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  1. Bulking.

  2. New member, new gym

    and no more posts were made that day :pfft:
  3. Supaturk - Strong Chest session

    as bad as using photoshop to create delts :pfft:
  4. becbec's road to recovery

    dont worry i found it for you 8) neh itl be muscle?! i hate loosing weight when i'm not trying its depressing. wow hip replacement!!!!!! scary
  5. 8) yeah buddy post the pic post post post the PT's were mirin
  6. fiiiine. dont worry i replaced you too :shock: hahaha nah next week sometime? wow okay im at a loss :pfft:
  7. i hope this is a joke hahahahahaahahahaha or shes a 'massage therapist'/hairdresser/personal shopper etc etc etc btw weren't you suposed to train with me yesterday!!!
  8. thoughts on pics, 17 yrs/19 yrs/recent

    thats sam ratumaitavuki he calls himself a competitive bodybuilder so what do you mean if he stuck it out
  9. What the hell is Crossfit?

    fukn not true hahahaha
  10. What the hell is Crossfit?

    They are thinner. Same diameter though. And you can find laughable PL and BB vids, so they are all useless in the greater scheme of things (except for humour). And the OP must be useless on google, to not find out info on CF. Shit, you can find out about anything if you use 'key words' properly. hahaha :nod:
  11. LOL I ran away from the sled! Funny thing happened as I was leaving....my car turned right at the main road and I found myself at McDs :-| is this normal... BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! posting vid comparisons?
  12. Killing the carb cravings

    i did high fat, and incidental carbs. it sucks. and when you have a refeed your body goes mental!!! would not do again quickly.
  13. My Crazy mate Dave's log

    thatwaslight says: