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  1. No 1 Fitness

    I would just go these guys for NZ equipment. Best price for quality I can see out there. I started off with No1 then pretty much sold it all off and re-built with Powerfit and ended up losing a bit trying to save up front wasn't a good idea. Then again not everyone needs a 300kg+ rack and sturdy bumpers but i'd say most Powerlifters would/should. http://powerfit.nz/
  2. Peanut Butter.

    me too!
  3. best on the go dairy protein

    Sounds like you have arfid. http://www.ed.org.nz/eating-disorders-explained/avoidantrestrictive-food-intake-disorder-arfid/
  4. Just protein code

    Anyone tried the pea protein? I've been put off it in the past with other brands but willing to try it out.
  5. Juggernaut Barbell

    Nationals done. Came 3rd in the open 120 class. Pretty tough class tbh! PBs all round but not what a wanted to achieve. Next year eh. Squat 250/262.5/pass 3rd Bench 185/190x/190 Deads 275/290/300
  6. Mike Tyson or Anthony Joshua?

    m8 stay in school.
  7. Idle ramblings and observations.

    I hit it morning with oats and post wo or pre bed. Big fan of the Iso if you got your hands on that.
  8. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Ah sweet you are already on the team! Apologies mate. Well done.
  9. Just protein code

    Hey guys, Thought i'd drop a note if you are wanting to try something new or a more natural protein source check out the Just Protein stash. free delivery on already cheap stuff. my code is tyler15 for 15% off, so makes it even better! http://www.justprotein.co.nz/ I've been using for a while now, pretty damn awesome esp the Super Protein. I'm not just saying that either. Drop a comment if you have tried or questions for me. Cheers, MT
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

    How'd you go with it? I should have put a post up , chuck in tyler15 in your next order 15% off. It's like $29 a kg GAAAAAAAAAAAAINS.
  11. We have all this in our own back yard. Check out Powerfit NZ. His bars and probably the best value for money imo. Powerhouse Gym in Welly has about 4 of them I have one perfect for home use and comp spec. Plates are from there too.
  12. I thought PTs are now called Transformation Specialists
  13. Opening Gym?

    Yes+ shipping on top of tho
  14. Opening Gym?

    DO IT! What town? Source the plates from China yourself would be my only input here. Couple thousand bucks for 2000kgs over 10's of thousands from a retailer who pretty much marks up the China stuff.