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  1. @Rapz (or anyone who can help :D )

    TBH go join Jenny Craig. I even found the nearest one for you seeing you're from christchurch. Jenny CraigWeight Loss ServiceSouth City Shopping Centre, Colombo St, Christchurch 801103-348 6436
  2. Old member, just been away for awhile but thought I would drop in and say hello.
  3. @Rapz (or anyone who can help :D )

    I think this M smitty guy has been on here before years ago doing stuff like this..
  4. Clen

    nub nub when it comes to this.
  5. Clen

    Can clen be taken on its own without being stacked with anything else? Plus is there much difference between taking clen orally vs injected. Thanks.
  6. yeah but better to focus on one thing and then the other later imo
  7. I hate this question. In order to grow muscle you will need to gain a bit of fat. It comes with gaining muscle. Its like sleeping with a hooker, she most likely has a disease lol Just like gaining muscle you will most likely gain a bit of fat. Deal with it. Thats why winter was created. To bulk then summer is to cut.
  8. Lskee update video

    Yes hahaha i will make a video with those in it. Yeah my mate took it with his ipod so his memory capacity wasn't to great. lol
  9. Lskee update video

    mate did the filming / editing lol using his ipod touch camera Pretty sure its just a quick windows movie maker crappy job
  10. Hey guys, just thought I'd post up a progress video of myself, the video is taken during my bulk phase and I'm now begging cutting. This is roughly 7 months of training. Yes i know not many exercise's are shown, my mates camera didn't hold much memory. Only been training 7 months too. Background: (Before Training) Age:19 Weight: 112kg Height: 6'0 ft Bf%: Unknown. (After Bulk Phase) Age:19 Weight: 103kg Height: 6'1 ft Bf%: Still unknown

    Yeah well every time i do it im sore for like a day or two, and im always worried if its actual muscle pain/growth/rip or im just a total douche and doing the incorrect form. For example if i did dead lifts i would: bar - warm up 60x10 80x10 100xFailure 80xFailure 60xFailure then other sorts of back workouts
  12. How can you tell if the lower back pain after deadlifts (the next day) is due to the muscle being trained and worked hard or bad technique? Is there a way to tell? thanks