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  1. PRE WORKOUT (with dmma) Sale WATCHER

    http://www.yazoom.co.nz/auckland/nzmuscle658955 Cheap (?) pre-workout on Yazoom, just thought I'd share.
  2. Shoulders

    Silly question... Hand spin?
  3. TLAF update of bulk

    Nice Singlet Bro! (N.S.B. - yeah, I went there)
  4. 18 years old 106 5 ft 9

    This That being said, :clap: bloody good work, wish I had the good sense to start doing the gym thing at that age, not waiting 'till I was 23 to lose weight, only just now even considering bulking (not quite done with "cutting" yet). Inspirational.
  5. My Pre Workout Rant

    Ok... 2 questions: 1) Importing "pure white powder" - Not likely to cause problems with customs? 2) Anyone tried this and can give positive/negative feedback? Not a fan of coffee and No-Doz looks like it can get expensive in a hurry.
  6. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    Only ever seen this once: Some young dude decides to do bicep curls and instead of putting the barbell/dumbbells on the floor reasonably, just drops them at the end of his sets. Asked if there was a reason he was dropping them, "Yes.", asked him to put them down like everyone else, he stfu and started putting them down gently. If he was lifting super heavy I could understand, but curling with a 15kg bar then a couple of 7kgs... Seriously. (Not that I'm huge or anything, but consideration is important)
  7. Pre-workout protein bars (draft)

    this may be a silly question, but Mike Zero mentions putting "10 scoops oats" in his bars - Same scoop as protein powder? (a scoop isn't exactly a standard unit of measurement y'know?)
  8. to all you cutters!

    Yeah, feel like a wanker now - sodium is 540/210mg per serve for the regular/mild. Sorry for the late reply.
  9. Perfect poached chicken breasts every time

    Cheers mate, will have to give this a go in the near future.
  10. to all you cutters!

    For all you folks that like to eat heaps of chicken (i.e. all of you) - chuck some of this on some breasts, marinate overnight, grill, eat delicious Jamaican food. Mild is - 1 tablespoon/17g per serve, 10 calories, 0g fat, 2g carbs (1g sugars oh no!) Regular is - 2 teaspoons/10g per serve, 5 calories, 0g fat, 2g carbs, 0g sugars Only problem is, it's hard to find. The essential deli, mt eden and New World, Vic park are the only two places I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone wants some but can't get to either of those places or lives in the south island, let me know and I'll get in touch with the new zealand suppliers and have him send me a list of places to post up... alternatively check http://windiestrading.com/
  11. Perfect poached chicken breasts every time

    dumb question, but how well does this work for straight from the freezer titties, thaw em first or just extend cooking time?
  12. People like this guy are why everyone else still thinks all black people are n****s. Chris Rock explains the difference in this video. (NSFW and slightly offensive to some)
  13. Thanks for the input guys. Yeah, was thinking about stripping it down but I feel like I'll lose what muscle mass I have put on. Did a powerlifting comp back in march so I know I've gained some strength (not much lol), so it's more maintenance lifting... and I really enjoy lifting when I drag ass to the gym. Using this as a way to keep myself accountable to myself, which I think is the biggest problem really. Having a group of like minded support can't hurt at all.
  14. Hey all, just want to start by saying thanks for having this site set up, it's been a great help over the last year for motivation and is one of the reasons I actually joined a gym in the first place. *Excuses start now* :oops: But with the last couple months being extremely hectic and generally crap (wife was in hospital for about a month, then had Uni dramas and other unpleasant things all come crashing down around the same time) training's pretty much fallen to the wayside. *Excuses end now* :^o I'm now going to use the resources provided by you guys in an even bigger way (thanks for the recipes btw - the poor man frittatas are epic), not sure if this is the best place to put this information, but I'll put it here anyway. Height: 191 Weight: 93.5 Original weight: 115.2 Goal Weight: 85 No idea what my BF% is - dunno how to do it and it costs money, something I don't have much of. Getting back into the full swing of things this week and the workout schedule is a 3 day split with 20-30min cardio afterwards, 90 seconds rest between sets with 3 minutes between exercises. Day 1: BB Bench (55kg 3x12) Incline BB Bench (35kg 3x12) DB Flyes (11kg 3x12) or Cable Crossovers (20kg 3X12) Close Grip BB Bench (40kg 3X12) Assisted Tricep Dips (lifting 36kg 3x12) Decline Skullcrushers (17kg 3x12) BB Shoulder Presses (19kg 4x12) Lateral Raises (6kg 3x12) Day 2: Lat Pulldown (36kg 3x12) Close Grip pulldown (36kg 3x12) BB Bent over rows (50kg 3x12) (thinking of adding assisted BW wide grip pullups) Spider Curls (19kg 3x12) Preacher Curls (22kg 3x12) Superset Lower Back Extension (10kg) with leg raises (3x12 each) Cable Crunches (48kg 3x12) Day 3: Squats (70kg 3x12) Deadlifts (100kg 3x8) Leg Presses (240kg 3x8) Hamstring Curls (no idea, have to check lol - haven't read the chart) SS Weighted Calf Raises (56kg) with BW Calf Raises (3x15 each) The diet.... where does one even begin? I try for 5-6 meals a day, if I do it optimally (the lazy way - not like the one time I weighed my meat and ate boiled cabbage 3 meals a day... need new scales for that) would look something like: Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats with 3/4 cup trim milk and 3 whole eggs (or Protein powder on non-gym days/lazy days) with black coffee or unsweetened green tea. Mid morning: 80g can of tuna/chop chop sandwich (wheat bread). Lunch: Same as mid morning (or I'll just split a big can between the two) Mid afternoon/Post Workout: Shake (with water) and possibly a piece of fruit (apple/banana) Dinner: Meat and Veg, maybe a 100-150g of rice in place of veg. If it's been long enough, protein before bed (with water) As far as supps go: Protein Powder and a Multi-vitamin. Any hints/tips/advice? I'm thinking if I do it right I can cut the 8.5 kilo in about 2/2.5 months and then start the bulk! Forgive my noobness, I'm just all sorts of frustrated with my training and my lack of enthusiasm. Thanks for reading and I look forward to the responses, even if they mainly consist of "get up and train you lazy bastard" - cheers.