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  1. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    People with absolutely no awareness of personal space :evil: I'm doing cable cross-overs, then this geek stands a foot away in front of me, FACING ME doing dumbell laterals!!!!
  2. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    People who do supersets/giant sets claiming 2-3 exercise machines or stations at the same time. The real aggravating feature is they leave bits of clothing or gear at each of the stations preventing others from working in...arrrrrgh!!! :evil: :evil:
  3. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    Yahoo! Nice to be enjoying the extra space as the seasonal trainers begin to disappear :nod:
  4. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    lol, quite possibly...my mood wasn't the best either :x . However, its an easy fix really. The direct approach tonight sorted a group of them out. They must have thought their father was in the gym as I provided gentle guidance... "put your weights away", "wipe down the bench", "are you going to be long", "you're standing too close to me"...fortunately they listened, and that they'll come back wiser.
  5. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    I hear you bro! I think I'll go back to my 5.30am trainings...they don't tend to use the gym at that time...should come up with a nickname for these seasonal trainers ay?! There's usually another wave of them just after the Xmas/NYs period usually driven by some misguided commitment to (yet) another new years resolution.lol.
  6. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    Damn!! Have just returned to gym after 8 weeks off...F#@k me!! Completely forgot about the seasonal surge in gym membership at this time of the year... Etiquette breaches all around me...interpersonal space violations, staring, disrespecting the weights i.e the 'tools of our trade' etc...really happy for the gym owner and the boost to the business, but there has to be regular monitoring by staff of member conduct. I was only just able to bite my tongue long enough to get through my workout.. I swear, one of the newbies would have worn it from me if I was in there any longer... Is it just me? Are others experiencing the same thing, or am I just too old and stuck in my ways :?
  7. The Best Bodybuilding Photo Ever?!

    Like Flex's photo, I often find the best ones are where they're mid-pose or relaxed..those tend to show their awesome size and proportions. There's one of Dorian that I'll hunt out
  8. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    ...and the significance of them being Maori is...?
  9. Ultimate Bodybuilder's Bodyparts

    I guess its not a name thats mentioned in the same breath with the Jays, Branch, Dexters, Kais etc... He is impressive however. I'll be keeping a closer eye on that fella
  10. Ultimate Bodybuilder's Bodyparts

    Hard to argue with your selection Gym Rat although I hadn't heard of Flex Lewis...just checked him out on You Tube...damn! He got some cows on those lower legs!!
  11. Ultimate Bodybuilder's Bodyparts

    Its all about individual preference ATEOTD, but check out Thierry "Abzilla" Pastel on You Tube...you gotta be impressed with that washboard?
  12. Ultimate Bodybuilder's Bodyparts

    Which bodybuilders possess the best body part/s...based on size and shape, here's my list Delts: Kevin Levrone Pecs: Johnnie Jackson Back: Dorian Arms: Arnold Abs: Thierry Pastel Thighs: Platz (duh!) Calves: Mike Matarazzo ...and topped off with the shredded-ness of Andreas Munzer. I know, is a bit old school, but thats me. Watcha reckon? Whats yours?
  13. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    Being referred to as 'disrespectful' and a 'mass monster'...
  14. How do we get ALL the Champions on stage??!!

    C'mon former National champs out there! Give's your input...what would it take? Put yr federation affiliations to one side for one night in, say, 2 years and battle it out. It would be great for the sport
  15. Top Gym Peeves & Etiquette Breaches

    Yip with you on that one! Gave a guy a blast last week for doing that to me...he keeps his distance now