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  1. GH15

    I agree.. Even here.. most helpful and knowledgeable members are the senior members.. Pretty interesting forums on there though about the pros and 'filths'.. the fact that no one knows who GH15 is and him claiming to be one of the "anonymous" IFBB pro.
  2. GH15

    Thoughts? Experience? #gh15notapproved
  3. I notice two catorgories..

    The first 6 points are exactly why I started lifting.. First year and a half was really into it.. but slowly lost motivation as I started to look better than average people I was around with.. few months later got back into it after a breakup and havent stopped ever since.. I wont say I love to go to the gym.. But I like the soreness and the discipline (diet, training, research) needed to see results.. I guess having a goal/timeframe is the key otherwise it's easy to lose motivation and hard to push yourself during workouts. p.s. its good to be back on Gymnation. used to be nzbb when I left
  4. Square Chest?

    Your body structure reminds me of Nick Wright.. He has a similar chest.. https://www.facebook.com/NickWrightBodybuilding As long as his strength goes, I have seen a guy at my gym just about 65 kgs doing 120 kg bench and 47kgs incline dumbell press..
  5. New Fitness Clothing Website!

    Hey guys, haven't got time to read this thread.. So... I know I dont have the physique to be a model for a clothing brand.. And I dont think i ever said that anyway.. And i posted this thread for ideas about what I should include, not that I am launching the website next day..... Thanks for the ideas guys..(which is what i was after..) and f*ck the de-motivators.. If it was for you guys, there would be no zyzz etc. So.. I have designed the website but not the products and etc. It will look kind of like this: prices are random..
  6. New Fitness Clothing Website!

    Hello guys, Me and my friend are thinking to build a website to sell Gym Clothing. e.g. Singlets, T-shirts etc. I wanted to ask you guys what products should I add.. I dont just want to have unprinted small, medium, large size singlet. I want more varieties. So guys please help me out. I am not expecting to be a millionaire with this website. at least to cover my cost of protein is enough. :pray: Thanks.
  7. SalmanSallu's Transformation 10 months

    i was challenged by my friend to do it.. so did for bout 2 -3 mins.. also tried to lie down on snow.. LOL Thanks Vracula.
  8. SalmanSallu's Transformation 10 months

    Thanks Everyone WHO APPRECIATES MY HARD WORK Yes indeed.. had got much stronger.. and feel better about my looks.. So you mean nothin else has changed other than my hair? :shock:
  9. Hi guys, i was looking back at my pics from last year's snowfall in chch and this year's .. found drastic change in my body.. thought of showin you guys. so the first pic i posted last year on facebook wen i never lifted before and got commented bout my shit physique by mates.. that was the turning point for me to join gym and now i atleast look better than before.. please comment guys.. yea i started training legs now.. ignore the memes.. its for facebook fag frnds..
  10. Drop Set

  11. Drop Set

    It depends how many reps you can do in 100kgs.. for example.. if you do 10 reps on 100 kg, your dropset should be the weight on which you can do another 10 reps. And the one after should be on which you can do another 10.. Try that mate.. Im sure it will give you burn..
  12. What's your though on Katanadrol?

    It is Katanadrol V2.0
  13. Hey there peeps.. im looking for getting Katanadrol but not yet sure to invest in a pro-hormones than in roids i mean Winny is kind of expensive than Katanadrol.. so if you know about it.. what would be the best way to cycle it and how much would you trust it? Any thought would be appreciated..