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  1. Dieting for strength

    Haha all good and yeah I was actually shocked when a friend of mine told me what he ran for his shows ( physique ) and after lots of explaining and chatting he down sized and still looked amazing and then his friend ALSO physique was apparently running more and looked SHIT! He came in with no abs, soft etc... makes the mind boggle! Anyways yeah back to point of thread - nutrition is fucking key! I know if and am yet to fully pursue it... might be cos Im less serious about it as I'm older and lazy and have issues squatting ( long story ) so the fact I can't show pony in three lift means I'm more saddo about it all haha
  2. Dieting for strength

    That comment re: natty/drugs looking to program / cycle isn't really true not with anyone I know anyways - if you have a coach and program you ask and tweak the only time drugs are really used or upped is during the 12 week prep for a comp and if you're still stuck then your programming is 1000% wrong and you need to fix it lol What Tom said is true - the bigger you are the harder it is to add lean without the extra fat hence the super heavies are all 150kg + but you know that under most of them is a shit ton of lean mass. The guys I follow, f*ck there are some insane physiques from 100-120ish KG its inspiring as f*ck and makes me wish I wasn't about to turn 40. Larry ( wheels ) Williams, Kevin Oak, Will Crozier, Josh Tait, Sebastian Oreb, Herbietheluvbug ( instaname), Dan Green.. Steve Gentili who's probs one of my fav's looks like the fucking hulk at 280lbs and heaps more - the days of "fat powerlifter" are kinda gone with more people focusing on nutrition and conditioning over just eating everything ( my pref method lmao ) But yeah either way what you're helping John/Carli and others with is awesome they give you heaps of credit for their lifts so it shows you put in the work for them so they can put in the work for themselves. :D
  3. Dieting for strength

    I see you're doing Carli and John and they're crushing it. Nice work bro~ The aussie lifters are next level in terms of being jacked as f*ck and strong as f*ck and it's purely because their nutrition is so much better ( talking enhanced lifters ) I am currently dropping weight then moving into that department being a fat c*nt is fun but it's not overly conducive for bigger numbers unless you're over 150kg. I think with so many lifters in PL now coming along with good physiques and dominating the weight classes more and more people will look to follow better nutrition for sure.
  4. Nope you're wrong. I'm calling a human being a dude, dipshit, gutless etc. I'm not hating on humans as a race I'm hating on one person who I think is a cock. Take as much offence as you want, doesn't bother me. Not going to check back on this thread anyway so tough shit. No one had to stick their neck out on this. Not at all. I compete in powerlifting currently as a male and If I ever transitioned to a female I would stop lifting in competitions because I'm not a douche bag. I am also not natural and if I came off gear and was "natural" I wouldn't lift in the IPF because I feel that would still be a douche move. The human being in this story and situation made a dick move. It's simple.
  5. How the f*ck is my comment "wider" transgender hate? I was merely saying this dude who competed against women is a gutless dipshit. If your comment wasn't at me then ignore that but it seems pretty well timed to not be. If you think I'm against transgender then you also fit into the dipshit category as you know nothing about my life or my circle of friends.
  6. f*ck science and politics. This dude knows hes a dude. Hes a foot taller than any of the actual females. If he had any character he wouldn't choose to compete against them. Go hit some PBs you receding hair lined motherfucker. Guess its fitting this cunts becoming a female ( give it 90 years ) cos he definitely has no balls to pull a move like this.
  7. Fkn joke. I read this the other day - they make you compete in the division that matches your birth cert even though it says she has the muscle mass of a guy... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/02/26/transgender-boy-wins-high-school-girls-wrestling-tournament.html Like PETN said - have a 3rd category if you're the only one, yay you win, you're a winner!
  8. Meal delivery suggestions

    +1 for Musclefuel I'm way to lazy to cook food / prep while I'm still lifting.
  9. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    How old are you? Were needles not yet invented?
  10. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Pretty sure people voiced their thoughts on dbol for a first cycle on page 1 bro - not really going to be worth it at all. Better off saving it for another cycle / later down the track.
  11. Martial Arts/Female bodybuilding

    Try power lifting you can still build muscle but won't feel as oblidged to post photos of your ass on instagram with a picture of protein and the #fitspo tag ;)
  12. Nah It's like 18 minutes too long
  13. I'm just here wondering when 82kg was ever classed as big...
  14. Damn... came to thread for cheap whey links... left a double major in economics and dairy farming