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  1. Tap, snap or nap

    My brother worked there last year and got me in for the summer. Yeah you get to meet some pretty rich people :D
  2. Tap, snap or nap

    Well, I've been pretty lousy at keeping this updated. I've been super busy studying and training plus working so hopefully you can cut me some slack. My first year at uni went well, I ended up with a 96% average with a 100th percentile UMAT and got accepted into medicine for next year which was my goal so I'm very happy with that. I've also been training about 10 to 15 times a week. I'll train BJJ 4 to 6 times per week and also gym 6 days a week as well, plus random cardio/striking sessions when I feel like it. Gym wise, I do a 3 day rotation where I do chest and tris, back and bis, then squat/deadlift and arms. I'll go thru 2 rotations a week. I've gotten a lot of muscle back and strength and fitness is at a good level. I got some more ink done last week. I got my chest done and also started on a sleeve on my left arm. I've attached some photos of the work. I'm spending the uni holidays up in Mangawhai caddying at Tara Iti golf course which is a pretty sweet gig. I'm pretty lousy at saving money and all this ink is gonna cost me a few grand so I won't be saving anything this summer but I'm having a good time :D
  3. Hgh testing

    You can get your IGF-1 levels tested which is more reliable and you don't need to get a doctor's referral. However, I think it is a bit more expensive and the result takes a couple of weeks to get back to you as it is not a common test and most labs wait until they have a number of them and do them all at once. HGH is quickly broken down after injection so the HGH measured in your bloodstream is highly dependent on how long after injection you draw blood. Also add the fact that endogenous HGH levels fluctuate greatly during the day and you have a test that is not going to give you a very reliable result. The usual protocol for testing for HGH is to inject 6 to 10iu and get bloods drawn within 3 hours. This should give you a reading that is way above reference range and will confirm whether your HGH is legit or not. It is easier to get your IGF-1 level tested, which becomes elevated in response to HGH treatment. IGF-1 remains at a stable concentration in the bloodstream so it doesn't really matter what time of the day or when your last injection was. The only downside to IGF-1 level testing is that you have to wait for a few days after beginning treatment for your IGF-1 levels to rise and reach maximal concentration. Again, IGF-1 concentration should be above reference range if you are using a supraphysiological dose. If you are using 2iu a day, then depending on your natural levels it may just be on the top end of the range. It may be a good idea to get an IGF test done while you're not on treatment, then another one done a week after beginning treatment and this should show a marked increase if your HGH is quality.
  4. Old School thoughts on Estradiol

    Yeah, that's what I meant. I thought maybe there were a group of aromatase enzymes, like there are groups of aldehyde dehydrogenases or glucose transporters, which have slightly different properties but all serve the same function. If there is just one aromatase enzyme, then why is it that aromatisation in adipocytes results in harmful metabolites while not in myocytes? What are some examples of metabolites that would occur in each tissue?
  5. Old School thoughts on Estradiol

    Hi Daz, Interesting read. What are the differences between the aromatase in myocytes vs adipose tissue? And what are "good" estrogen metabolites as opposed to "bad" ones?
  6. I don't buy this at all. There are a lot of things that I disagree with. First off, the author didn't 'leave surgery to focus on the nutritional treatment of heart disease'. He had his medical licence revoked after multiple investigations into his inadequate postoperative management and surgical errors. In addition, he has filed for bankruptcy at least twice and owes over $20 million. To me it sounds like he saw potential to make a quick buck by using his 'authority' as a heart surgeon and also by taking a controversial stance. He's trying to sell his book and also pushes supplements that supposedly reduce inflammation. Even if he was a man of integrity, his reasoning doesn't stand up. One thing that a lot of quacks do is they try to make it look as if everything is really simple. Inflammation IS complicated and the cycle of inflammation is NOT perfect. Acute inflammation can and does cause damage to your own cells in the process of attempting to eliminate foreign material. https://seesangelsinthearchitecture.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/a-delicensed-heart-surgeon-misleads-you-about-what-causes-heart-disease/
  7. Tap, snap or nap

    Gym today. Pretty sore triceps from boxing Bench 100kg x3, 3 sets Pullups and arms Pic after gym
  8. Tlaf bodybuilding journal

    Good luck for meet prep. What's your previous 1RMs bro?
  9. Tap, snap or nap

    I lost both my matches unfortunately. First one on points 5-2 and the second one, I got dominated lol. Was down by 16 points before getting subbed by triangle. Good learning experience. I'll have to train for at least 6 more months before I'll be competitive in the blue belt division, I think. Fun weekend though! And yeah, I'm probably about 12-14% bodyfat so I haven't succumbed to the student body yet I got exam results back on Friday too, got a 95.75% average across 4 papers with the highlight being 99% in biological physics. Definitely on track for med next year if I can keep it up :D Gym on Monday Squats 60kg x8 100kg x5 140kg x5, 2 sets (belt) Bench 100kg x3, 3 sets Pullups x8, 6, 5 Then did a bit of triceps/biceps/face pulls
  10. Tap, snap or nap

    Just went gym today again for the first time in two weeks. Haven't been able to go due to exams. Did deadlifts 60kg x8 100kg x8 140kg x5, 3 sets (belt) Bench 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x5 120kg x1 failed second 100kg x5 Pullups x10, 6, 4 DB rows 30kg x10, 3 sets Skullcrushers 3 sets DB curls 3 sets Face pulls 3 sets Weighing about 80kg atm. Hoping to get to the gym at least 3 times a week in semester 2 and gain back a bit of the muscle I've lost, or at least stop losing muscle lol. I've got Wellington BJJ regionals next Saturday so I've been doing a lot of training for that. Feel like my game's improved steadily since I came down to Dunedin. It'll be my first comp at blue belt so just keen to test the waters and as long as I don't get injured I'll be happy
  11. Tap, snap or nap

    Haha, I actually just found out that one of the questions was actually a f*ck up so my mark is now 25 out of 25 for the 2nd test. So yeah its 129/130
  12. Tap, snap or nap

    Lol so it's been two months since I have posted guys sorry. Safe to say that HSFY is hectic, especially trying to train and work as well. So far it's going well, lectures have all finished and now it's revision time. So I got 30/30 in my CELS midterm, 24/25 in my first HUBS midterm, 20/20 in Physics midterm, 30/30 in CHEM midterm and 24/25 in second HUBS midterm. Pretty gutted that I got one wrong in each of the HUBS tests since I was hoping to achieve a perfect score but it's still 128/130 (98.5%) for all the midterms anyway, which I think is pretty decent. Especially considering the average among HSFY students is about 70% lol. Also did a couple of UMAT practice exams and would've gotten 90th percentile apparently according to MedEntry scores but that's quite unreliable. Bought MedEntry for $400 which gives me 15 practise exams to go through so I'll probably spend my holiday working on those. Training's been going great, been consistently doing about 7 or 8 BJJ and boxing sessions per week plus one weights session. Bodyweight is sitting around 78kg I think and maybe 12-14% bodyfat so not that flash haha. I'm doing Wellington BJJ regionals in July so pretty amped for that.
  13. Tap, snap or nap

    So 4 weeks into HSFY and I must say I am enjoying it immensely. It is a heavy workload with a lot of material to absorb and digest, but it's all really interesting and so it's fun to study. Doing 4 papers this semester which are HUBS191 (human body systems), PHSI191 (biological physics), CHEM191 (biological chemistry) and CELS191 (Cells). Also got a part time job at Countdown in the service deli doing 15 hours per week on Fridays/Sundays. Had my first test of the year on Monday night for CELS191. I'm pretty sure I got all 30 multichoice questions right. There were two questions I wasn't 100% on, but I googled it after and pretty sure I chose the right answer. Should get results back in a couple of weeks. Got a HUBS test on Saturday and Physics test on the 12th of April. I set myself a study quota of 40 hours per week (not including lectures and labs) which I rigorously adhere to. It's more than adequate for me to do all my readings and revision. In fact, I'm about 3 or 4 pre-readings ahead on all my papers. So hopefully I can keep it up and smash it this year. Feeling very confident about getting within the top 5% to get into med. Training has also been very good. I haven't been able to train as much as I'd like but been managing to train about 6 to 10 times per week. Usually one or two weights sessions and the rest boxing and BJJ. I got caught in a bicep slicer at the start of the month and had to take a week off training but otherwise I've been progressing at a very satisfactory pace. Hoping to compete in BJJ nationals in Auckland in August and Boxing nationals in October as well. Still sitting around 82kg bodyweight, I think. Hall food is not the best, but it is enough. I usually supplement my diet with some late night Migoreng noodles and McDonalds though
  14. Actually going gym etc.

    Haha, I can't skip for a full 2 mins either. I'm flat footed so I get sore feet when I skip
  15. Tap, snap or nap

    Did I? Lol I don't think I would've said that but maybe I did? Also bodyweight is 80kgs