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  1. Trainning partner for YMCA Westgate?

    Is the YMCA in westgate any good? I've recently moved to Massey and have a YMCA membership paid up until December. I drove past the Massey Leisure Centre and it looked like little more than a group fitness classroom with a handful of machines around the sides of the room.
  2. buying dumbells

    Where's the best place to get dumbells for your home gym? Most of the cheapo import-a-container-full-of-stuff-and-sell-it-online outfits only seem to stock hex dumbells which I don't like; the ones that aren't hex DB's only seem to go up to 25KG's
  3. Myofusion cookies and cream,laxatives?

    She Who Must Be Obeyed has banned me from purchasing Myofusion due to the effect it has on my bowels.. Admittedly the gas is pretty bad and has even made ME dry wretch on more than one occasion Just a shame that it tastes so damn good
  4. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/8253879/Dietary-product-sports-warning wonder if stacking deer velvet with pine pollen would be a wise idea or would you OD???
  5. Lance Armstrong

    Absolutely - not because he took the drugs, but because he so vehemently denied it for such a long time. People generally don't like being pathologically lied to for years on end by their sport idols.
  6. top android apps?

  7. Poor bulking Strategy(video)

    quad stack baconator from Wendys go hard or go home
  8. Onehunga YMCA Gym Review

    I went there a couple of times when I moved into the area and settled on a different gym as their range of equipment was far too limited. The fact that they only have two benches was a bit of a show stopper.
  9. Gym wierdos

    At my gym there's two fulla's that I'd call posers, although I can't be too critical as they both lift more than I do - Fulla #1 : wears his sunnies in the gym, always. Maybe he has particularly sensitive eyes, but it still raises a big red douchebag flag IMO Fulla #2 : after every set, regardless of the muscle group he's targeting, he lifts up his singlet to check out his abs in the mirror. And I mean after every set. He seems to always smile and nod at himself when he's doing it too
  10. Bodybuilding Kills Social life?

    You're always going to have difficulty trying to maintain social commitments and maintain a healthy lifestyle - you don't realise just how many social obligations there are to trash your body until you focus on looking after it. Friday afternoon drinks at work, friends having parties, friends having BBQ's, partner wants to spend the night at home watching movies and eat lollies, suppliers at work put on a beer & pizza night etc. In all of these things it is considered rude to not eat the high carb / low protein food and drink the booze. I personally have never had much tolerance for alcohol and have a couple of glasses perhaps once every six months. As for eating rubbish? It's a sliding scale with social circles at one end, and the physique you want at the other (with few mates and probably no partner); it's up to you where you want to sit on that scale and what your priorities are in life.
  11. Workplace drug tests!

    as far as I'm aware they will test for specific things as opposed to a broad "if it's a controlled substance we'll detect it" type of thing - you have to remember that there are legitimate medicinal uses for alot of steroids. I reckon they'd just be looking for cannabis, methamphetamines and opiates.
  12. When to hit the powder?

    Thought I was the only one who did that
  13. Too reliant on suppys?

    a lot of people will also argue the benefits of whey protein isolate, or more specifically casein protein - they are indeed superior proteins that are released more slowly, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself - am I an elite athlete competing on a national level that ACTUALLY needs to pay attention to this stuff, or am I just having fun getting into shape and am happy to buy whey protein concentrate? Personally I fall into the second catagory and save heaps of money because of it
  14. Pre Workout Question

    superpump is awesome, but it makes my heart rate go through the roof if I do cardio
  15. Fatburner

    http://www.sciteconline.com/language/en/scitec_fat_burners.php?ver=1 Looks like they've got quite a few - which one are you talking about champ?