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  1. Just another meathead

    I decided to make this in the hope that it may help a few people with their goals and/or people may find it interesting. I will log a few workouts a week and if it gets traffic/interest I’ll keep doing it and if not I will scrap it. a lot of bad advice going around these days and going by some of the comments in the steroid section a lot of people need to take a few steps back and get a firmer grasp on what’s actually important - nutrition and training. Photos attached are from my last show in October (weighing 101kg fasted BW) and then peak off season following that show, 133kg. Currently 125.7kg upon waking taking some fat off. today was back and I will log it later tonight
  2. Just another meathead

    Yeah man. But everything is to absolute failure or as close as I can get them
  3. Just another meathead

    BACK rack chins 1 set using a triple rest pause +30kg 8 reps rest 4 rest 2 then a 10 second hang DB pull overs SS cable pull throughs 1 warm up set 1 working set 45kg x12 / half stack x12 DB Row 2 warm up sets 2 working sets 70kg x10 80kg x6 Very strict, no rocking, dragging the elbow through to the contraction seated row 2x warm ups, 1x working stack x12 bb row - again strict and trying the drag the weight up rather than all out power. 100kg x10 140kg x8 (felt garbage) thats it. Back was ridiculously pumped. Really good session today.
  4. UG sustanon 350

    Nolva and clomid do the same thing as HCG? Is that what you meant?
  5. UG sustanon 350

    HCG and Clomid
  6. grade 2 calf tear

    Asshole lol
  7. Running low dose test only all year round

    If that’s your mindset it ain’t gonna happen for you bro. In regards to health. Who knows.... all I know is you’ll be healthier off the gear (considering natty levels are within the normal range). I wouldn’t recommend it but that’s just me.
  8. Upper/Lower strength training Split

    It’ll work great if you know how to lift properly and progressively get stronger on those movements every week
  9. Running low dose test only all year round

    If you want to be lean and have good muscles year round but not be big just focus on nutrition and training you don’t need gear for that

    Save your money
  11. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Is that what your cat told you to do?

    I hope he spat your rice cakes out behind you 🤣

    Look what the cat dragged in. didnt you used to be a most valued member?
  14. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Do people actually follow these equations?
  15. Test cycle

    I 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE SAID. The only part I disagree with is “if you don’t notice it increase the dose”. If you don’t notice it training or diet is off. 100% you will grow like a weed so why take more? 8 weeks would probably suffice in my honest opinion. very good advice from your trainer. 500mgs plus first cycle is what’s mostly advised but in all seriousness it’s just overkill.
  16. Cheat Meals/Days

  17. Clenbuterol

    (Referring to diet thread) Stop eating KFC twice a week. That’ll work better than clen
  18. Cheat Meals/Days

    Literally nobody can give you a true answer with the info you’ve stated. But you’ve answered your own question. ”I’ve lost weight but I would be losing more if I didn’t have 2 high calorie days”... now this may be over complicating things and I’m sorry for going so in depth but........if you want to lose weight faster instead of having 2 high cal days why don’t you just have one?? That might work........
  19. Clenbuterol

  20. Just because it takes 4 weeks to peak doesn’t mean it takes 4 weeks to work. People seem to have it in their heads that when they take test e/c the first 4 weeks do nothing. After the first week the gear will be doing something! i agree with the above. Why not just finish the cut before you start? So you can aggressively bump calories when you start your cycle from a lean start point
  21. Natty Lifter

    Plus one what RT said. and if you do do it.. less is more and keep it simple..
  22. Clenbuterol

    Stop being lazy.
  23. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I’m the first to admit it ain’t amazing however it was good enough to win Mr NZ last year. Oh and my meat head brain works well enough to coach some of the best competitors in the country. Oh and yeah genetics lol...if you scroll back far enough on this forum you’ll see a time where a lot of the older members took the piss out of me and the first pics I ever posted :) the problem with people with no gains isn’t their genetics...it’s their laziness and over reliance on drugs. True story
  24. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Soooo anyone with a good physique has superior genetics? ....I’d say people with shitty physiques are lazy :)
  25. Training with Cirque du Soleil

    This is awesome bro. i saw cirque in Vegas last year and it was amazing. Also saw them here this Friday just gone and 100% recommend it. Amazing performers although at times it’s hard to watch due to the stunts they pull lol