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  1. Supplements while Breastfeeding

    good as gold. I'll give a cup of black coffee a go before workouts. I think more than anything im just stressing about getting my old body back which right now seems impossible
  2. So Im nearly the full way through my pregnancy and starting to think about how to snap back into shape after. Before pregnancy I liked to take a pre workout. Now I know these things arent safe while breastfeeding but what about if I pump and dump? How long will it be in my milk for after taking it? Anyone have any experience with this. I could do a really low dose cause ive been completly off caffiene since being pregnant. Im concerned with a new baby I wont have the energy to take advantage of the times I wil be able to work out and want to get into the gym smash it then get out.
  3. a question for the fit mums

    Thanks ladies, I really appriciate your input.
  4. Manky shaker no more :)

    Um I reckon that should be binned! Its prob toxic by now *bad*
  5. Manky shaker no more :)

    Yes, well thats where I got it from, i dont know if all pharmacys have it though?
  6. Gym wierdos

    So theres this guy that goes to combat - at the big fancy gym in the city - ya'll know the one , and he thinks hes some sort of ninja.... he adds in his own moves, spinning kicks big loug HEIIIIIII YAAAAAAA's and SHHHHHAAAA's fancy kung foo moves hes seen on the internet and grabs weight from the pump racks and starts punching holding 1kg's in each hand. This guy is nutso!!!!!!!!!! And the best part is hes got no technique, none whats so ever! He literally looks like a loony, but boy it makes my day nothing like laughing for 55 minutes to get the abs popping
  7. lol what Ah the lengths some people go to aye *good*
  8. bio identical testosterone

    Not concerned with spern count just with libido. Having a hard time getting him to the doc.... hmmm men! But we'll get there eventually. Ive had him on all this "natural" stuff for such a long time with no difference, macca, arganine, horny goat weed etc. So time to pull out the big guns. Just thought id ask, you know careful what you wish for and all that - didnt want to turn him into a raging monster by mistake
  9. Jeans for "bigger" legs

    Gap also do a curvy range - I never would have considered myself curvey but hey its seems to be what fits but shipping is around $60 will let you know how they fit when they arrive
  10. bio identical testosterone

    Heres a question for the gents Have any of you used bio identical testosterone from a pharmacy coumpounder? I know its a more natural way of taking it with less "swings". I dont know if this is the right place to ask but thought i would anyway. What kind of changes did you see - not just in the gym but overall in your moods and energy levels, libido especially? I just wanted some real life experiences to put hubbys mind at ease that hes not going to turn into a crazed raging maniac or something. He has very low test and we want a baby and well ya'll can figure out the rest....
  11. I find stevia overly sweet in most products. Its something like 20 times sweeter than sugar. (dont quote me on that im going off memory not facts) So I find a lot of things that are sweetened with stevia too sweet which is why I asked Balance for a sample of their new natural range - but they said they dont do samples and bugger off you scrounge (my words not theirs) so I decided to try a little tub first. And its not too sweet, If I put a banana with it its pushing my sweet limits but on its own its fine. The other option is an unflavoured pure protein and mix in your own sweet and flavor. Now foods do bottles of liquid flavoured stevia and I found in a shake about 5 drops is good and then you can make lots of flavours with the one bucket of unflavoured as well as use it on all sorts of other things. Ive seen people eat salad with unflavoured protein sprinkled on like some new fangled dressing. Now foods stevia is avaliable at iherb.com at good prices. I have coconut, vanilla, chocolate, hazlenut. And shotgun generally sell balance at about $1 over wholesale!!!!! Still not the cheapest but at least it tastes good.
  12. Manky shaker no more :)

    So I normally drink a preotein shake on my way to work in the car made with milk and then wash the shaker at work as soon as I get in, then dishwasher it when I get home. I also drink one with water on my way home from the gym in the evening then dishwasher it. But unless they are both hot soapy water washed and dishwashered they smell manky and milky and weird. SO I have a huge stack of them so I always have a clean one avaliable. I was telling the girl at the pharmacy this the other day (as you do when making small talk) and she said get some bottle cleanser! WHATTTTTT theres something just for that?! well apprantly its for baby bottles but milk is milk right? So I got some of this stuff cause she said it breaks down the fat and protein in the milk which lines plastic bottles/shakers. My life has just changed. Its insane. Anyway all I do now is rinse the shaker in a couple of drops of this stuff and even my old shakers are actually clean and smell clean! So I figured if I were having this problem and people with babies are having this problem - creatig a need for it then I'd share my little story in case someone else is having the same problem. I found it online in these two shops but dont know really where else you would get it - baby stores? *dance4* http://www.kiwibaby.co.nz/afawcs0122065/SUBID=/ID=1460/SID=287710066/productdetails.html http://kiwibaby.com/shopping/pgm-more_information.php?id=963&=SID#MOREINFO
  13. green smoothies

    Great book ! That familys story is so inspiring. I went completly raw for a while after reading it. But i tend to jump onto fads like that - need something to be consumed with or I go insane. I saw her speak in Auckland shes really interesting. But green smoothies are super easy to take to work for lunch. My hubby makes us green smoothies every night and we take that to work, you can even put unflavoured protien powder in it if you want extra protien.
  14. Gym wierdos

    This is literally the best thread ever! The other day i did a combat class at the gym - its martial arts based aerobics, pretty high impact anyway there was a youngish lady there with sunglasses on, fancy designer sunglasses trying to do aerobics. I literally stopped in my tracks and cracked up laughing. *dirol**dirol**dirol**lol*
  15. Jeans for "bigger" legs

    Ladies if your interested I got some from the states from a company white house black market. They do a countor range that is cut more generously through the thigh and hip. And they have the good old elastic in them. They are a little mumsy, so black skinnys here but nice all the same. And they fit amazingly. Just took all my "skinny" cothes off to the consignment store to sell so I can afford new bigger sized things. Bitter sweet day.