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  1. Track & trace from Thailand

  2. Track & trace from Thailand

    Dude it's nothing to do with you what name or address is on it I got 40 bots of sus250 last month and other shit also so suck it bitch
  3. Track & trace from Thailand

    Just say this July 21, 2013 11:02:39 SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Outgoing International.It updated till it went international I guess I have to wait for this side to update before it updates the track and trace.also got other stuff on way I guess it could take up to 3 weeks just sucks waiting for shit to get here!
  4. Track & trace from Thailand

    Ordered myself 1000 ten mg dinabol tabs from SUVARNABHUMIMAIL CENTREThailand on 19 June and still waiting just over two weeks now does anyone no the E.T.A on this? I'm giving it 3 weeks
  5. I've heard most times if you were to import gear from oversea you can normally get away with two shipments before you would get cut off . What would be on your import list ?
  6. Doctor in Waikato area

    Looking for someone to help me find a doctor in the Waikato area to help with my training . Private message me peeps !
  7. Sports Arimedex HD V'S Arimidex

    Hi has anyone here heard of or even better used this product before? BPI Sports Arimedex HD. My mate found it on the kiwibodybuilding web site. Is it a herbal alternative for Arimidex? Does it work?
  8. Just joined

    Good luck with you training have fun and train hard.
  9. human growth hormone

    Its a pic of genuine HGH..... Its more informative than my own pic below.. Sweet bra you have my respect back sory for hating i hate people using net pic's.How long did you take it for and at what dosage's bra .First I need to get down to 15% and add abit more size to my legs looking at doing hgh next year somtime
  10. Cutting the Dbol

    fucking aye. I went 'on' with high bf once before. Bad idea. yeah dude ive been told off sooo much this week back in to protein and salads been told to drop to 15-16% and stop fuckin around :poked:
  11. human growth hormone

    google Images lol nice try bra :doh:
  12. human growth hormone

    Jinotropin.... Legit... :wink: you dam show off hahaha you just killed my day lol :clap:
  13. How much did you spend

    Ive heard about those pak N save bodybuiding O.j juice heads looking to score. :nod:
  14. How much did you spend

    I know you like the grapefruit juice morning & night TWL :grin: INB4KaiGreene yip gota love the grapefruit juice
  15. human growth hormone

    I would like to know about everyones past and current experiences taking hgh. My trainer said its not worth taking due to the fact that it will screw my joints and deform my bones. Is this something you should take at a younger age while going through pubity as aposed to taking at my age which is 34? Any way please let me no how hgh went for you long term or short term gains etc.. Thank you all for your feed back