125mg. May cycle next year if my training and diet get consistent again. I'm glad it's put you off haha wish someone put me off the idea a few years back. Not that I would have listened
  9. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    For me blasting and cruising didn't work for me in the long term. For scope: Blast= 8 weeks 1-2 grams total Cruise= 8 weeks 125mg test After 2 years my sensitivity was zero and I had completely plateaued. I kept on looking for the next drug that could push myself into new territory but no success. I took 10 months off and my HTPA never full recovered. I felt like was only 20% a man and had all the typical low test symptoms. Before I blast and cruised I never had any issues recovering after a cycle (had done 5cycles) in 1 to 2 months and thought my natural test would always come back no matter what. Blast cruising is a risky game. I just don't see the minimal benefits (if any) outweighing the risks
  10. Customs seized

    Nz customs are smarter than you are. 95% chance they will find and send you a letter and if you're truly unlucky and NZ police are looking for an example you will be charged. Personally it's not worth the money or stress
  11. SARMS Pills or Liquid

    What difference would it make? Internet people like to over complicate things.
  12. Nzifbb Nationals

    How's this for contrast?
  13. I been use steroids long time and no brain issue
  14. Is 25% extremely low?
  15. Daz I'm going to speculate here on top of your post. If I'm struggling to maintain my offseason weights - reps - sets during a diet / prep would you say there is an issue with my diet?