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  1. Crossfit to PL

    Squat day - had to really talk myself into going today as I finished work at lunch time, and well... food. Even though I'd already had 2 breakfasts and a snack *wacko* Back Squat 3 @ 60 3 @ 65 6 @ 75 thought brain was going to explode. Front Squat 3x10 @ 40kg BB Lunge 5 sets 10 30kg Leg Curl 5x10 up to 40kg Thought about doing abs, but realised I'd already done them with squats. In and out in like 40mins and then it was OATS TIME. Yay.
  2. Crossfit to PL

    Honestly the way he looked at me like I was a pest. >_< haha Bench: 3 @ 30 3 @ 32.5 (was meant to be 30) 12 @ 35 <- yay DB chest press 5x10 using 10s and 12.5s Pushups 3x10 focused on chest to ground, no hips touching (so functional bitches) Was going to do dips to but felt a bit fried by then. Everything hurts today - in a good way for once!
  3. Crossfit to PL

    Also notes from today, there was this mega dick squatting in the cage thing as I arrived, and it's really the only place to do deadlifts too. So he walks away leaving his 50kgs loaded and im like 'oh hello (wanker) are you finished with your "squats"' (as they looked more like really weird looking goodsquatmornings?) and he's like 'unf' which I took to mean yes, so I'm like OH OK ILL JUST UNLOAD ALL YOUR WEIGHTS FOR YOU, JERK. Good story.
  4. Crossfit to PL

    I might try liquid chalk - I have chalk of my own but it's so shiny in there, and they have cameras *pleasantry* I don't think I'll last long in shiny gym land *bomb*
  5. Crossfit to PL

    Strict Press: 5x5 @ 20 5x5 @ 25 5x10 @ 25 Db Shoulder Press 5x10 ascending weights upright row 5x10 Today Deadlift: 5x5 @ 60 5x5 @ 70 5x 8 @ 80 < This annoyed me as I could do more but it was SO HOT, and no chalk in shiny gym land so the bar just kept fucking slipping. Silly fat bars. Did some good mornings, was wearing tights, bad idea. Then some rows. finally completed week one
  6. Crossfit to PL

    TFB I like the second vid Got any of women in 63kg class? Is that a class, or is that just in weightlifting.. Dinahlady will be working the strict stuff only on it I could hardly steer a steering wheel for a week after *aggressive* stupid shoulder.
  7. Crossfit to PL

    Yeah well I'm supposed to do 5x10 for accessory, so I thought hey what's another 10 on top of that. That's the crossfit in me I guess *help*
  8. How can we improve Gymnation?

    Yeah probably bullshit, I dunno I just log on to see pics of guys with no tops on *crazy*
  9. Crossfit to PL

    I think I got a little overexcited this morning *yahoo* Started with my squats which were pretty awful - But I'll blame that on having time off. 5x5 @ 55 5x5 @ 60 5x6 @ 70 <-- lol. It just wasn't happening Then I thought to myself, gosh I better take my nutritionists advice about doing some higher reps to shape my legs up a bit (they look cellulitey stumps at the moment, no shit). Barbell Lunge (alt): 3x20 @ 25kg 2x16 @ 30kg Leg Extension: 3 sets of 20 Leg Curl, same thing. Guess it kinda throws the whole heavy and low thing out the door, who knows. Summer is coming though *bad*
  10. Crossfit to PL

    So, oops I haven't trained in nearly two weeks. After that last log my shoulder was hammered. Went to doctor who said it feels like scar tissue buildup from an old injury, and now I just need to see a physio (I have ongoing shoulder issues since high school 15 fkn years ago) In that two weeks I have decided to quit crossfit altogether So tomorrow I will restart at a snap gym - once I saw they had a squat rack I thought WHY NOT. SQUATS!
  11. How can we improve Gymnation?

    I used to post on a dance music forum which was huggge, like posts in threads every few seconds etc, now you'd be lucky to get a couple of posts a day (I don't know, I stopped posting haha). Their problem = facebook. So it's likely the same here.

    You should have wedges. Or pizza *i-m_so_happy*
  13. Crossfit to PL

    Looks like she just didn't let go of the bar - showed my coaches and they said they have seen it happen in comps sometimes *shok* couldn't help but laugh though.
  14. Crossfit to PL

    Today 5 rounds NOT for time: 5 deadlifts (heavyish): 75kg 8 HSPU one carpark stone carry. 20kg then 10mins to est max deadlift: 105 for life *sad* 5 rounds for total time of: 10 pullups 10 barbell overhead lunges 100m sprint 90 sec rest 12:11
  15. Crossfit to PL

    I should have waited until school holidays finished to schedule 5/3/1 properly.. Oh well. Barbell Club last night, hang snatch and hang clean and jerk. 5 reps @ 75 4 reps @ 80 3 reps @ 85 2 reps @ 90 1 rep @ 95% of your max FULL lift for both. I think that's how it went anyway. I got up to 38kg for 2 of hang snatch - my full snatch is a pissy 40kgs because I'm scared of shit like this happening to me: And my hang c+j I finished on 57kgs I think. Full is 60kg, neeed to do more overhead stuff.