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  1. Clen for mini cut

    f*ck lolz much .......get shredded at 70 kg ..nah bro thats called skinny - or bikini class . Ditch the clen idea bro
  2. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    You'll look like an aids patient
  3. Mast - bulking?

    Hi guys, Anyone had any experience with Masteron as a bulking option I understand most use it as a hardner toward the last part of their diet pre comp - but Im interested if anyone has personally used it off season ? I read some guys overseas on forum feedback have - but keen for any local insight Obviously with a test base - not solo Cheers
  4. N-acetyl-para-aminophenol?

    Duromine plus red bull equals pre work out king
  5. Dnp + t3 + Clen = full retard?

    OP is now dead from ingesting 600mg DNP on day one
  6. Dnp + t3 + Clen = full retard?

    Ive done the same , but by the end of two weeks youre up to like 160-180mcg per day - which seemed not as efficient as around the 100 mcg per day mark - but maybe that was just me
  7. Dnp + t3 + Clen = full retard?

    Jesus! whats up Boston Lloyd lol . Any time I hear DNP I roll my eyes . If you dont log it, we will assume death :) . Personally Id be keen to see what occurs and whether risk vs reward is evident for DNP. Ive used t3 up to 150mg a day, split over 3 doses as if I recall the half life is either 4 hours or 8 ? ( off the top of my head. Not sure if 2 weeks on t3 will do much . I was under the impression the magic spot with DNP was 200mg - I could be wrong #dontdie
  8. shave your belly..............nah good work man. Keep it up
  9. 1st tren/test cycle

    Why does everyone justify their nutrition being on point for this cycle or a cycle- it should be on point all day errrry day. I would say f*ck the winny off - if you aint lean - it wont do jack. Ace is the best version Ive run . Good luck and dont kill your Mrs or neighbour - Im not joking , it might happen :)
  10. First Test E Cycle - 500mg/wk with 1000mg Frontload

    the phrase 70kg and gear ...........................................................dear God - Im done
  11. Banned substances in supps, Nov 2016 edition

    I love me 3 pepper chicken on foot long yoga mats, with a 300ml coke zero - yum #dailydoseofpoison
  12. GH cycles - your experience

    lol - thank slin shady ..........If I could afford pro doses - Id take pro doses .....so Ill stick to the 10iu a week when its time
  13. DNP in nz

    Theyre all dead bro ???
  14. GH cycles - your experience

    Probably answers the question why Kai always walks like hes tired and wears a hood - sleepy sleepy.
  15. gymnation/nz bbing transformations

    120 plus , 110 @ 10 weeks out and 100 day of comp