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  1. odd question on foot stance

    Why do you have to squat with toes forward ? Having your feet outwards just means your hips are naturally externally rotated so if that's your comfortable position to squat with then do it. Your external rotators are probably a lot tighter and stronger than your internal rotators. So first point of call would be to stretch and mobilise your external rotators (Glute Med, loosen up your IT Band) and then strengthen your internal rotators and stretch them at same time (Adductors, loosen up your VMO with roller). But in the grand scheme of things, everyone has a different squat stance and best position, same as bench grip, same as deadlift stance etc. Obviously balancing mobility and strength, with optimal leverage opportunities is the goal but there are limits to what each person's body can achieve and sometimes you have to just take the message your body is sending you. Just for extreme examples, take Marisa Inda, squats with feet slightly internally rotated and really close stance, then say Stan Efferding, with massive external rotation and wide stance. They're total opposite ends of the spectrum, but both near the best if not the best in their field, and we all fall in there somewhere.

    250g Oats is just over 3 cups raw lol. Still rate this though no matter the maths, post workout I have 100g Oats, 20g Sugar, Cinnamon with 50g WPI. Like PETN says much better than any Mass Gainer you'll buy and also much more cost effective.
  3. Odd Lifts

    I wouldn't count GHRs as an odd lift, they're fairly common especially in Powerlifting and Athletic circles. Depending on how you perform them, the isometric hold of extending your hips, rather than being able to relax on a Leg Curl, recruits your Hamstrings well so when you then factor in the knee flexion the Hamstrings are worked at both ends. You can get somewhat the same feel by extending your Hips on a Lying Leg Curl holding yourself up off the bench rather than relaxing down and holding the handles. The weight you can handle greatly decreases but the tension on the Hamstrings increases as you can't use your Lower Back and Glutes to help leverage it up. Does that explain it well enough ?
  4. Personal trainer

    What are you doing at the moment ? Are you lifting, dieting, doing cardio ? Also are you the male or female in the picture ? As that will effect who people recommend you ? Have a look at Fitness Canterbury and talk to Shane Elsey if you can, can't recommend him enough.
  5. Chasing that total

    Why Behind The Back Deadlifts ? Surely there's exercises that will work better for carry over to your main lifts than that ?
  6. Coconut oil goes in food, not muscles.

    I won't pretend to be an expert on the subject but to the best of my knowledge nut and seed oils, as long as they're sterile, are safe for injection. Someone else will know more about the mechanisms of why they're okay. Grapeseed Oil seems to be the most common oil used for steroids, unsure why it is picked over other oils, maybe cost ?
  7. Peanut Butter.

    Strong relevance to an NZ forum
  8. Coconut oil goes in food, not muscles.

    So a website called IFLScience is trying to say Coconut Oil, Walnut Oul etc as a "compound" that they can use as "cheap and easy to a hold of alternatives to anabolic steroids".. No wonder the general public has no idea about gear in general when they're being told this shit. I would say that most nut/seed oils are okay as they disappate in the muscle. It's likely the methodology of injecting large volumes of non sterile oil multiple times into the muscle in question without giving it a chance to disperse is the issue.
  9. Nothing fancy like that mate, just told me to bite the pillow #nohomo
  10. I'd rather not put his number etc on a public forum to be fair. He's not part of a business, he does it on the side of his usual job so it's his personal cell number.
  11. I used to live in Chch and saw a guy at his house or he came to mine, had his own massage bed etc. Very reasonably priced for his expertise as well. Best treatments I've ever had, I'm a Powerlifter but the premise is still the same, lots of muscle to get through that majority of therapists don't seem to be able to touch. I can pm you his name and number if you want ?
  12. 2016 Goals

    How'd everyone's goals for 2016 go ? Was just thinking the other day about what I wanted to do this year and remembered this thread. I'll start us off, my goals were: Goals for 2016 - Reach a new PB bodyweight (Would be cool but not too much of a priority lol) Total 855kg+ at ProRaw Be able to let training take a back seat and focus on other aspects of life Visit 12+ different countries So I managed 3/4 of these. I reached an all time high bodyweight of 121kg (Over double my starting bodyweight) in March this year. I didn't get 855kg total, I went 832.5kg going 7/9 lifts (295/212.5/325, missed 305 Squat due to stumble, and 342.5 Dead due to dropping it cos my hand opened up). Will definitely happen and more in 2017 guaranteed. I have definitely been able to focus on other aspects of life rather than just training through shifting countries, travelling a lot, setting up a Personal Training and Online Coaching business. I still managed to compete amongst all of this. I have so far visited 15 new countries in the last 12 months, so definitely achieved this one, and it has been insanely eye opening and made me realize how big the world is and the variety of stuff that a lot of people miss out on by getting comfortable sitting at home.
  13. How do I lose this dam gut!

    Eat in a calorie deficit and lose bodyfat. You haven't mentioned diet anywhere there so I'm guessing you don't think that has anything to do with it ? Diet will be your defining factor in getting rid of the unwanted fat around your mid section.
  14. GPC Push/Pull

    Any kind of livestream for this do we know ?
  15. What to expect your first Powerlifting comp

    There's a guy up north who sells Titan stuff, Darren someone, I can't remember his name, I got a Titan soft suit for like $80 plus $5 shipping and it's pretty nice. Just Google "Titan Powerlifting Gear NZ" or something. Although with the newer Titan ones be careful not to get pulled up on the double layer of material they have sewn into the crotch. It makes sense due to Powerlifter thighs lol. But lots of the rulebook say you have to have "a soft suit with a single layer of material" so this can get in the way of any record attempts or higher level competitions you do.