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  1. DEXA Scan in Auckland

    Well sort of. If you go to the auckland uni site: http://search.auckland.ac.nz/search?q=d ... xyreload=0 and type in Dexa in the top left search bar, you get all the research programs that they are working on that involve dexa scans. Within them you can see the departments that use them. It seems most of the projects they are doing are for things that dont relate to an adult male. But anyway there was a place that says you can email them if you would be interested in supporting one of their projects. So I emailed it and said I woiuld be interested in participating in any research that involved a dexa scan. I did it on the same day that I posted the above. Havent heard back from them but would expect to anyway. On a separate note, there appears to be somewhere where they do the Bodymetrix scans. I cant be bothered posting the link now but if a google search doesnt suffice, let me konw and I will post it. I think it is a gym in mt eden or something.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been all over the internet trying to find a place where they do dexa scans for body composition readings. I have even called a few radiology clinics but they have told me that they do them solely for bone density assessments. I eventually found this forum where someone had mentioned how you can do this at the university of auckland. However, after extensive searching I can't find any way to contact them. I imagine they don't do them on a private level or unless it supports research that they are currently doing. Can anyone help me out here?