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  1. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    yeah I saw Mesomorph the other day at NZ muscle, it looked really good, I wanna try that next, whats the pump like compared to other you may of tried? It is on the more expensive side compared to other pre's but from memory your getting alot of ingredients for your money.
  2. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    Haha oh please forgive me. I thought this was a thread for what's good these days. Why don't u tell us what u use and why its so great?let me guess...You use assault, or c4, or Arnold pump, where you get a whole 6 grams of ingredients in a proprietary blend where u have no idea what u are actually getting. Would be interested in knowing what you use and how it compares.
  3. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    Guys if you wanna try an amazing pre-workout, try Pre-Jym, its from Jim Stoppanis own line of supplements and it is hands down the greatest pre-workout I have tried. At first glance it looks very expensive, $79 for 20 servings, but its a 26.5 gram scoop of full dosed ingredients that are shown on the label,no proprietry blends, so you know whats going in your body. The clean energy, focus and pump is second to none for me, I personally love this stuff! Check it out, and would love to hear what others think! Link: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/jym/pre-jym.html
  4. BCAA question and info please

    I've never used a bcaa supplement, I always have used a quality whey, most contain approx 5.5 bcaas per serving of whey, I normally have 2-3 depending on my daily macros, so im getting between 11-16.5 bcaas a day from my whey,so personally I don't think the extra cost is worth it, I know a lot of peeps get carried away with supps, I just take a good whey, creatine and a good multi. Each too their own!
  5. Dorian Yates Tempro

    Yeah I highly recommend, the profile of this blend is the best I have seen for the cost. If you are used to myofusion , combat or syntha you will find the flavour boring, as the chocolate is thin and quite bland, and after having syntha which tastes like a milkshake, tempro chocolate isn't the strongest flavor, but hands down beats myofusion, combat,syntha etc in the profile department IMHO. Will be interested to see what other people think of this product. Apparently the strawberry has little strawberry pieces in it, hmmmm. I normally don't buy into the protein that is hyped by a big name bodybuilders, I.e Ronnie Coleman proantium, jay cutler total protein etc, but this product actually seems legit! Let me know what ya think
  6. Giant Sports Delicious Protein

    i tried CNC aswell, wanted a change from Syntha-6 and combat, thinking this was cheaper and looked like might taste EVEN better, like you said it looked like concrete, was like grey sludge, far to thick and did not taste delicious, will not buy again, Syntha is hands down the greatest tasting protein, combat is great and with a better profile than Syntha, stay away from Delicious!!
  7. Dorian Yates Tempro

    Hey Everyone I am a big fan of protein blends, as Cannot be bothered having an isolate/concentrate for post workout and a casein for night-time. Over the years I have tried Myofusion, Syntha-6, Combat, Delicious protein, but as you may know most of them are primary sourced concentrate, rice protein etc, a cheap primary source, then way down the list you get casein, isolate etc. Now I have found Dorian Yates Tempro, primary sourced casein, isolate, concentrate etc. Atm it is on special at Nzmuscle for $74 for a 5LB, Each scoop contains 18g protein, 4g carbs, 2g sugar, but the great thing is, if you only use 1 scoop you get 100 serves, 2 scoops 50 serves which contain a whopping 36g protein, try and beat that! For a Primary sourced Casein/Isolate blend this is hard to beat, I currently use 1.5 scoops, so 27G Protein, and im going to get 75 serves for $74, it mixes perfectly with water, and as you may know, as soon as you open a tub of protein, you can tell the quality by the consistency of the powder. Compared to Syntha or Combat this is not an amazing tasting protein, its good but not amazing, but I dont buy protein for the taste. This protein for the price atm is amazing bang for buck, I wanted to let all the other Gymnation member know about this product and how amazing it is, as I hadnt looked into it until coming across it on Nzmuscle website, give it a try!
  8. DIY Preworkout ideas

    the reason im making my own preworkout is i want to know what is going into my preworkout, and as safe as it can be( opening myself up for alot of criticism here), as i was on a couple of other pwos approx a year ago and found out it had amphetamines in it, and ive used dmaa a few years ago, and was like i was on party pills 4-5 days a week, even though i train in the morning, i was finding it hard to sleep at night, and relax in general, as i am quite sensitive to stims, so i want to control what im taking, and your right, it would be cheaper, but as well all know, cheapers not always better.
  9. Generation Iron

    haha yeah i just checked, watch it while you can, Youtube will take it down with one complaint from the filmmakers, its happend before from other films ive watched. mate i thought it was better? it could be just me, but it has been one of my favourite films recently, maybe because i waited so long for the movie? i thought it was great, 4 out of 5 stars from me
  10. concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzed?

    exactly mate, seeing as Phil Heath is the champ, We must use Muscletech, it has to be the best!*dash1*
  11. DIY Preworkout ideas

    ok cool ill look into Leucine for sure, think ill add gatorade powder for flavouring, i've tried protein powder pre-workout and during heavy legs/back workout i feel like vommiting, otherwise i would for sure! Thanks for the feedback guys and ill let you know how it goes
  12. DIY Preworkout ideas

    Yeah I have been doing quite a bit of reasearch and like what you say, AAKG looks like its not that great,Citruline malate looks like the way to go for pumps, Alcar for focus, caffeine( obvious) but like you say, its a shame they come in 200mg capsules, as would like to split them depending on workout. Then obviously beta alanine and creatine Comparing the costs in NZ to buying on bodybuilding.com, i did find overall we are more expensive over here, ive attached the photo and costs of the ingredients required I am going to do exactly what you said and buy the gatorade powder for flavouring, as i workout at 5:30am the last thing i feel like doing is chugging back an unflavoured powder drink! CM 100 serves, 18 cents a serve (US) Alcar 500 serves, 4 cents a serve Caffeine 90 serves, 8 cents a serve Beta-alanine 250 serves, 9 cents a serve Creaform 200 serves, 10 cents a serve 49 cents a serve(US) and for a bucket load of servings, pretty good ratios i think!
  13. Generation Iron

    Yeah buddy!
  14. Generation Iron

    Generation iron came out on US Itunes yesterday. I have a US itunes account and bought a US gift card last night, as thats the only way to buy things on a US itunes account, as i tried with my Credit card and it notices its not a US credit card, the gift card code was emailed to me, redeemed it and downloaded the movie from itunes:). Also for those that want to be naughty and download the torrent, theres a legit one on now:) go to piratebay and search it, im not putting the link up as dont want all the haters:P
  15. DIY Preworkout ideas

    you can buy caffeine powder for next to nothing. guessing he is going to do this Yeah ive already got caffeine tabs, they are so cheap aye, and going to import most of the ingredients from bodybuilding.com, Primaforce do most of these ingredients and for around 10c a serve each, you think i should add AAKG as well as CM? Ive never heard of stim-u-tant but will look into it thanks