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  1. if your training, nutrition and recovery is on point after a 6 year break you're about to grow like a weed.
  2. Dieting while on gw cardarine and sr9009

    What Realtalk said.
  3. First cycle advice

  4. First cycle advice

    For once someone with a smart first cycle lol. Only thing I’d recommend is just stop after 10 weeks rather than tapering but not a biggie. I’m also gonna go and say that you’re probably not ready for a cycle given your training history and the fact that you’re blaming a slim body type for your lack of muscle gain lol but you’re probably gonna do it anyway so here goes. calorie wise just eat in A way in which allows your body to gain at the pace you want it to. Keep track of what you’re doing and as weight gain stops add in 100g carbs etc... don’t over think the numbers just be consistent. protect gains by continuing to eat perfect and train hard, with recovery as a priority. Anyone who says you can’t keep gains once coming off is drug reliant and lazy. Sure you might lose a couple kg but you should be able to keep the majority ESPECIALLY after only running 250mg. PCT... well I’d suggest talking to a doc. To be honest a lot of people don’t bother with PCT after a cycle such as the one you’ve listen but if you want to be safe 2 weeks of clomid and 4 weeks of a natural T booster should have you covered...
  5. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Keto works great for fast fat loss. high carb is great for bulking. i usually start a cut by reducing carbs slowly and it may or may not result in Keto depending on my tame frame vs how lean I wanna get.
  6. Aspirin while on aas

    How tall are you?
  7. Critique my body

    Looking good man
  8. You need to understand each muscle you are trying to hit. Don’t just pick say 4 random exercises for your back or chest and do them cause you think they’re good. for example - when I am training my chest I’ll start with movements focussing on the top part of my chest and work down. Same goes for back, I might start with my Lats and slowly work into my middle traps etc. if you want a program email me jordan@jordanearlfitness.com but otherwise use this info to improve on what you’re alrwady doing.
  9. Few things I’d change. less sets per movement, more angles. So more exercises per large muscle group. forget percentages... couple sets at 100% within your rep range will give you better results IF your intensity is right. just train hard.
  10. Clen - AKL?

    If you’re not tracking your food you have no business even considering introducing a fat burning drug. Track your food. Be consistent. Do cardio. Unless you’re trying to get shredded from head to toe clen shouldn’t cross the mind, just do all the basics and be patient
  11. Critique my Physique

    you need more muscle. i wouldn't focus on anything in particular just hit everything hard. good base though man
  12. Get fit in 20 minutes... per week!

  13. Looking for a good nutritionist

    Hey mate I am located on Rosebank road, Avondale. if that’s not convenient I can also help online, check my website www.jordanearlfitness.com any questions just shoot me a private message look forward to hearing back :)