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  1. Building Baroness

    Thanks Dinah. I was just really unfit when I started. Seriously unfit and inflexible. I'm doing full squats where my bum nearly touches the ground. I had a gym instructor check me and have watched videos on form too. I practiced side on in the mirror and the bar stays straight up and down over mid foot . It has been hard on my poor legs. Lol. I'm getting there.
  2. Building Baroness

    Thanks Rebel, but it's a 15 kg bar cleverly disguised as an Olympic bar. Lol. Im aiming for the true Olympic bar soon. I'm really happy with the progress I've made so far and have anticipation for how far I can go. I love increasing the weights each time I lift. Currently drooling over squat racks online and contemplating setting one up at home.
  3. Building Baroness

    Friday 06/06 Workout A Squat 15kg. I did this in the squat rack :-) Sorry to all the gorillas that lift heavy, but I used the squat rack to do 5x5 at 15kgs. I used a bar that weighs 15kg (no weight plates on it LOL) but it looked like a full size bar.. I knew I had to eventually get in the squat rack, so may as well start now and get used to the feeling of it. Overhead press 12kg. Deadlift 18kg.
  4. New to weight training

    Thanks Rebel, I have taken your advice, Im tracking my food on MFP today to see how much protein I eat.
  5. Building Baroness

    Wednesday 04/06 Workout B Squat 14kg, Bench 14kg, Barbell row 14kg I was doing bench press with a 14kg barbell without any racks, then I tried on a bench machine and did 75? pounds I guess....so 34kgs? Was able to do heavier on the machine as I cant drop the weight on my face. Thats part of the program...to be able to use all muscles involved in a lift - picking up the weight, getting into posistion, returning weight to storage rack. But its fun to try the machines anyway....
  6. Building Baroness

    This is my first entry into a training journal. It wont be very exciting as I am a squishy, overweight, pushing 40 mum, who is looking to lose weight and tighten up. I have been on this journey forever.... I have done just about every diet *sigh* I have yoyo-ed in weight, and just hit my heaviest (apart from pregnancies) weight. I have been counting calories (unsuccessfully) on and off for 8 years. This time I am trying something new. I joined a gym and have started Stronglifts 5x5. I am not logging my food (at this stage) and just making better choices nutritionally. I had a Bioscan done at the gym when I started on 21/5/14. Weight 75kg. Height 170cm. Body fat 37.7%. Body fat 28.2 kgs. BMI 26. GULP...well at least its a starting point. Bioscan rebooked for 18/06 so hopefully some improvements by then. I have done 6 Stronglifts workouts so far. I started with bodyweight exercises to work on form. My first Squat session I did with 8 kgs and then I couldnt walk without pain for 3 days....So went back to body weight for all exercises. Monday 02/06 Workout A Squat 12 kgs 5x5, Overhead Press 9.5kgs 5x5, Deadlift 16.5 kgs 1x5. These weights are quite easy for me at the moment, but Im steadily increasing the weight while working on form. Yesterday, Tuesday 03/06, Appt at gym with instructor to check my form. All lifts good, some tweaking needed and tips learnt. Deadlift needs the most improvement. Cardio - warm up 10mins treadmill, 30 mins elliptical program, cool down 10 mins treadmill. Next gym session Wednesday 04/06. Todays weight 73.4 - Yay! I definately feel better, I enjoy my workouts, starting to feel stronger.
  7. New to weight training

    Thanks all for your replies. Really helpful advice. I went ahead and bought a protein powder online. Hopefully that arrives soon (today). I had an appt at the gym today with a trainer who I had check my form on the stronglifts lifts. He said my form was very good on most lifts, with the dead lift needing a bit more work. I have been reading Starting Strength and watching YouTube clips on form, then I practice at the gym. I started with just body weight lifts to get the form sorted and have moved up the weights a little. I'm still lifting really light weights, but concentrating on form. im actually really enjoying the journey...I'm not in a hurry to lift heavy but I will get there slowly. in an aside...I picked up a bunch of Horleys carbless crunch bars at countdown. They are on special for $3.50. I have been a My Fitness Pal member for about 7 years and I really have lost the motivation to log my food. I have found that an apple before each meal stops me from overheating and I can make better choices. I'm happy with that for now. I have protein at every meal...breakfast is eggs, or deli meat and cheese on toast, or porridge and yogurt. Lunch is rice salad, homemade soup, or meat and cheese on toast ( bread once a day - if any). Dinner is meat and veg. Have been avoiding cakes, sugary foods, starchy carbs ( potatoes, pasta, white rice) and cut down on bread. I have lost 1.6 kg over the past 10 days, so I'm happy with my progress. I might start a training journal - even though I lift piddly weights for now, the progress is keeping me motivated.
  8. New to weight training

    Thanks Rebel101, I appreciate your reply. At the moment I am focusing on eating more whole foods too. I try and have protein at every meal and cut down on processed and sugary foods. After hating brown rice all my life, I have discovered a great recipe for brown rice salad and eat it several times a week :-D
  9. New to weight training

    Hi all, Im new - again...I joined over 2 years ago and lost my motivation. This time Im serious (hopefully) I joined Jetts gym about 3 weeks ago (well re-joined really) and after one session I realised that the way Jetts is set up is not the way I want to be working out. I am doing 5x5 and the machines at Jetts are not suitable for the program. I felt safe there in terms of security, but I was the only person working out on a saturday afternoon and felt unsafe with no-one around to help me if I wanted help with form etc... So I cancelled my membership.... and joined a local gym with free weights, a squat rack, and helpful staff. Ive been going for about 2 weeks and I just completed my 6th 5x5 workout. I wanted to get into the program a bit and read the posts on here before asking for advice and help. Im 38 years old and 170 cm. I currently weigh 74kgs. My goal is 65 kgs, but adding muscle I think will push that goal weight up. I do 5x5 every 2nd day and am doing cardio on the in between days. I had a bio-scan done at the gym when I started (ARGH! but Ive lost the readout) I think I was at 35-40% body fat ---- oh the shame, Im quite squidgy. My goal is fatloss and muscle building... Im currently working on my diet (I overeat the wrong foods) I am eating an apple before every meal - this helps me slow down and not eat as much, as well as filling me up first. Not an ideal diet, but Im trying. What I want help with is a recommendation for a protein shake that I can have post workout. I had a Horleys Crossfire after my gym session today, which was OK, but Im just wondering if anyone could tell me a basic protein shake for a noob.