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  1. Back into it!!!!

    Ah! I'm about to explode with anticipation!!
  2. Back into it!!!!

    Thanks I'm amped to re-start!
  3. Back into it!!!!

    Yea I already feel good results from it, it's great
  4. Back into it!!!!

    Not quite as satisfying :roll: ha
  5. Back into it!!!!

    Yea probably, but I'm not on the site enough to frequently update a journal.
  6. Back into it!!!!

    Most of it. or steam/boil my veg, especially leeks and brussel sprouts. ate raw brussel sprouts yesterday..man they are spicey! And of course cook the meat. Are you a paleo eater?
  7. Back into it!!!!

    Pretty Easy to keep it strict. Mostly was eating only veges, fruit, meat, eggs, anyway. The only grain I really eat is quinoa and only starchy vege is Kumara. Like everyone says, just keep to the edges of the supermarket. Try to keep everything mostly organic (gets friggin expensive though) Protein isn't really allowed I guess but I still have it. I also still have black coffee. As long as there's meat involved, all good!
  8. Back into it!!!!

    Yus, been off twiddling my thumbs for six weeks, now finally my cast is coming off the foot on Thursday ! Straight back into it for me. Although have been going to the gym consistantly since breaking my foot so have increased my upper body strength with long lean muscle, Wooh! After deliberating with a whole range of eating regimes/lifestyle changes have finally settled into the Paleolithin diet (still hate that word-diet). Straight back into running and begin my Crossfit Affiliation on Friday. Countdown to the progress pics!!!!! I'm back on the game people!!!!!! 8)
  9. 40 hour fast

    Thoughts on the 40 hour famine? I expect mostly negative response to be honest as it would cut into training and diet of most members. Stuff up your metabolism for a short time?
  10. About to cry....NAH! positive!

    Cheers. Yeaup hopefully wanting to make a speedy recovery and am back into the weight sessions now.
  11. Hop-along

    i can only make it to the gym 3 times a week, otherwise i wouldnt be abkle t fit in me other commitments. i spose crutching around is good for upper body.
  12. Hop-along

    that still seems like heaps. fruit and tea/coffee (black) for breaky vege soup and fruit for lunch tuna/salmon stirfry veg for dinner with snacks like pumpkinseeds etc in between? i cant do any exercise to work out all the carbs and protien remember
  13. About to cry....NAH! positive!

    funny thats the 2nd time ive had that suggestion
  14. About to cry....NAH! positive!

    I know. at least i can still go to the gym. but not being ableto run will slow down mymetabolism tenfold
  15. Hop-along

    midnight snack - kfc double down?