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  1. First cycle

    1/4 of the dose you’re planning is probably the best and safest way to go about it. Plenty of time later to take more things. Get the most out of the least...
  2. home made pre-workout

  3. Fast Bulking

    Go online and find a credible coach with a good track history. One who is big on training / nutrition and is health conscious. Pay them, learn from them and you will get results 10x faster and probably 10x safer than asking strangers on random forums. Honestly please don’t base your drug use on what someone on a forum suggests
  4. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    Nice man...
  5. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    I prefer using real life examples
  6. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    Carbs aren’t gonna cause fat gain if you’re in a deficit. if you go straight into Keto at this guys body fat %, eating the way that he’s been eating, you’re backing yourself into a wall and not giving the metabolsim a chance to speed up and do its thing. Get some structure, hit your food groups, fuel training, fat loss will take place its not complicated
  7. Need advice regarding lowering body fat

    Hey man, I saw your DM and replied for your stats but just saw this so here goes... You’re not eating enough protein. you need more day to day consistency. Dietary fat is probably too low. Carbs are also probably too low. id start by increasing all cals to create some room to move then adjust as required. just my opinion. . . If you’re thinking about using tren as per your other thread I strongly suggest you don’t and get your food/training perfect first
  8. Roids to Natty

    It depends how big and strong you are. But probably
  9. Gaining after you come off cycle

    It all really depends on how big and strong you were on. Lots of people gain F all on a bunch of shit cos they have poor nutrition, no intensity in the gym and no attention to recovery.
  10. OTC PCT

    Species nutrition testolyze seems to be pretty good.
  11. Estrogen blockers . And tips

    Nah bro...you just aren’t aware of the secrets..missin out brah
  12. Estrogen blockers . And tips

    Get a script from your doctor and go to labtests
  13. Estrogen blockers . And tips

    Get bloods to see where your levels are at and go from there...there is no magic number that anyone can use...
  14. Just another meathead

    Yeah man. But everything is to absolute failure or as close as I can get them