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  1. Clenbuterol

  2. Just because it takes 4 weeks to peak doesn’t mean it takes 4 weeks to work. People seem to have it in their heads that when they take test e/c the first 4 weeks do nothing. After the first week the gear will be doing something! i agree with the above. Why not just finish the cut before you start? So you can aggressively bump calories when you start your cycle from a lean start point
  3. Natty Lifter

    Plus one what RT said. and if you do do it.. less is more and keep it simple..
  4. Clenbuterol

    Stop being lazy.
  5. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    I’m the first to admit it ain’t amazing however it was good enough to win Mr NZ last year. Oh and my meat head brain works well enough to coach some of the best competitors in the country. Oh and yeah genetics lol...if you scroll back far enough on this forum you’ll see a time where a lot of the older members took the piss out of me and the first pics I ever posted :) the problem with people with no gains isn’t their genetics...it’s their laziness and over reliance on drugs. True story
  6. Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Soooo anyone with a good physique has superior genetics? ....I’d say people with shitty physiques are lazy :)
  7. Training with Cirque du Soleil

    This is awesome bro. i saw cirque in Vegas last year and it was amazing. Also saw them here this Friday just gone and 100% recommend it. Amazing performers although at times it’s hard to watch due to the stunts they pull lol
  8. if your training, nutrition and recovery is on point after a 6 year break you're about to grow like a weed.
  9. Dieting while on gw cardarine and sr9009

    What Realtalk said.
  10. First cycle advice

  11. First cycle advice

    For once someone with a smart first cycle lol. Only thing I’d recommend is just stop after 10 weeks rather than tapering but not a biggie. I’m also gonna go and say that you’re probably not ready for a cycle given your training history and the fact that you’re blaming a slim body type for your lack of muscle gain lol but you’re probably gonna do it anyway so here goes. calorie wise just eat in A way in which allows your body to gain at the pace you want it to. Keep track of what you’re doing and as weight gain stops add in 100g carbs etc... don’t over think the numbers just be consistent. protect gains by continuing to eat perfect and train hard, with recovery as a priority. Anyone who says you can’t keep gains once coming off is drug reliant and lazy. Sure you might lose a couple kg but you should be able to keep the majority ESPECIALLY after only running 250mg. PCT... well I’d suggest talking to a doc. To be honest a lot of people don’t bother with PCT after a cycle such as the one you’ve listen but if you want to be safe 2 weeks of clomid and 4 weeks of a natural T booster should have you covered...
  12. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Keto works great for fast fat loss. high carb is great for bulking. i usually start a cut by reducing carbs slowly and it may or may not result in Keto depending on my tame frame vs how lean I wanna get.
  13. Aspirin while on aas

    How tall are you?
  14. Critique my body

    Looking good man