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  1. Just went gym today again for the first time in two weeks. Haven't been able to go due to exams. Did deadlifts 60kg x8 100kg x8 140kg x5, 3 sets (belt) Bench 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x5 120kg x1 failed second 100kg x5 Pullups x10, 6, 4 DB rows 30kg x10, 3 sets Skullcrushers 3 sets DB curls 3 sets Face pulls 3 sets Weighing about 80kg atm. Hoping to get to the gym at least 3 times a week in semester 2 and gain back a bit of the muscle I've lost, or at least stop losing muscle lol. I've got Wellington BJJ regionals next Saturday so I've been doing a lot of training for that. Feel like my game's improved steadily since I came down to Dunedin. It'll be my first comp at blue belt so just keen to test the waters and as long as I don't get injured I'll be happy
  2. Haha, I actually just found out that one of the questions was actually a f*ck up so my mark is now 25 out of 25 for the 2nd test. So yeah its 129/130
  3. Lol so it's been two months since I have posted guys sorry. Safe to say that HSFY is hectic, especially trying to train and work as well. So far it's going well, lectures have all finished and now it's revision time. So I got 30/30 in my CELS midterm, 24/25 in my first HUBS midterm, 20/20 in Physics midterm, 30/30 in CHEM midterm and 24/25 in second HUBS midterm. Pretty gutted that I got one wrong in each of the HUBS tests since I was hoping to achieve a perfect score but it's still 128/130 (98.5%) for all the midterms anyway, which I think is pretty decent. Especially considering the average among HSFY students is about 70% lol. Also did a couple of UMAT practice exams and would've gotten 90th percentile apparently according to MedEntry scores but that's quite unreliable. Bought MedEntry for $400 which gives me 15 practise exams to go through so I'll probably spend my holiday working on those. Training's been going great, been consistently doing about 7 or 8 BJJ and boxing sessions per week plus one weights session. Bodyweight is sitting around 78kg I think and maybe 12-14% bodyfat so not that flash haha. I'm doing Wellington BJJ regionals in July so pretty amped for that.
  4. So 4 weeks into HSFY and I must say I am enjoying it immensely. It is a heavy workload with a lot of material to absorb and digest, but it's all really interesting and so it's fun to study. Doing 4 papers this semester which are HUBS191 (human body systems), PHSI191 (biological physics), CHEM191 (biological chemistry) and CELS191 (Cells). Also got a part time job at Countdown in the service deli doing 15 hours per week on Fridays/Sundays. Had my first test of the year on Monday night for CELS191. I'm pretty sure I got all 30 multichoice questions right. There were two questions I wasn't 100% on, but I googled it after and pretty sure I chose the right answer. Should get results back in a couple of weeks. Got a HUBS test on Saturday and Physics test on the 12th of April. I set myself a study quota of 40 hours per week (not including lectures and labs) which I rigorously adhere to. It's more than adequate for me to do all my readings and revision. In fact, I'm about 3 or 4 pre-readings ahead on all my papers. So hopefully I can keep it up and smash it this year. Feeling very confident about getting within the top 5% to get into med. Training has also been very good. I haven't been able to train as much as I'd like but been managing to train about 6 to 10 times per week. Usually one or two weights sessions and the rest boxing and BJJ. I got caught in a bicep slicer at the start of the month and had to take a week off training but otherwise I've been progressing at a very satisfactory pace. Hoping to compete in BJJ nationals in Auckland in August and Boxing nationals in October as well. Still sitting around 82kg bodyweight, I think. Hall food is not the best, but it is enough. I usually supplement my diet with some late night Migoreng noodles and McDonalds though
  5. Haha, I can't skip for a full 2 mins either. I'm flat footed so I get sore feet when I skip
  6. Did I? Lol I don't think I would've said that but maybe I did? Also bodyweight is 80kgs
  7. Bit off topic, but I noticed you have elevated ALT levels in your Liver tests. I also had elevated ALT levels even though I wasn't taking anything to stress the liver. When I suggested that it was due to muscle breakdown due to heavy lifting, my GP said that's not true. I researched the topic on the internet and it does seem to be backed up by studies such as this one I was wondering if any of the others here had elevated ALT levels but all their other markers were within range while engaging in a regime of resistance training?
  8. Moved down to Dunedin last Sunday night. I've trained 18 times this week since then. Done 9 boxing, 6 BJJ and 3 weights sessions. Boxing classes here are mean as, because they actually teach skills like footwork and head movement instead of being fitness based like most other boxing gyms. BJJ classes are also really good with a good depth of sparring partners. Also did an English diagnostic test which was pretty easy. Just need 60% to pass but would be surprised if I got less than 90%. Went to prelim lectures on Friday which was pretty boring tbh, waste of 2 hours. Been reading all my textbooks in my spare time. Read about a third of my Anatomy/Physiology textbook, about a third of my cells textbook also and did the first two modules of my biological physics textbook. I also had a job interview at Countdown on Wednesday, should be finding out about that either tomorrow or Tuesday. Today I trained legs in the morning, did squats up to 160kg x5, 3 sets with belt. Then did some hypers and seated leg curls. Then did some tris and bis. In the afternoon I went to the uni gym again and trained with Gyzzbrah. I started off with DB chest press on the lowest incline (10-15*). Did 24kg x8, 32kg x8, 40kg x6, 45kg x5 then 40kg x6. Not too bad considering I don't even lift anymore. Then did various back exercises, about 12 sets total plus rear DB flyes. 3 sets of DB curls then went home and studied for the last 4 hours. Got my first lecture tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about but looking at the lecture handouts, it seems like they're just going over real basic stuff tomorrow. I think I have a bit of a headstart on the other guys because I already have a good understanding of anatomy, skeletal muscle, endocrine system and homeostasis etc. Plus I've been watching khanacademymedicine videos in my spare time for the last two months which has helped tremendously in advancing my comprehension of certain metabolic pathways and general knowledge. I want to keep on top of everything because the last thing I want to do is fall behind. I've been told if you fall behind, you'll never catch up
  9. Haha shill alert
  10. Hey bro good train today. Was nice meeting you. Will probably go gym every Sunday so you can train with me every week if you want. Otherwise I'll see you at BJJ/boxing
  11. Off to Dunedin in 3 weeks to study HSFY to try get into med this year. Study will be my number one priority but I'll try to keep training BJJ and boxing once or twice a week and keep lifting once or twice a week also.
  12. Good to see you're still going hard. Looking forward to getting in a few sessions with you at the Otago uni gym haha
  13. Hey guys, been away for quite a while. I've been busy studying, working and training. For those that don't know me, I started lifting in 2011 at 54kg, 17 years old. Got to a peak weight of 89kg in 2015 when I hit 290kg squat, 155kg bench and 260kg deadlift at GPC nationals. After that, I started doing Brazilian Jiujitsu which made me focus more on aerobic fitness. In 2016, I competed in 10 BJJ comps where I had 35 matches at white belt level. 19 wins (13 by submission), 15 losses. Favorite sub would have to be the baseball choke which I got about 4 or 5 times in comp after getting caught in one and going to sleep at one of my first competitions lol. Also started doing boxing in July and did a corporate fight in November where I won by KO 20 seconds into the third round. Did another corporate fight two weeks later in South Auckland and lost by decision. Really enjoying the current regime of training with the variety it has. Today I went to the boxing gym in the morning and did about 6 rounds of sparring. Felt pretty sluggish and didn't land many punches at all but I copped a few lol. Still pretty noob at boxing so it's to be expected. Most of the guys I sparred against have been training for years, albeit casually. After that, I finished off a book about the evolution of the human body, which is a really interesting read. Pretty much about the environment that our ancestors bodies evolved for and how our current sedentary lifestyle with abundant calories and no need for physical exertion is causing mismatch diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, back pain, foot problems and other non-infectious diseases. Went to BJJ class in the evening, where we drilled the Harai goshi takedown, then learnt a deep halfguard sweep. After drilling, we did 4 rounds of sparring. First round was against a white belt that's been training maybe half the time I have. Similar build to me but I'm quite a bit stronger as well as technically more proficient. I managed to get an armbar, a cross collar choke from knee ride, and a lapel choke from side control. He managed to get into side control and I made the rookie mistake of letting him isolate my far arm which resulted in me getting kimura'd :( Next round was against a 2nd stripe blue belt who's about 110kg but quite unfit. I spent most of the round in a dominant position but didn't manage to make him tap. He seemed pretty tired though and wasn't really moving much so I suspect I would've ended up on the bottom if he was actually trying hard lol. Third round was against a blue belt that only recently got his blue. He's my height and weight but he has a stronger upper body than me as he can beat me in an armwrestle. We're pretty even in skill, he got me into guard and pulled off a textbook scissor sweep. I got caught in another kimura but I managed to get him back with a lapel choke. Last round was against a young newbie who's been coming for maybe a month. I went pretty easy on him but still got him about 4 or 5 times. New guys hate tapping lol. They either learn to tap or they stop coming haha. After bjj, I went to the gym where I did some back exercises and some biceps for about half an hour. I don't really do chest or push workouts anymore as I get enough stimulus doing boxing and bjj, so I just go to the gym to balance it out with pull exercises to keep my shoulders healthy. And also don't want arms to get smaller lol. Pretty good day of training
  14. Natty
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