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  1. I thought PTs are now called Transformation Specialists
  2. Yes+ shipping on top of tho
  3. DO IT! What town? Source the plates from China yourself would be my only input here. Couple thousand bucks for 2000kgs over 10's of thousands from a retailer who pretty much marks up the China stuff.
  4. Cheers! I ended doing a combination of massage therapy and my gp to knock it off. About 5 weeks of inflammation but the worse has passed (touch wood).
  5. I need to this! Do you have a new link the the above mate?
  6. Slow gains are slow. S - 242/255/262 fail B - 172/180/185 D - 270/285/292
  7. I have this one probably best value for money and quality and should see you for a few years when you get stronk. https://www.no1fitness.co.nz/strength-equipment/heavy-duty-power-cage-04470?nav=6487 No point paying more than $500 if you are not going to squat over 300kg anytime soon.
  8. Yep great rack mate! I went cheap with No1 Fitness and really wished I held out for one of these racks.
  9. More bits from Yesterday. Getting a feel for seconds attempts under fatigue. S-230x3, 250x1 B-165x3, 177.5x1 D-240x3, 275x1
  10. Some training over the past couple weeks. In order of video. Squats 220x3 and 240x3 Bench 162.5x3 Dead 242.5x3 Next comp is CD's in August.
  11. Just stay away from that Donz, you'll get injured looking at him.
  12. Pretty much this. Warren is a coach so if you got serious you can pay for his mentor-ship for a modest price. Almost everyone at that time started on 5x5 then took on Smolov and graduated to Russian Strength programs.
  13. Everyone walks out of Powerhouse 10x stronger.
  14. There's always "mentors" around at Powerhouse. The older guys give back to the young and it goes on like this for years. Give it a go and make yourself known to Warren (my coach) he'll make you awesome.
  15. Damn good gym too! I might come watch if around.