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  1. Transgender M2F wins weighlifting contest.

    I was the NZ under 18 record holder for weightlifting (and shot put till Tom Walsh came round). I failed to break Hubbards under 20 records - yes, Gavin Hubbard was 180kg clean and jerk as a teenager good. Tracey Lamprechts is a Commonwealth Bronze Medallist, and Olympian, at 111 snatch, 137kg clean and jerk level. Hubbard did 123kg, 145kg. Suppress my testosterone for a year and I'll break those easy.
  2. Vividly remember two guys walk into Gillies ave weightlifting gym, say they'd "heard good things", act disappointed at the equipment and walk out.
  3. Amazing how hard it is to do such simple things.
  4. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    Watch the highlights of Canelo vs Mayweather. Connor will get lit up worse in a boxing match
  5. 2017 log

    Sigh- bench comp without a pec tear or nerve issues - we'll take it
  6. powerfit scum bags

    Tried one at an expo - showed me how to do squats on the thing. The knee pain was out of this world.
  7. Someone please help

    What do you think could go wrong if you injected the other 1/2ml right now?
  8. 2017 log

    Yeah mate - high rep Amrap last
  9. Solid article, well written, no hysteria. Well done @MavaE
  10. maccaz 2018 prep log

    You pulled 230 at 110 before you even asked me for help. What do you think has caused the loss of strength?
  11. GPC Push/Pull

    Well that's the cause. Likely an overuse injury of some kind, hopefully can be worked out. I still think, if possible, overhead pressing and rope push downs for a few months will help while the pec gets a break.
  12. GPC Push/Pull

    It began happening right after your bench grip was instantly widened about 3 inches either side, right?
  13. Ditching being weak

    10/10 Back on the horse. Hypertrophy time. Push press: to 160 2x150 Military Press: 4x110x2 8x90 Seated DB Press: 10x27sx2 MP: 8x60 Wide Grip Behind neck press: 10x20x2 DB Laterals: 18ish x 12 x2 Pushdowns 20
  14. Nzifbb Nationals

    I know nothing about BB and gyno... why would you not get that removed asap?
  15. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    Took them up to 330kg - can confirm came through well.