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  1. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    No doubt man and I know people like this too. Personally I don’t think it’s optimal and would always encourage even a light load and water manipulation just for the extra dryness and pop. genetically I hold more water than the average person, always have, so I don’t have a choice lol no matter how lean I am. Muscle mass could be a factor, PEDs could too but tbh it shouldn’t be if timing etc is right. this post was more in regards to the misconception of people expecting to gain weight through a load.. when in reality you will probably gain no weight or even lose weight due to the carbs pulling water and further water manipulation. all just my opinion as stated above.
  2. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Yeah bro. Generally I keep sodium high the whole prep and remove it friday (if competing on Saturday). Then re introduce it either Friday night or Saturday morning, usually Friday night. I find if I introduce it Friday night it makes me wake up a lot fuller (as by then I’m already dry). This is would be a good topic for the vids you’re planning... so much information and so much room for debate.
  3. 1st cycle thoughts

    Isn’t that a complicated Way of describing what I just said...? By coming off you will get better results when you do blast hence allowing for greater long term games at smaller dosages?
  4. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    This is how I look at it. I’ll explain it as best I can in the most simplified way possible. These are just my views that have worked for me and many of my clients who I’ve prepped for shows over the years. carbohydrates NEED water to be absorbed. For that reason drinking nothing and eating heaps generally doesn’t work. However, what I was saying is, your muscle will contain “x” amount of water in it right? And when we eat carbohydrates they soak that water up in an attempt to fill the muscle with glycogen which will then result in the muscle being full or fuller so to speak. (There is actually an equation for the amount of mls you need to drink in relation to the amount of grams you eat but we will save that for another day). So it now comes down to how many carbs are you taking in vs how much you’re drinking. As I said earlier, I believe in drying out first and filling out second, so by eating moderate to large amount of carbs and keeping water on the low side you will soak that water up without filling the muscle right up (obviously the fuller you get the closer you are to spilling - it’s a fine line!). sooo yeah, if you keep your water lowish (amounts obviously dependant on the person) while eating “y” amounts of carbs you will lose weight because what’s in the muscle will be soaked up by what you’re eating and if done correctly, whatever is left will be pee’d out. hope that makes sense, it’s a lot easier to say than type lol.
  5. 1st cycle thoughts

    Completely against cruising bro... it may help in the short term but if you’re thinking long term health AND progress then I don’t see it as the way to go. I see it as basically frying your receptors which will then require more mgs to get results you could on much less if you had just come off and have your body time to normalise again.
  6. 1st cycle thoughts

    I would look at halving your dose and your length. Remember the goal is to get the most of out of the least. About 8 weeks Imo would give you enough time to make good gains, your body will keep responding and you won’t be shut down for too long if you care about long term health. but you’re probably not going to do that, lol.
  7. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    I posted this on my Instagram and thought I’d post it here too as someone may find it helpful. CARB LOADING: my thoughts... I personally think a lot of people get this process confused. A lot of people talk about how much weight they are going to gain during the time that they eat their carbs and in my honest opinion this only happens if you have to shrink down substantially to make weight or if you spill over. What people don’t realise is that the point of eating carbs during a load is first to DRY OUT. Carbs pull water from the muscle and because of this, you LOSE weight, not gain. I believe the best way (majority of the time) is to focus on filling out AFTER drying out. This part can be risky, so depending on how well you know your body I recommend staying slightly flat, just full enough to get a pump and look full under the bright lights. It’s also obviously important to consider the amount of water you are drinking in relation to the carbs that you are eating. If you are eating a lot of carbs and drinking a lot of water you better know your body well enough to be doing so. To conclude, for the reasons above, don’t be surprised if you lose weight depending on how much water you shift. If you’re anything like me the amount may be substantial. But to be honest.. who cares, it’s about how you look anyway ? On a side note these photos were taken on a Thursday night after one full day of loading and Saturday mid day at the show.
  8. The plan...

    Happy To help where I can mate. Just let me know what you need from me
  9. 6 month progress

    Haha was only my opinion man. He might be more than happy to follow a plan and if he is go hard! Not saying it's wrong it's Just not what I think is necessary at that age. It would be different if he was over weight but he's an ecto. Even if he was overweight or obese so much can be achieved just through better choices. Sorry if I came across arrogant lol didn't mean to but yeah that's just what I'd advise anyway... baby steps. Just eat lol. anyway go hard OP and keep up the good work :)
  10. 6 month progress

    Nice work man. Be happy and proud of those improvements! Imo you're too young to count macros. No 14 yr old should be following a calorie counted meal plan. But that doesn't mean you can't make smart decisions and know kind of what you should be eating. Things like meat sandwhiches, fruit yoghurts, oats, weat bix, milk, chicken drum sticks, tuna, any meat for that matter are all gonna be good tools for you to grow muscle. By the looks of things you're gonna gain mainly lean muscle anyway due to your body type. Just don't get into the habit of eating pies all day. I'd say 80% clean,20% whatever you want and you're on your way. For example, eat clean all day then have whatever is there for dinner. The most important part of all of this is you are enjoying training. If you enjoy being In the gym and continue to enjoy it you will make and continue to make gains for many years. Just a little bit of advice I think could help you out.
  11. 5kg fat gain in 2 weeks - How to bounce back? HELP

    Keto. Then re introduce carbs after 2-3 weeks. Followed by never doing that again lol or at least until you reach your goal.
  12. Looking for a mentor.

    It's unhealthy to totally eliminate meat from ones diet. There I said it.
  13. Looking for a mentor.

    There will always be the odd person who can get away with Eating that way. But trust me I have worked with a lot of people and the ones who are "hard gainers" and can only gain weight eating dirty are generally the least consistent with their nutrition. Trust me it'll only get you so far. Also apatite can get really effected by eating too much garbage. Your body will process and utilise good quality food a lot for efficiently than dirty food and again this is highlighted by "hard gainers" I know of having really bad appetites. A bad appetite is a sign of either poor metabolism or poor digestion/utilisation. Just my 2c !!
  14. Looking for a mentor.

    Cause that's just way too fucking simple. if you're eating over 5k clean cals per day at less than 8% body fat and are unable to gain weight then ok fair enough... but how often is that the case lol
  15. lower dose cycle test

    300mgs isn't low for a first cycle, in my opinion.