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    haha I remember back in the day when the site was simple and easy to navigate! And when 2guns was around LOL. Anyways, I had some pics posted up back in the day, damn, never knew how small I was till now. How's everyone been?
  2. 2008 IRONMAN Competitor list 7-1-2008

    Moe's brother told me today that the cheapest tickets will be about $30 and the expo is free.
  3. Anyone looking for a Thermo?

    I've got a sealed bottle of EAS Thermo DynamX (120 caps) which I bought a few months ago, not planning on using it anymore so I'm trying to get rid of it for some $$$ :pfft: Anyone interested? Looking for $50. Pseudo if this breaks any of the forum rules then it's all good you can shut down this thread
  4. naNO Vapour

    As long as you have enough dough would be cool to know how you find it 8)
  5. naNO Vapour

    Use this site: http://www.sportsfuel.co.nz/index.php?m ... cts_id=374 Its pretty pricy I have to say.. but I guess its a Muscletech product :pfft:
  6. Newbe Powerlifter

    Yo I know a few of you are powerlifters... RESPECT :grin: I'm planning to start powerlifting as soon as possible! But I have a few questions: Since I havn't trained like a powerlifter before what training split and routine do you old guns recommend? What volume of sets and reps should I be looking at? Any traps for young players? Looking to compete maybe next year! My stats: (if you don't read my journal :pfft: ) Age- 17 Weight- 76kg Bench- 95kg Squat- 120kg Dead- 125kg
  7. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    ~SUP PEEPZ~ Welcome to my training log!!! To start off, Age: 16 Height: 172cm Weight: 72kg ... will get onto measurement later on... :pfft: Feel free to doodle on my thread!!! 31/01/07 Chest & Triceps 5min warmup on rowing machine; then stretches. I have my mate spoting me after failure :grin: Incline DB Press: 17.5kg x8 22.5kg x6 25kg x6 27.5kg x6 HUUUUUGE PUMP!!! Faliure on 4th. Flat DB Press: 20kg x8 22.5kg x6 25kg x6 27.5kg x6 Blew this set right outa the window! Dizzy as hell tho :pfft: Incline Flys: 10kg x8 Man my chest is gona explode! Greaaaaat PUMP! 12.5kg x8 15kg x8 Low-Pulley Crossovers: 11kg x8 14kg x6 20kg x6 Failure on 5th. 6th rep was 3/4 there DANG! Incline DB Tri-Xtensions: 9kg x10 10kg x8 12.5kg x6 Definitely feeling it! Superset V-Bar Pull-downs with Dips: 52kg x8 ss 8 Dips bw 58kg x6 ss 6 Dips bw 64kg x6 ss 6 Dips bw Failure on 5th. Just made 6 Dips. Decline Skull-Crushers: Using preacher bar = 10kg 20kg x8 25kg x6 Faliure on 5th. 25kg x6 Failure on 4th. Had my protein shake straight after in the changing room, still feeling the pump in my triceps as I hold my bottle up to my mouth!!! Got home and had a chicken breast sandwhich which included: Wholegrain bread, avocado, lettuce, tomatoe, and chicken breast.
  8. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    SQUAT TIL I DROP :pfft: 5min power-walk on treadmill and 1 set of leg extensions "light weight!" :pfft: ATG! 60kg x12 80kg x8 100kg x6 110kg x4 120kg x2 125kg x1 130kg x1 Not ATG, closer to parallel. 135kg x1 Parallel but felt like ATG Feeling pretty good about the workout, hit my new PB! will be deads next time! :twisted:
  9. Newbe Powerlifter

    Cheers for the feedback guys! nice! :pfft: I had a workout just full of squats today :twisted: Bettered my PB and feeling pretty comfortable with the weight... I reckon my deads will increase quite rapidly once I actually train with them consistantly! As for my bench... I'm at a sticking point... Any thoughts?
  10. Straps?

    Hey guys! I'm wanting to get some straps for deadlifts, pull-ups etc... just wondering how many of you use straps and do you only use it for certain exercises? And where's the cheapest place that sell straps? :pfft:
  11. Straps?

    Yo MZ, I'll definitely try out chalk but for now I think straps will do! :grin: As 2guns says I would only use straps for my last few sets when I'm going heavier, for DB pull-overs too? I do 4-5 sets of wide-grip pullups and find that I hang by my fingers during the last few reps :pfft: so this would be a set where I would use the straps. Yea bro I find BB rows especially hard to grip as I go heavier.... not as heavy as you ofcourse hooks? I wana be able to drop the weight too :pfft:
  12. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    Chest and Bis Had a lil run as it was freezing in the gym :pfft: Incline DB Press: 22.5kg x10 27.5kg x8 30kg x8 32.5kg x6 Flat Bench: 60kg x10 80kg x6 90kg x5 Spotted on the 4th and 5th rep. Hammer Strength Seated Press: 20kg x8 25kg x8 30kg x6 Spotted on the 6th rep. Seated Cable Press: 64kg x8 68kg x8 72kg x8 Flys: 15kg x8 17kg x8 19kg x6 BB Curls: 20kg x8 35kg x6 40kg x6 Spotted on the 6th rep. Seated DB Curls: Alternating and holding DB's at the top of the movement 12.5kg x6 15kg x6 17.5kg x5 Single-Arm Cable Curls: 11.5kg x8 13.5kg x8 15.5kg x6 Took my LA Muscle CEE pills again today, have been off it for a month so I'm starting up again. Really gives me a great PUMP! :twisted:
  13. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    Decided to have a day dedicated to deadlifts! :twisted: Havn't done them in a while.. trying to build them back into my workout! 9/8/07 DEADS DAY 5min row warmup and stretches 60kg x10 80kg x6 90kg x4 100kg x2 WOWEE :pfft: Feeling the PUMP right about now! 8) 120kg x1 Stalled first time I tried but got it up on second attempt! 125kg x1 Got it up first time! :twisted: Stretched for a bit afterwards. I had quite long breaks between the last few sets :pfft:
  14. Getting over winter cold fast???

    I had a cold a few days ago too.. lemon + honey + hot water mate :wink:
  15. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    Cheers Poos! My arms need more mass! :twisted: haha but they're coming along, thanks for noticing :pfft:
  16. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    03/08/07 SQUAT DAY :pfft: This is my first squat day so I made sure I warmed up well 8) Powerwalk 5min then moderate pace biking 2min. SQUATS: 60kg ATG x12 80kg ATG x10 PUMP!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: 100kg PL x8 110kg PL x6 120kg PL x3 No one to spot me so I wissed out 60kg ATG x15 Sat down to have my PW shake after this.. 2min later when I went to get up I fell back onto the seat :pfft: :pfft: :pfft: Feeling pretty knacked now.. but all G :twisted:
  17. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    Cheers Bro! I've been constantly training aye so it's great to hear that I'm improving from someone else :pfft: I reckon I need more pec (especially uppers) size and traps.. but I'm working on that! :twisted:
  18. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    01/08/07 Back and Bis Just joined Massey Uni gym today! 2min quick row and stretches Wide-Grip Chins: (all body-weight) 10 8 8 6 Bent-Over BB Rows: 60kg x10 80kg x8 100kg x4 (really need some straps..) drop-set no rest 60kg x10 Wide-Grip Rows: kg's are weirded out! 8 6 6 6 DB Pull-Overs: 30kg x8 35kg x6 40kg x6 Standing EZ-Bar Curl: (bar weight not included) 20kg x8 30kg x6 35kg x5 Cable Curls: kg's weirded out once again! 10 8 8 DB Hammer Curls: 15kg x8 17kg x6 20kg x6 Felt like this workout was a great change! New environment made me feel more alert :pfft:
  19. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    Just some progress pics: Right now I'm 76kg's.
  20. Embarrasing gym stories?

    There's a few of them "overzealous busty blonde females" at Les Mills too.. unfortunately nothing like that has happened yet :pfft: This guy was doing rows with a short straight bar today, was his last set and went a bit too heavy :pfft: anyway his grip slipped while reeling it in.. all you heard was a BIG BANG turn around and there he was lying on the ground behind the bench :pfft: :pfft: :pfft:
  21. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    25/7/07 Chest and Tris 3min run and stretches as usual.. Flat BB Bench: 20kg bar warm-up x20 60kg x10 70kg x8 80kg x6 100kg x5 (spotting from 3rd but still felt the pain of every rep :twisted: :pfft: ) drop-set straight after 100kg - 60kg x6 DB Incline Press: 22.5kg x8 25kg x6 27.5kg x6 (spot on 6th) 30kg x6 (spot from 5th) PUMP much? :twisted: Decline BB: 60kg x10 70kg x8 80kg x6 Cable Cross-overs: 20kg x10 26kg x10 32kg x6 Dips: (body weight) 10 10 10 Single-arm Tri Xtension: 7.5kg x10 9kg x8 10kg x8 V-Bar Pushdowns: 50kg x10 56kg x8 62kg x6 DB Kick-backs: 10kg x6 12.5kg x6 15kg x6 GREAT workout today! Really felt the pump in my chest :twisted: :twisted:
  22. need a question answered asap!

    hey guys, im doin an essay for my studies and im just wondering (this may sound stupid to some) if anabolic steroids, growth hormones... are allowed in the competitive bodybuilding circuit??? Thanks in advance!
  23. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    lol oh well its always good fun :pfft: Box jumps are great but I find that its more cardiovascular work than strength/power, a while back I used the calf raiser machine and performed jumps with weights :pfft: that worked great! you will definitely improve your vertical jump with thos! I've had some achillies issues too, I found calf raises strengthened my achillies quite well, not heavy weight though, use lighter weight for 20reps stretching the achillies tendon at the bottom, hold, then power through.
  24. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    21/7/07 Delts and Traps 5min bike and stretches Seated DB Press: 20kg x10 (delts felt really tight so had a 2min stretch) 22.5kg x8 25kg x6 27.5kg x6 (spot on 5th and 6th) Seated Machine Press: 22kg x8 27kg x6 32kg x6 (wasn't sure when my mate started spotting as he was behind the machine... around 5th rep im guessing) Reverse Pec-Deck: 14kg x10 16kg x8 18kg x8 20kg x6 drop-set 18kg x4 Single arm front raises SUPERSET Lateral raises: 9kg x6 10kg x6 12.5kg x6 (spot starting from 4th for laterals) BB Upright Rows: 40kg x8 50kg x8 55kg x6 DB Shrugs: 30kg x8 32.5kg x8 35kg x8 Nice short workout today in the morning.. feeling great right now :pfft:
  25. ::da_yellow_fellow::

    i noticed you mentioned Basktball..have you tried working any plyometrics into your routine?? just curious as Im about to start winter league and was wondering how people found plyos Hey yoyo! I've never done plyometrics before as a part of my training but we do box jumps and stuff like that for training.. its good fun away from running drills :pfft: Who you playing for?