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  1. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    I get my bloodwork done once or twice a year, but not to see if the drugs are out of my system. Either when off everything (been off 10 weeks now... preparing for a kid) or just when cruising on TRT and way out of a blast. Your system's gonna be out of wack in and after a blast anyway... no point. Going by feel as to when to start TRT up is definitely not an issue. If I was actually a competitive bodybuilder trying to be serious I would just transition into cruise directly from the blast, to eliminate any chance of hitting baseline / zero test. But I'm not so why bother. Retarded saying it's all guess work what I do. It's a reasoned and low maintenance approach well suited to my situation. Works well and will continue to. Question I ask... am I the lazy f*ck that can't train without gear? Do you have something against TRT? I have abundant Test and abundant HCG so why would I bother come off really? At the moment I'm just working on getting the swimmer count up so that I can freeze a good sample. Going well too I might add alternating every couple of weeks with HCG and Clomid. Frozen semen is good for 12 years so after this I won't be bothering coming off much anymore apart from the month or so after a blast.
  2. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    To illustrate my line of thinking I've quickly mocked up a graph. The question it asks is - when to take the first dose for the cruise / TRT. As I've stated, my approach is "when I feel like my body needs it". The Red line on the graph is how it feels to me that the levels drop. The Blue line is when I feel like I need my first TRT / cruise shot. The Orange line is how in reality my hormone levels may be dropping. Or, maybe how others in this thread perceive it to drop. The Green line is the level of hormone needed to sustain a natural level of testosterone in the body. We need to remember that levels of hormone in the body are added to when injecting exogenous testosterone. So, any time you add hormones to your body and it goes over the Green TRT line you're still on cycle. For this reason, without frequent blood testing... I think the best approach is to take the first shot when you first feel you need it. If you don't need TRT or don't subscribe to cruising, then all the better for you. Go through a PCT and go through the process. Me, I just don't recover to acceptable levels, so I do it like this. Those saying this confuses the body and makes it think WTF... I don't buy into that. Blasting hormones is what makes the body think WTF. That's my opinion.
  3. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    Good debate. I guess it depends on how you value the benefits. Just the fact that I'm not pinning for 6 or so weeks makes it worthwhile coming right off to me. If I can still bang the missus hard and have good workouts that's even more of a plus. Once that's gone it's a hassle. Guess I just need to harden up. ;)
  4. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    Because size and strength are still a driver for me. I enjoy experimenting with gear and pushing the limits from time to time. Can't be all work and no play, gotta have some fun. I accept that there are risks. 6 weeks will still give you the benefits. Kind of like the 80/20 rule I imagine... you get 80% of the benefit for being off that long but to get the other benefits Daz talks abodut you'd need to be off for another 12-16 weeks, which is too long of being off to accumulate mass over time. No science here, just how I see it. Depends on what level you're on whether you should use straight through from blast to cruise. For a Mr. Olympia competitor where every % matters to get the best placing possible, then sure - stay on and cruise like a battleship. For the average gym rat (every AAS using gymgoer in NZ I'd argue) and non top tier pro it doesn't matter. Stay off for as long as you can talk yourself into and take a pinning holiday and enjoy other aspects of life. Sure, you can go on TRT dosage straight away but if you're still working downstairs and feeling jacked then why? I'd rather wait it out until I feel I need that first TRT dose.
  5. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    Good post Daz. The younger ones calling me dumb just are not looking at it from my perspective. For me health and fitness are priority over size and strength. 6 weeks sure is on the low side... longer would likely be more beneficial as you say. Fully agree. For me personally after 6 weeks off I start to feel sluggish and performace in the bedroom becomes a challenge. By then I throw the towel in and start up TRT. Haha Sure if you're a bigshot bodybuilder / gymrat wanting to maintain momentum and prioritise size and/or strength then why come off? No point being random as Realtalk put it. For me, random does it just fine.
  6. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    I'm saying just TRT if you have to so you don't feel fucked. I know I don't come back to how I would like to feel when off and I'm sure others also. Cruise should just be TRT if you need it. Otherwise cycle on and off responsibliy if you still can.
  7. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    The point in coming off is that you're coming off to clear out all the gear. Typically people use long acting gear... so 6 weeks is like a clear out period... feel yourself come down from the high dosages and wait until you're cleaned out... not just the gear but the metabolites of the gear you've been using... they can hang around for a while! I'm kind of a scientist. ;)
  8. Cruising and Blasting Experiences

    But if you'vee been blasting and cruising for long enough and decide to come off instead of cruise you'll feel quite lame / depressed after not so long. I reckon best is to go off for about only 6 weeks, then resume TRT dosage as your "cruise" until you're ready to blast again. Staying off will just lead to feeling like shit.
  9. Blood work

    Lucky! Good that it came back.

    Depends woody. If you put more care into biceps they should respond better. Best to give both 100% if you have the recovery ability.

    For a number of reasons: One is because I would not do cardio pre comp if not necessary, instead I would double up the training sessions and really concentrate on honing everything in. Second is because during pre comp is when your AAS dosages will also be highest, so it is to make use of all of the potential for growth possible. 12-16 weeks out of a comptition you steadily ramp everything up and blast into it. During off season, dosages should be lower, and with less gear comes less training sessions. You must limit the fatigue and train in a way to build a base up. During the off season strive for balance in your life and not being in the gym 6 or 7 days a week.

    Yes, IMO train with lower frequency but longer sessions during off season, 1x per week per bodypart should be sufficient. 2 bodyparts per session and focus most on heavy compounds and making gains in strength to build up the best base possible. Pre comp train with as much frequency as possible. And use the mirror as a guide to focus on and hone in all your weak spots as you diet down. I haven't competed so judge my advice as that of an observer. I train very hard though. :)
  13. No wonder I'm so much dumber these days!
  14. My workout notes

    Saw a powerlifter at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo...
  15. Going to the gym and eating lots etc

    Just grind it up if you want IR.