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  1. CrossFit Games 2013 are now open

    aye big up the gary jones (crossfit manukau) - placed 2nd in the masters qualifying. looks ready to rumble for the last time perhaps.. .
  2. D-Aspartic Acid

    anyone using PCT with this product? just curious as it's proven to be so effective.. .
  3. USP Labs OxyELITE Powder

    anyone using this product? presume it's the new 'legal' version of oxyelite-pro (without the DMAA). bit pricey but considering after reading up on the alpha-2 receptor argument / theory. or are there any alternatives available? churs.. .
  4. would crossfit shoes be ok for weightlifting?

    know a few crossfitters who oly lift in their bare feet for natural support and balance. wear these myself and find they are the best between both worlds - a huge difference from my old running shoes for squatting etc.. . http://shop.reebok.com/us/product/men-reebok-crossfit-nano-shoes/EG302
  5. test-e and winstrol oral > to lower the SHBG and rocket your free test levels
  6. protein intake > drinking vs. eating

    on further reading - aminogen is used by optimum-untrition in all its gold standard products >> http://www.optimumnutrition.com/news.php?article=242
  7. following on from the recent '1g protein per lb bodyweight' thread - and after reading this article (http://www.precisionnutrition.com/rr-whey-too-much) i wanted to ask a potentially right newbie question >> how much of a difference is there between eating protein compared to drinking protein? i admit to drinking far more protein (whey isolate) than eating from meat - for both convenience and financial reasons - and have never given thought to there being much difference. but as with anything in this game it really ain't that straight forward huh? thoughts / advice anyone? could spend hours trawling through the www own this - but i like to hear opinions from those out there on the gym floors tbh
  8. 1gram protein per lb?

    taken a look at my blood tests from that time and their is a simple 'protein' measurement that has an expected average of 66-84g/L (mine being 69) - but upon searching the web found out this >> 'serum amino acid levels (the amount of amino acids circulating in the bloodstream) and total nitrogen excreted' http://www.precisionnutrition.com/rr-whey-too-much
  9. Pre and Post workout supplements

    about $18 :pfft: seriously though hardly anything (on a quick check > 1mg of Iron, 5mcg B12, 3.1mg B6 & 25mg Vit.E) http://www.centrum.co.nz/advance_benefits/#tab_data http://www.centrum.co.nz/advance_50_benefits/#data_tab
  10. 1gram protein per lb?

    will check bud and report back. had general blood testing done and she saw it in amongst that.. .
  11. Pre and Post workout supplements

    for me pre-workoputs are more about the creatine and beta-alanine intake than energy (though no complaints about some extra focus there) - using 1MR
  12. Pre and Post workout supplements

    I buy the 50+ Age version of centrum - for about half the price of the normal age variety. Really not much difference between to two (surprised more people haven't noticed this)
  13. What got you started?

    woke-up in intensive care after a gnarly motorbike vs. car collision - and life since has never been the same. got fed up hoping things would change in my life - now i make them change.. .
  14. 1gram protein per lb?

    before sorting out your protein intake needs - might be worth checking your protein absorption levels first through blood work. i went to see a nutritionalist and she asked me if was vegan after looking at my results - so my high protein diet wasn't really doing anything other than blowing a hole in the wallet. taking apple cider vinegar before every meal helps aid protein absorption too.. .
  15. Fish oil capsules?

    i take flax seed oil (omega 3,6 & 9) - tablespoon every morning and night. a $12 bottle from the supermarket lasts about 3-4weeks